Love Without Boundaries
Anton and Denis are fighting for their right to be together. Anton Sheleg and Denis Ivanov are from Belarus, but same-sex marriage is not allowed in their country. So they decided to get married Maribo Lake, a nature-based cozy region in the Danish islands. Their wedding was chosen as... Read more
Dating and Doggos

Dating and Doggos

Real Weddings February 16, 2020

Mike and Ethan both have a love for the outdoors, and met while going on a blind “friend date” that subsequently turned into more non-friend dates that same week because they enjoyed each other’s company oh so much! Their proposal was so simply them too. They had purchased rings... Read more
Nikki and Nana

Nikki and Nana

Real Weddings February 12, 2020

Gorgeous views from the Willow Heights Mansion of Leal Vineyards in Morgan Hill and picture perfect weather created a beautiful venue for Nicole and Nana, yet they were the two that were GLOWING! Nikki and Nana have this incredible friendship, relationship and deep rooted love that truly is contagious.... Read more
From Tinder to Love
Ever since Gussie and Sam met on Tinder, their love affair began. In Gussie’s words, she never really dreamed about her own wedding growing up because the lack of marriage equality made her feel excluded.  However, all she ever wanted to do since meeting Sam was to give her... Read more
24 City Hall Wedding Ideas for Your Perfect Day
A city hall wedding is a beautiful occasion. You get to be with your closest family and friends to tie the knot with your partner. The ceremony can be as simple or extravagant as you choose, and better yet, you make the rules! You can ditch or keep whichever... Read more