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What is the meaning of Be quiet and drive by Deftones?

Everyone has that one song that speaks to them. That one song that they can relate to on a personal level. For me, that song is “Be Quiet and Drive” by Deftones. It’s a song that I’ve listened to countless times, and each time it feels like I’m hearing it for the first time. Today, I want to share with you the meaning behind the song “Be Quiet and Drive” by Deftones.

The Meaning Behind The Song

At first listen, “Be Quiet and Drive” may seem like a simple song about leaving town and starting over. However, there’s much more depth to the lyrics than just that.

The opening line of the song, “This town, don’t feel mine,” sets the tone for what’s to come. It’s about feeling like you don’t belong, like you’re stuck in a place where everything is the same day after day. It’s a feeling that many of us have experienced at one point or another.

As the song continues, we hear the lyrics, “I don’t care where, just far.” This line speaks to the desire to leave everything behind and start anew. It’s about wanting to escape the monotony of life and to find something new and exciting.

The chorus of the song is where we hear the line that gives the song its title, “Be Quiet and Drive.” This line is about being in the moment and enjoying the ride. It’s about not wanting to talk or be distracted, but instead just enjoying the experience of leaving everything behind and starting fresh.

The bridge of the song is where we hear the lyrics, “The sky is falling, and the walls are closing in.” This line speaks to the feeling of being trapped and suffocated by the world around us. It’s a feeling that can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

The final lines of the song are, “You seem to take me far, far away.” This line is about finding someone who can take you away from everything that’s holding you back. It’s about finding someone who understands your desire to escape and is willing to support you on that journey.

The Emotion Behind The Song

What makes “Be Quiet and Drive” such a powerful song is the emotion behind it. There’s a rawness and vulnerability in the lyrics that is palpable. It’s a song about feeling lost, trapped, and suffocated. It’s a song about wanting to leave everything behind and start over.

For me, this song has always been a source of comfort. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or trapped, I listen to “Be Quiet and Drive” and it reminds me that I’m not alone. It reminds me that it’s okay to want to leave everything behind and start anew.

The Musicality of The Song

In addition to the powerful lyrics, “Be Quiet and Drive” is also a masterclass in musicality. The opening riff is instantly recognizable and sets the tone for the rest of the song. The drums and bass provide a driving rhythm that propels the song forward.

Chino Moreno’s vocals are another highlight of the song. He delivers the lyrics with a mix of intensity and vulnerability that perfectly captures the emotion behind the song.

Overall, “Be Quiet and Drive” is a song that showcases Deftones’ ability to create powerful and emotionally charged music that resonates with listeners.


In conclusion, “Be Quiet and Drive” by Deftones is a song about feeling lost, trapped, and suffocated. It’s about wanting to leave everything behind and start anew. The emotion behind the song is palpable, and the powerful lyrics and musicality make it a standout track in Deftones’ catalogue. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, I highly recommend giving it a listen. You never know, it may just speak to you the way it has spoken to me.


What is the slowest musical tempo?

The tempo in music is the speed or pace of a given piece of music, and it’s typically measured in beats per minute (BPM). There are various tempos in music, ranging from very slow to extremely fast.

When it comes to the slowest musical tempo, the Larghissimo tempo is considered the slowest of all. It is extremely slow and has a range of 24 beats per minute and below. This tempo is hardly ever used in modern music as it would be too slow for most listeners and may not keep their attention.

The Adagissimo and Grave tempos are next in line, and they are also very slow. They have a tempo range of between 24 to 40 beats per minute. The Grave tempo is solemn, while the Adagissimo is slow and pronounced.

Another slow tempo is the Largo tempo, which is slow and broad. It usually has a tempo range of 40 to 66 beats per minute. This tempo is often used in classical music and is perfect for slow and melancholic pieces.

Lastly, the Adagio tempo is known for being slow with great expression. It has a tempo range of 44 to 68 beats per minute and is mostly used in orchestral music.

The Larghissimo tempo is the slowest of all musical tempos, with a range of 24 beats per minute and below. However, the Adagissimo, Grave, Largo, and Adagio tempos are also classified as slow tempos and are commonly used in various genres of music.

What tempo does Deftones use?

Deftones is an American alternative metal band formed in Sacramento, California in 1988. As a band, Deftones have created a unique sound that not only incorporates elements of alternative metal but also includes experimental, art-rock, and shoegaze genres. The band’s sound is characterized by Chino Moreno’s emotive vocals, Stephen Carpenter’s guitar riffs, and Abe Cunningham’s dynamic drumming which are all accompanied by dreamy soundscapes created by the band’s DJ/keyboardist Frank Delgado.

When it comes to the tempo of their music, Deftones’ discography takes listeners on a dynamic journey with a mix of fast-paced, energetic tracks and slower, more atmospheric songs. The band’s song tempo ranges from around 83-156 beats per minute (BPM), with an average tempo of around 118 BPM.

In terms of specific albums, Deftones’ early releases, such as “Adrenaline” (1995) and “Around the Fur” (1997), feature a lot of faster, aggressive tracks with tempos averaging around 130 BPM. However, as the band matured, their tempo range expanded to include more mid-tempo and slower songs with a focus on atmosphere and texture.

For example, the band’s fifth studio album, “Saturday Night Wrist” (2006), showcases a wide range of tempos, highlighting the band’s growing musical maturity and artistic experimentation. The album features tracks like “Hole in the Earth” which has a driving tempo of around 135 BPM and “Rapture” which has a slower tempo of around 83 BPM.

In recent years, Deftones has continued to push boundaries and experiment with different musical styles. Their latest album, “Ohms” (2020), sees the band continuing to find a balance between heavy, intense tracks and more melodic, atmospheric songs. The album features songs like “Genesis” which has a tempo of around 128 BPM and “Pompeji” which has a slower tempo of around 100 BPM.

The tempo of Deftones’ music varies greatly, ranging from fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled rock songs to more laid-back, dreamy tracks that explore atmosphere and texture. The band’s willingness to experiment with different musical styles and tempos has helped create their unique sound and cement their place in the alternative rock scene.