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What is appropriate for a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a special event in which the bride-to-be is showered with love, gifts, and well wishes from her family and friends. While the main focus is always on the bride, there are a few things to consider when attending or hosting a bridal shower, including what is appropriate to wear. The last thing you want to do is show up underdressed or overdressed, so it’s important to know what attire is appropriate for a bridal shower before the big day arrives. In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about dressing for a bridal shower.

Formal vs. Casual Bridal Showers

Before we dive into what to wear, it’s important to consider the formality of the event. Bridal showers can vary in formality depending on who is hosting and the preferences of the bride. Some showers are held in a more formal setting, like a country club or hotel, while others may take place in a casual setting, like a backyard or someone’s home.

If it’s a more formal event, for example, a good rule of thumb is for attendees to wear something like “a pantsuit, skirt-suit, or a high-neck sheath dress.” You can also opt for dressy separates or a long maxi dress, depending on the venue and dress code. It’s always a good idea to check with the host or bride if you’re unsure of the dress code or if you’re wondering what others are planning to wear.

On the other hand, if the event is more casual, attendees “could pair a blouse and trousers, a flowy dress, or a jumpsuit.” Try to choose something that is comfortable yet appropriate for the occasion, and make sure to add some accessories to elevate your look.

Consider the Theme

Another important factor when dressing for a bridal shower is to consider the theme of the event. Many bridal showers follow a certain theme, like a tea party or a garden party, which can help guide your attire choices. If you’re attending a tea party-themed bridal shower, for example, you may want to opt for a pretty sundress or a floral blouse and skirt combo.

If the bridal shower doesn’t have a theme, consider the overall ambiance of the event. Is it a laid-back gathering with games and snacks, or a more formal affair with champagne and high tea? These elements can help guide what you should wear, as well as your hair and makeup choices.

Comfort is Key

While it’s important to dress appropriately for a bridal shower, it’s equally important to choose something that you feel comfortable in. Remember that you’ll be mingling, eating, and potentially playing games or participating in activities, so choose an outfit that won’t restrict your movement or leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Opt for fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, especially in the warmer months, and avoid anything too tight or constricting. Comfortable shoes are also a must, especially if you’ll be standing for extended periods of time.

Accessories and Extras

Finally, don’t forget to add some accessories and extras to complete your bridal shower look. A statement necklace, earrings, or a bracelet can add some sparkle and interest to a simple outfit, while a colorful scarf or wrap can provide some coverage or warmth if needed.

When it comes to hair and makeup, a natural, polished look is always a safe choice. Keep your hair and makeup simple and understated, and consider bringing along some touch-up items like lip gloss or face powder for a quick refresh.


In conclusion, dressing for a bridal shower can be a fun and exciting part of the event planning process. Whether you’re attending a formal or casual affair, be sure to dress appropriately, considering any themes or dress codes, and always prioritize your comfort. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to celebrate the bride and make some lasting memories at the bridal shower.


What not to wear to a bridal shower as a guest?

When you’re invited to a bridal shower, it’s important to dress appropriately that doesn’t upstage the bride-to-be nor violating any dress code. One of the most common questions that guests usually ask is, what not to wear to a bridal shower? First and foremost, avoid wearing white since it’s traditionally reserved for the bride. Wearing white to a bridal shower could be perceived as stealing the spotlight from the bride or being disrespectful. Instead, you can opt for pastels, floral prints, or light-colored dresses that are perfect for a bridal shower.

It’s also important to avoid wearing dresses that are too short or revealing. Even though a bridal shower is not a formal event, it’s not a night out either. Instead, choose a dress length similar to a tea dress or a cocktail dress. It’s essential to wear something that is comfortable, yet elegant. Avoid dresses that are too tight or too revealing. You want to have a degree of conservatism to your look, even if it is your best friend’s bridal shower.

Another tip is to stay away from overly-flashy or distracting accessories. Choosing accessories that are too flashy could be distracting or overwhelming, which is not the impression you want to give at a bridal shower. Instead, keep things simple and elegant. Opt for small and subtle jewelry such as studs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or a small clutch bag that doesn’t draw too much attention.

Lastly, avoid anything that could be perceived as inappropriate or offensive. This includes clothing with vulgar language, graphics, or offensive symbols. If in doubt, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and choose something that is more conservative.

When dressing for a bridal shower as a guest, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re attending a special event to celebrate a happy occasion. Dressing appropriately, especially when you’re unsure about the dress code, is always a safe bet. You want to look your best while being respectful to the bride-to-be and the occasion. Follow the above tips, and you’ll surely be dressed to impress, but not overpower the bride.

What is the difference between a bachelorette party and a bridal shower?

A bachelorette party and a bridal shower are two popular pre-wedding events, but they serve different purposes despite their similarities. While both events are typically hosted by bridesmaids or female relatives of the bride, they involve different guest lists, activities, and traditions.

A bridal shower usually takes place a few months before the wedding and primarily brings together women who are family members or close friends of the bride and groom, including female relatives, bridesmaids, and sometimes colleagues. It is usually a daytime event, often held in someone’s home or a restaurant, and features traditional elements such as gift-giving, games, and refreshments. The focus is on showering the bride with gifts that she and her soon-to-be spouse can use in their married life together, such as kitchen gear, linens, and household appliances. The bride usually opens each gift in front of the guests, so everyone can ooh and aah over it. The shower may also include a few short speeches or toasts to celebrate the bride-to-be and to share fond memories or pieces of advice.

On the other hand, a bachelorette party is more of a night or weekend-long celebration with a more specific focus, which is to mark the bride’s last hurrah as a single woman before she ties the knot. It’s typically planned by the maid of honor or the bride’s closest friends and may include activities like dancing, drinking, spa treatments, or even a trip to another city or country. The guest list is usually limited to the bride’s closest friends, and the atmosphere tends to be more relaxed and boisterous than a bridal shower. While guests may choose to bring small gifts or mementos for the bride, the main focus is on having fun and celebrating the bride-to-be’s upcoming nuptials.

Another key difference between bridal showers and bachelorette parties is the dress code. Bridal shower guests typically dress more conservatively, often wearing dresses or skirts, while bachelorette party-goers tend to be more daring, opting for clubwear, provocative outfits, or matching T-shirts or other themed attire. While bridal showers are more focused on traditional values, a bachelorette party is more about having a good time with close friends and creating lasting memories.

While both events are centered around the bride-to-be and involve female friends and relatives, a bridal shower is a more traditional, formal celebration with a focus on gift-giving and a more modest dress code, whereas a bachelorette party is a more informal and adventurous celebration of the bride’s last few days of singlehood that tends to involve more daring outfits and activities.