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Where does Azazie ship from?

When it comes to shopping for that perfect dress, finding a reliable company to deal with can be the difference between a pleasurable experience and one that is fraught with frustration. Azazie is one of the most reliable companies out there when it comes to shopping for beautiful dresses for any occasion. They have a wide range of designs available, varying from different colors to sizes, including plus sizes. One question that comes up quite often is where the company ships from. These days, customers have become more familiar with the world of online shopping and are keen on knowing more about the process before making purchases.

Product Sourcing:

Upon delving deeper into the workings of Azazie, it was discovered that the company has its primary design office in the United States, based in LA. However, the dresses and accessories are made in China, Cambodia and Vietnam. China is known for its advanced technology and is a global leader when it comes to the manufacturing industry. The quality of products produced by these countries is also commendable and is why Azazie has opted to get the products made there.


Azazie’s supplier itself ships the products directly to the consumers, making it a lot easier for the company to handle the logistics of getting the dress to the customer. It is always good to note that the shipping rate varies depending on the destination. It is important to make sure that the country is mentioned to get a clear indication of the shipping rate before making an payment or proceeding to checkout cart.

Delivery Time:

It is good to note that the delivery time also depends on various factors like the destination country, customs and order time. The time for delivery is generally within 8 to 14 working days, but this may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. Azazie also has the option of speedy delivery in case one needs the dress sooner in some cases.


Azazie is a reputable company that has a wide range of products available for anyone shopping for their perfect dress. From our research, it was discovered that the company ships from China, Cambodia and Vietnam. With the advancement in technology, we’re sure that the company uses state of the art transportation methods that not only ensure that the products are delivered on time, but also to the correct destination. Ensuring that the products are delivered directly from the supplier to the customer makes delivery a lot smoother and easier.


How many dresses can you try on Azazie?

Azazie is an online store that specializes in providing a wide range of dresses for various occasions such as weddings, formal parties, proms, and other such events. If you are interested in trying on dresses from Azazie, it is essential to note that each person is allowed to try on a maximum of three dresses per order. While this limit may seem restrictive, it is in place to ensure that every customer has an equal opportunity to try on their preferred dresses and make informed decisions before making a purchase.

It is important to note that this limit of three dresses per order is set by Azazie to minimize the inconvenience and delay that customers may experience while waiting for their orders to arrive. By only ordering three dresses at a time, customers can get a better idea of the sizing and fit of each dress and can avoid the hassle of having to return multiple orders that do not fit or do not match their preferences.

However, this limit does not mean that customers cannot try on more than three dresses from Azazie. If you need to try on more dresses than the three provided by the order limit, you can always place another order after returning the first one. This way, you can try on additional dresses until you find the perfect one without exceeding the set limit.

While it may seem restrictive to be limited to three dresses per order, Azazie has a great selection of dresses, and the limit helps ensure that you can try on enough dresses to make an informed decision before making a purchase. And if you need to try on more dresses, you can always place multiple orders and return them after you have made your decision.