Asbury Park Engagement Session
Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet? We met during the holiday season of 2016 on a spur of the moment first date. We met online (thanks Tinder!) about two weeks prior to actually meeting each other face to face. For those two weeks, we... Read more
A Belmont Wedding Premiere
Michael and Eric first met on the dance floor at The Belmont nine years ago. They currently live in New York, but they wanted to celebrate the start of their marriage in the place where it all began. They brought over all their friends and family to have the... Read more
Honoring Freedom, Celebrating Love
Up until mid-June, I turned down most of the inquiries I received to shoot. I could not justify putting my family at risk of exposure to COVID-19. (Story by MadBou Photo.) Due to COVID-19, I was unable to support the Black community by protesting and showing up to events... Read more
Summer Vibe Wedding Celebration
Hannah and Jessie’s wedding celebration actually fell on their one year anniversary of their court house wedding, and combined their last names together to make one new last name, Rothkuo. However they still wanted to share their vows publicly with their friends and family and celebrate with them, so... Read more
Relaxed Wedding Weekends
Megan and Marisa had a beautiful spring wedding weekend in the mountains. They wanted their day to have a laid back atmosphere, and to just have fun in the woods with their friends and family. Tell us about your wedding! Our wedding was actually over a weekend at Lydia... Read more