Asian-American Stylish Gay Wedding at Penn Museum
Fabulous Tyler and Edward are back on the stage, ladies and gentlemen! I published their fun engagement session in a NYC laundromat just a month ago. So, will skip their introduction. You could tell from that engagement shoot that they are one dapper couple. Even so, their stylish gay... Read more
Gorgeous Greenhouse Wedding
We met on Tinder, we spent quite some time as friends and then courted each other awhile before becoming official! We didn’t by definition “elope.” But Simply Eloped was a great way for us to have a small and intimate wedding that we could afford. We loved everyone the... Read more
DIY Micro Wedding
We wanted to celebrate the most important people in our lives we lost. I ( Jeletha) used the theme of Dripping in Pearls to show remembrance of her great grandmother whom was a lady of pearls. Ash celebrated her late father by using all live music and music instrument... Read more
Elopement to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado
The San Juan mountains are my favorite area of Colorado and one of the best places to elope for couples looking to go off-roading on their wedding day. When Ron and Jared reached out about their elopement, they actually had a different location in mind before I pitched an... Read more
Eloping to Olympic National Park
Brodrick and BJ met on Hinge just last year as BJ was in the Seattle area for his job, a traveling nurse. BJ wasn’t planning on staying in the city for more than his scheduled contract, but ever since he met Brodrick – he kept on extending his stay... Read more