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Is Rent the Runway only subscription?

Rent the Runway is an online service that offers designer rentals at a fraction of the retail price. The concept behind Rent the Runway is simple: instead of buying designer clothing, you can rent it for a fraction of the price. But is Rent the Runway only a subscription service? In this blog post, we’ll answer that question and give you an overview of the two different ways you can use the service.

One-time Rentals

Rent the Runway offers one-time rentals for customers who only need the outfit for a specific event, such as a wedding or a job interview. One-time rentals are a good option if you don’t need designer clothes regularly and want to avoid the cost of a monthly membership.

To rent a one-time outfit, simply browse the Rent the Runway website to find the item you want and select the rental period. The rental period starts on the date the outfit is shipped to you and ends when it is returned to Rent the Runway.

One-time rentals are a convenient option if you have a specific event coming up and want to look your best without breaking the bank.

Membership Plans

Rent the Runway also offers a variety of membership plans for customers who want to rent designer clothing on a regular basis. Membership plans offer a lot of benefits, such as the ability to rent multiple items at once and the option to swap items at any time.

There are three different types of Rent the Runway membership plans:

1. Update Membership

The Update Membership allows you to rent four items at a time and costs $89 per month. This plan is great if you want to update your wardrobe regularly without committing to a long-term membership.

2. Unlimited Membership

The Unlimited Membership allows you to rent an unlimited number of items per month and costs $159 per month. This plan is ideal if you want to rent clothes for everyday wear, special occasions, or vacation.

3. Unlimited Swap Membership

The Unlimited Swap Membership is the most expensive plan at $199 per month. With this membership, you can rent an unlimited number of items per month and can swap them out at any time. This membership is great if you want to have the flexibility to change your wardrobe frequently.


In conclusion, Rent the Runway is not only a subscription service. While they do offer membership plans for customers who want to rent clothes regularly, one-time rentals are also available for those who only need an outfit for a specific event. With the convenience and affordability of Rent the Runway, there’s never been a better time to try out their services and add some designer pieces to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.


Do you have to be a member to buy from Rent the Runway?

Previously, Rent the Runway was exclusively a rental service, meaning that customers would need to sign up for a membership in order to rent dresses, accessories, and other apparel from their site. However, the company has recently made changes to their business model and has expanded to become a full-fledged resale site. This means that everything on the Rent the Runway platform, including apparel, accessories, and more, is now available for purchase, whether you have a membership or not.

Customers who prefer to rent pieces can still sign up for a membership, which provides access to exclusive perks such as early access to new arrivals, free shipping on orders, and more. However, for those who prefer to buy items outright, there’s now no need to sign up for a membership in order to do so.

To buy items from Rent the Runway, customers can simply browse their selection of dresses, accessories, and other apparel on their website, add the desired items to their cart, and proceed to checkout. Customers will be prompted to create an account during the checkout process, but this is not the same as signing up for a membership.

It’s also worth noting that Rent the Runway offers different pricing options for its products, depending on whether you opt to rent or buy. For example, rental prices for dresses can range from $30 to $500, depending on the style and designer. On the other hand, buying prices for dresses can range from $60 to $2,000. Customers who opt to buy items from Rent the Runway can rest assured that they’re still getting access to high-quality, designer pieces at a fraction of the retail cost.

Rent the Runway has made the transition from a rental service to a full-fledged resale site. This means that everything on the platform is now available for purchase, regardless of whether or not you have a membership. Customers can simply browse the selection of apparel, add items to their cart, and proceed to checkout. While signing up for a membership is still an option, it’s no longer a requirement for purchasing items from the site.

Can I cancel rent the runway after one month?

Rent the Runway is a popular fashion subscription service that allows you to rent designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the retail price. If you’ve signed up for a monthly membership and are wondering whether it’s possible to cancel your subscription after just one month, the short answer is yes – you can certainly cancel your membership at any time.

Rent the Runway offers a flexible subscription service, where each month you are allocated a number of items to rent from their extensive collection. The number of items you can rent will depend on the package you’ve chosen, but generally, you can expect to be able to rent between two and ten items per month. If you’ve signed up for a monthly subscription, you’ll be charged on a recurring basis until you choose to cancel.

If you find that you’re not using the service as much as you thought you would or you’re no longer interested in renting clothes, you may wish to cancel your subscription. To do so, you’ll need to log in to your account and navigate to your membership settings. From here, you’ll be able to cancel your membership by clicking the ‘Cancel Membership’ button.

It’s worth noting that if you cancel your membership after just one month, you won’t be entitled to a refund for any payments already made. This is because monthly membership payments are nonrefundable, and you’ll have been granted access to the service for the duration of your payment period.

However, if you plan to cancel your membership, it’s important to do so before your next billing date to avoid being charged for the subsequent month. If you’re not sure when your next bill date is, you can check your account settings to find out.

If you’ve signed up for a monthly subscription to Rent the Runway and want to cancel after one month, you can certainly do so. Just be aware that you won’t be entitled to a refund for any payments already made, and it’s important to cancel before your next billing date to avoid being charged for the next month.

Can you rent the runway for more than 8 days?

For special occasions such as weddings, gala events, or photo shoots, Rent the Runway offers one-time rentals of designer clothes, accessories, and jewelry. These rentals can be booked in advance for specific dates, with two rental periods available: 4-day rentals and 8-day rentals.

However, if you need items for a longer period, Rent the Runway does offer a membership-based service called RTR Update. With this service, you can rent up to four items at a time and keep them for as long as you want. You can also swap out the items for new ones whenever you like. This option gives you more flexibility if you need rental items for an extended period of time.

So, while one-time rentals are limited to 4-day and 8-day rental periods, Rent the Runway’s membership-based service RTR Update offers longer rental options for those who need it. By renting through RTR Update, you can keep your items for as long as you need them, making it the perfect option for more extended rentals.

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How far in advance can you schedule rent the runway?

If you are planning to rent designer dresses, outfits, or accessories from Rent the Runway for a special event or occasion, it is important to know the lead time needed for scheduling your rental. Fortunately, Rent the Runway offers flexible reservation options that can accommodate various timelines.

You can reserve your rental 4 to 6 months in advance of your event date, which allows you ample time to browse through their vast collection of dresses, accessories, and outfits, and select the perfect one for you. In case you are not sure about your event dates or have a change in plans, you can also easily change or cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your scheduled delivery date, without any cancellation fee.

If you need your rental sooner, you can also opt for the 2-day rental option. This allows you to select a delivery date that is 1-2 days before your event, giving you enough time to try on the outfit and accessories, and make sure that everything fits perfectly. Every rental order comes with a free backup size, to minimize the chances of any sizing issues.

It’s important to keep in mind that popular events, such as weddings, proms, and holiday parties, can sell out quickly and you may want to reserve your rental as early as possible to ensure availability. Rent the Runway offers flexible rental options that range from months in advance to just a few days, ensuring that you can have the perfect outfit for your special occasion, with ease and convenience.

How long does rent the runway shipping take?

Rent the Runway is an online fashion rental service that allows customers to rent designer clothing and accessories for a period of time. If you’re wondering how long it takes for Rent the Runway to ship your order, the answer depends on the type of order you’ve placed.

For membership orders, Rent the Runway typically ships items within 1-2 days of the order being placed, and they are usually delivered within 2-3 business days. In order to receive your items in this timeframe, you’ll need to be a registered member and have an active subscription.

For one-time rentals, Rent the Runway ships items 1-2 days before your requested delivery date. This allows for the items to arrive on or before the requested delivery date. If your items should arrive early, it doesn’t affect your return date, so you’ll still have the same amount of time to enjoy your items.

Lastly, if you’re making a purchase from Rent the Runway, you can expect it to arrive within 2-5 business days. This is a slightly longer wait time, but it’s still relatively fast in comparison to other online retailers.

It’s important to note that Rent the Runway does offer express shipping options for an additional cost. So, if you need an item to arrive by a certain date, you can choose to upgrade your shipping to ensure it arrives on time.

Rent the Runway’s shipping times are fairly quick and reliable. Whether you’re renting or buying, you can expect your items to arrive within a reasonable timeframe. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping, Rent the Runway’s customer service team is always available to help.