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Who was Sara dating in Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara is a Mexican thriller streaming television series created by José Ignacio Valenzuela. The series premiered on Netflix on March 24, 2021, and has quickly gained popularity. The show centers around the mysterious death of Sara and the investigation led by her brother, Alex, to uncover the truth behind the murder. One of the major themes in the series is Sara’s personal life, particularly her romantic relationships. In this article, we will explore who Sara was dating in Who Killed Sara and how it impacted the plot.

Sara’s Love Interests

Throughout the series, Sara is depicted as a young woman who is very social and has many friends. She is also beautiful and attractive, which makes her the object of affection for many men. However, as the plot progresses, we learn that Sara was in a relationship with Rodolfo Lazcano, César and Mariana’s eldest, and Alex’s former best friend.

Rodolfo and Sara’s relationship is first revealed in episode three, when Alex discovers pictures of them together. As the investigation progresses, it becomes apparent that their relationship was the subject of much drama. César, who is Rodolfo’s father, was very disapproving of their relationship. He was jealous of the attention Rodolfo was giving to Sara and did not want his son to be involved with a lower-class girl.

The Impact on the Plot

Sara’s relationship with Rodolfo plays a major role in the plot of Who Killed Sara. It becomes apparent that César is willing to go to great lengths to ensure that Sara and Rodolfo do not end up together. The tension between César and Rodolfo, as well as the jealousy he feels towards Sara, is what ultimately leads to her death.

Throughout the series, we see how César tries to use his power and influence to control Rodolfo’s life. He forces him to marry the heiress of a wealthy family, despite Rodolfo’s desire to be with Sara. In the end, it is revealed that César was responsible for Sara’s death, as he was trying to protect his family’s reputation at all costs.


In conclusion, Sara’s relationship with Rodolfo plays a crucial role in the plot of Who Killed Sara. It adds depth to her character and helps to create a rich and complex narrative. The jealousy and tension between César, Rodolfo, and Sara are at the heart of the mystery surrounding Sara’s death. As the show progresses, we see how these relationships unfold and the ultimate impact they have on the outcome of the investigation. Who Killed Sara is a gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


How did Sara get pregnant Who Killed Sara?

In the popular Netflix series, Who Killed Sara?, the character of Sara is a central figure around whom the plot revolves. Throughout the series, we are given bits and pieces of information to try and piece together what exactly happened to her, who was responsible for her death, and how she ended up pregnant in the first place.

As we come to know later on in the series, Sara was not just a victim of murder but also a victim of a perverse and twisted crime. The answer to “How did Sara get pregnant?” is a disturbing one. Sara was impregnated by César, the father of her boyfriend Rodolfo. César is portrayed as a powerful and manipulative man who is capable of anything to achieve his goals. He takes advantage of Sara’s vulnerability and convinces her to have sex with him, ultimately resulting in her pregnancy.

To make matters worse, César also shows Sara a snuff film in which he murders a prostitute while he impregnates Sara. This is not only an act of sexual exploitation but also an emotional violation of the young girl who has already suffered so much trauma in her life.

So, “Who Killed Sara?” is not just about murder but also about power, manipulation, and perversion. The series shows how far people can go to protect their interests and how even the ones closest to us can sometimes be the ones who harm us the most.

Sara’S pregnancy in Who Killed Sara? is a result of a disturbing and highly unethical act by César. The character of Sara is a tragic figure who suffers immense trauma throughout her life, and her story highlights the harsh realities of sexual exploitation and emotional abuse.

Is there romance in Who Killed Sara?

Yes, there is romance in the Netflix series “Who Killed Sara?” The show is a Mexican crime thriller that follows the story of Alex Guzman, who is seeking revenge against the Lazcano family for the wrongful death of his sister Sara. Throughout the show, there are various romantic subplots that add to the drama and tension of the story.

The greatest continuing improbability in the show is the romance between Alex and Elisa, the daughter of the hated Lazcanos. Despite her family’s connection to Sara’s death, Alex falls in love with Elisa and the two begin a romantic relationship. This subplot adds an interesting twist to the story, as the audience is left wondering how their relationship will affect Alex’s revenge plot.

Additionally, there are several other romantic subplots throughout the show involving other characters. Marifer, Alex’s ex-girlfriend, has feelings for him and wants to win him back, which adds a layer of tension to the love triangle between Marifer, Alex, and Elisa. Meanwhile, Cesar, Alex’s best friend, is in a secret romantic relationship with the Lazcano’s housekeeper, which also poses a risk to Alex’s revenge plot.

“Who Killed Sara?” features several romantic subplots that add to the intricacy and tension of the storyline. While the show is primarily a crime thriller, the romantic relationships between the characters provide an interesting contrast to the dark and gritty nature of the plot.

What happens to Sarah’s baby?

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