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Did Liam write any Oasis songs?

Oasis is one of the most iconic bands of the 90s, known for their electrifying rock anthems, gritty Manchester sound, and the infamous rivalry between the Gallagher brothers. Noel Gallagher is often credited as the primary songwriter and creative force behind the band’s greatest hits, but what about Liam? Did he contribute any songs to the Oasis discography? Let’s dive into the history and find out.

Early Years

Oasis burst onto the music scene in 1994 with their debut album “Definitely Maybe”, featuring hit singles like “Live Forever” and “Supersonic”. At the time, Liam Gallagher’s raw, brash vocals and bad boy persona were just as essential to the band’s image as Noel’s songwriting prowess. However, on “Definitely Maybe” and their follow-up album “What’s the Story? (Morning Glory)”, all of the songwriting credits went to Noel.

The Turn of the Millennium

As Oasis continued to release albums throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, Liam began to take a more active role in the songwriting process. The turning point came in 2000 with the release of “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”, Oasis’ first album without original drummer Tony McCarroll. Liam contributed two songs to the album – “Little James” and “Songbird”. “Little James” was written about Liam’s stepson, James Kerr, and was widely panned by critics for its simplistic lyrics and melody. However, “Songbird” was a different story. The acoustic ballad was a departure from Oasis’ signature sound, but it received critical acclaim and became a fan favorite.

The Later Years

Following the release of “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”, Oasis solidified their reputation as one of the most successful and influential bands of the era. However, internal tensions and conflicts between the Gallagher brothers continued to mount. In 2002, Liam released a solo album under the name “Beady Eye” with fellow Oasis members Gem Archer and Andy Bell. The album, titled “Different Gear, Still Speeding”, featured several songs written by Liam, including the lead single “The Roller”. While the album received mixed reviews, it demonstrated Liam’s growing ambition as a songwriter and creative force.


So, did Liam write any Oasis songs? The answer is yes, he did. While Noel Gallagher remains the most prolific and celebrated songwriter in the band’s history, Liam made significant contributions to their later albums and even released his own solo material. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Liam Gallagher played an integral part in shaping the sound and legacy of Oasis.


What was the first Oasis song written by Liam?

The first Oasis song written by Liam Gallagher was “Little James,” which was released in the year 2000 on the album “Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants.” The song was written as a tribute to his stepson, James Kerr. It was the first time that Liam took on writing duties for the band, as the majority of their songs had been written by his brother, Noel, up until that point.

“Little James” features Liam on vocals and acoustic guitar, with support from the rest of the band. The song is a departure from the typical Oasis sound and is more of a gentle, acoustic ballad. The lyrics are quite sentimental, with lines like “So come on, little James, come on / You’ve got it in you, don’t you know / I’ve seen you do it before / Hm, I think you’re gonna make it.”

Despite the song’s departure from their typical sound, “Little James” was received positively by critics and fans. It is a testament to Liam’s songwriting abilities, as well as his willingness to step outside of his comfort zone to create something new and unique for the band.

Liam Gallagher’s first writing credit for Oasis was the song “Little James,” which was released in 2000 on the album “Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants.” The song is a departure from their typical sound, but was well-received by fans and critics alike. It is a testament to Liam’s songwriting abilities and his willingness to explore new musical territories with the band.

Did Liam Gallagher sing in Oasis?

Yes, Liam Gallagher was the lead vocalist of the iconic British rock band Oasis. Along with his elder brother Noel Gallagher, who played lead guitar and served as the primary songwriter, Liam achieved immense popularity and success with Oasis from the early 1990s until their split in 2009.

Liam’s distinctive, powerful, and abrasive singing style was one of the defining characteristics of Oasis, and helped him develop a reputation as a charismatic and provocative frontman. His energetic and often unpredictable stage presence, coupled with the band’s confident and melodic rock sound, cemented their status as one of the most popular and influential British bands of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Starting with their debut album “Definitely Maybe” in 1994, Oasis released seven studio albums, several compilations, and numerous hit singles, including “Wonderwall”, “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, “Champagne Supernova”, “Live Forever”, and many others. Liam’s distinctive vocals were a constant presence on all of the band’s records, and he contributed several songwriting credits over the years.

Despite his success with Oasis, Liam’s relationship with his brother Noel was often strained, and the band was known for their tumultuous personal lives and headline-grabbing feuds. After years of tension, Noel left the band in 2009, effectively ending Oasis. Since then, Liam has continued to perform as a solo artist and a member of the band Beady Eye, but he remains best known for his work with Oasis and his role as one of rock’s most recognizable and charismatic frontmen.

Does Liam Gallagher write his own songs now?

Liam Gallagher is a well-known musician who made his name as the frontman of the iconic rock band Oasis. But after the band’s split, Liam has been pursuing a solo career. He released his debut album, “As You Were,” in 2017, and is currently working on his second solo album, titled “Why Me? Why Not.” One of the most frequently asked questions about Liam Gallagher’s solo career is related to his songwriting abilities – does Liam Gallagher write his own songs now?

According to reports, Liam is mostly working on his solo debut alone, with help from only a handful of collaborators. Speaking about his creative process in a recent interview, Gallagher admitted that he “can’t be arsed” to pen his own songs. He explained that his brother Noel was always the songwriter of the band, and Liam was the singer.

While Liam did write a handful of songs for Oasis, such as “Songbird” and “I’m Outta Time,” he has always been known more for his iconic voice and stage presence. With that being said, it’s worth noting that Liam has been involved in the songwriting process for his solo work. For example, he co-wrote several songs on “As You Were” and has contributed to the writing of some tracks on his upcoming album.

While Liam Gallagher may not be the most prolific songwriter in the industry, he has still made contributions to the songwriting process throughout his career. He’s primarily known as a singer, but he’s clearly capable of helping to create the catchy and relatable tunes that his fans love.