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What is the order of activities at a bridal shower?

When it comes to organizing a bridal shower, many brides-to-be and their friends and families often struggle with deciding on the order of activities. While the order of activities may vary from one bridal shower to another, there are certain traditional elements that are typically included.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the traditional order of activities that typically occur at a bridal shower. Whether you are a bridesmaid or a friend of the bride who is looking to host a shower, this guide will help you plan the perfect event that the bride-to-be will cherish forever!

Part 1: Eating a Meal

The first activity that typically takes place at a bridal shower is eating a meal. This is the perfect opportunity to gather all of the guests around a table and allow them to get to know each other. The meal can be anything from a light brunch to a full-on dinner, depending on the time of day and the preferences of the bride-to-be.

It is important to keep in mind any dietary restrictions or preferences of the guests. For example, if a guest is vegetarian or gluten-free, make sure to have some dishes that accommodate their needs. Additionally, if there are guests from different cultures, consider incorporating some dishes that reflect their culture.

The meal is also a great time to have a toast to the bride-to-be and to thank all of the guests for coming. This is a great way to set the tone of the bridal shower and to make everyone feel welcome.

Part 2: Playing Games

After the meal, it is time to move on to the next activity: games! Bridal shower games are a great way to break the ice and get everyone laughing and having fun. There are many different games that can be played at a bridal shower, and it is important to choose games that are appropriate for the guests and the bride-to-be.

Some popular bridal shower games include:

– Bridal Bingo: This is a game where guests fill out bingo cards with gift items that they think the bride-to-be will receive. As the bride-to-be opens her gifts, guests cross out the items on their card. The first person to get five in a row wins!

– He Said/She Said: This game involves the bride and groom answering questions about their relationship ahead of time, and then the guests have to guess who said what. This is a fun way to get to know more about the couple and their relationship.

– The Newlywed Game: This is a classic game that involves asking the bride and groom questions about each other and seeing how well they know each other. This is a great way to involve the groom in the bridal shower even if he is not able to attend.

Part 3: Opening Gifts

The final activity that takes place at a bridal shower is opening gifts. This is the perfect time to shower the bride-to-be with love and gifts that she will use in her new home and new life with her partner.

Before the bride-to-be begins opening gifts, make sure to assign someone to keep track of who gave what gift so that the bride-to-be can send the appropriate thank-you notes later. Additionally, it is important to have a gift-opening space that is comfortable and spacious enough for the bride-to-be to display and organize her gifts.

During the gift-opening process, guests may also want to share personal stories or advice for the bride-to-be. This is a great way to make the gift-opening process more interesting and personal for the guests and the bride-to-be.


In summary, the three traditional activities that typically take place at a bridal shower are eating a meal, playing games, and opening gifts. While the order of activities may vary, these activities are sure to create a fun and memorable experience for the bride-to-be and her guests.

Remember to keep in mind the dietary restrictions and preferences of the guests, choose games that are appropriate for the guests and bride-to-be, and have a gift-opening space that is comfortable and spacious. With these tips in mind, you are sure to host the perfect bridal shower!


How long is the average bridal shower?

Bridal showers are an important pre-wedding celebration. It is a time for the bride-to-be to gather with her closest friends and family to enjoy some quality time and shower her with love and gifts. However, one question that often comes up is how long should the bridal shower be?

According to experts, the ideal length of a bridal shower is between two to four hours. The reason for this is that anything shorter than two hours can leave guests feeling like they did not get enough time with the bride-to-be, while anything longer than four hours can make them feel bored and restless.

Three hours of a bridal shower might be the perfect sweet spot, allowing time for guests to socialize with each other, enjoy some refreshments, and participate in any games and activities planned for the event.

It is important to keep guests’ comfort and schedules in mind when planning the length of the bridal shower. Consider scheduling the event during the day, so guests can attend without it interfering with their evening plans. Also, make sure to have a program or schedule planned out that provides adequate time for each activity, so guests do not feel rushed or bored.

The length of a bridal shower should ideally be between two to four hours, with three hours being the perfect sweet spot. However, it is important to keep guests’ comfort and schedules in mind when planning the event.

What is the protocol for bridal shower guest list?

The bridal shower guest list is an important element in the wedding planning process. It can set the tone for the entire event and can make the bride-to-be feel loved and supported by her closest friends and family. Traditionally, the guest list is comprised of the bride-to-be’s closest female friends and relatives. This typically includes her mother, sisters, grandmother, and close cousins or aunts, as well as her closest friends such as her maid of honor and bridesmaids.

However, with changing times and the modernization of society, the guest list for bridal showers has become more inclusive. It is now considered appropriate to invite male or non-binary individuals to the party, as long as they are close friends of the bride-to-be and will add to the overall celebration.

When determining who to invite to a bridal shower, it’s important to consider the size of the wedding and the budget for the event. Ideally, the guest list should be kept to a manageable size to ensure the bride-to-be receives a substantial amount of personal attention and gifts. It’s also important to consider who will be able to attend the shower based on their location, schedules, and availability.

In addition to the guests, it’s also important to consider the hostess or hostesses of the bridal shower. Traditionally, the mother of the bride-to-be does not host the shower, as it can be seen as a gift-grab. Instead, a close friend or relative, such as the maid of honor or bridesmaid, usually hosts the event. However, with changing times, it is acceptable for a mother or relative to co-host alongside a friend or bridesmaid.

The protocol for the bridal shower guest list is to invite those who are closest to and most meaningful to the bride-to-be. Those who share in her joy and excitement leading up to her special day should be included, creating an intimate and enjoyable celebration.

Who should not host a bridal shower?

When it comes to bridal showers, there are certain rules of etiquette that should be followed. According to tradition, the maid of honor is the one responsible for hosting the bridal shower. It is considered inappropriate for the mother of the bride or any family member to host the shower, as it may appear as if they are seeking gifts for their own family member.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the bride should not host her own bridal shower. It is seen as tacky and self-serving. The bride has enough responsibilities in planning her wedding, and hosting her own shower goes against the idea of being showered with gifts by friends and loved ones.

It’s important to remember that the main purpose of a bridal shower is to celebrate the bride and help her prepare for married life. The person hosting the shower should be someone close to the bride and able to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere for her and the guests.

When it comes to bridal showers, there is specific etiquette to follow. Generally, the maid of honor should be the one to host the shower, while the bride and family members should not. Following these guidelines helps ensure that the focus is on the bride and that everyone has an enjoyable time.

Do I have to invite my mother in law to my bridal shower?

The guest list for a bridal shower can be a tricky thing to navigate, especially when it comes to family members and in-laws. Many brides-to-be find themselves wondering if they need to invite their mother-in-law to their bridal shower or if this is something that they can skip. The answer to this question is not a simple one, and it largely depends on the specific circumstances of each bride’s situation.

Traditionally, bridal showers were largely attended by the bride’s mother and her close female friends and family members. However, in recent years, the guest list for bridal showers has expanded to include a wider range of people, including the mother-in-law. In fact, it is now quite common for brides to invite their mother-in-law to their bridal shower, along with other important family members, such as their own mother and close sisters or cousins.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to invite your mother-in-law to your bridal shower, it’s important to consider several factors. Firstly, you’ll want to think about your relationship with your mother-in-law, and whether or not she’s someone you’re comfortable inviting to a pre-wedding celebration. If you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law and she’s been supportive of your relationship with her son, then it might be a good idea to include her in the guest list.

Another factor to consider is the size and scope of your bridal shower. If you’re planning a large, elaborate event with lots of guests, including family members, close friends, and co-workers, then it may be appropriate to include your mother-in-law as part of the wider guest list. However, if you’re planning a more intimate gathering with just a few close friends and family members, then you may want to limit the guest list to those who are closest to you.

The decision of whether or not to invite your mother-in-law to your bridal shower is a personal one, and it’s important to make the choice that feels right for you and your specific circumstances. However, it’s worth noting that including family members in pre-wedding celebrations can be a great way to build stronger relationships and create lasting memories with your loved ones, so it’s certainly worth considering.