Savanna and Jessica’s Bus Full of Love
Savanna and Jessica planned a small boho wedding in Palatka, Florida at the Rodman Plantation. They had several elements that were personal and special to them. They wanted to make an entrance with arriving to the ceremony in a school bus they plan to convert into a tiny house. ... Read more
A Love Boat

A Love Boat

Real Weddings June 22, 2019

The day before their quaint, fun farm wedding we met on their old college campus to reminisce about the early days of their relationship and to capture it all for them to remember forever. How they met: “It was Liz’s freshman year at the University of Michigan and, enticed... Read more
Calling Dr. Love
Brett and Nick met at Georgetown University while making their way through medical school. How did you two meet? Brett and I both moved out to DC (me from SD/NE, him from WA/WV) in 2013 to start med school. We technically met via email for the first time, because... Read more
In Sickness And In Health
Where do I even start with these two? First off – their love story is downright INCREDIBLE. Jackie and Nina met 3 years ago and the honeymoon phase of dating quickly crashed down on them when Nina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not deterred, Jackie stuck with Nina through... Read more
From OK Cupid to OK Love
We met in November 2016 through OK Cupid…kind of. Bertram saw Jason’s profile and wrote to propose a drink since, as he wrote, “I think we’d have a lot to talk about.” Jason wrote back, and…Bertram never replied. Well, truth-to-tell, he never really went back on OK Cupid, so... Read more