Pandemics Can’t Stop Love
Pat and Conner got engaged during the pandemic, in their lovely DC home. Because, when’s a better time than when you are both stuck working from home all day to take your relationship to the next level! They wanted to focus the location of their photos in places they’ve... Read more
The Perfect DIY Wedding Day
Kelsey and Anne were married in their backyard, surrounded by their closest family and friends. Their main request for their wedding photos was for me to do my thing, and also to take many portraits of cats. Kelsey and Anne met working together at the museum. Anne gave Kelsey... Read more
Married on a Mountaintop
I couldn’t be more happy that I was able to spend the day celebrating with two of my best girl-friends. Before they asked me to photograph their wedding and engagement we were just friendly acquaintances and now we can’t spend a day without talking! Anna is a fire-fighter for... Read more
Romantic Surprise Engagement
How we met Our story goes back to February 2019, the first time I, Justin, tried to catch Mason’s attention on an online dating site. After a few days of intermittent messages, Mason was not impressed. Six months later, Mason popped up again. He was traveling from Waco to... Read more
Intimate Transgender Wedding During COVID
“We met through a girl that we both dated. We became fast best friends when I got him a job at a pretty shitty restaurant I was working at and bonded over our love of coffee and playing Bananagrams. After a few years of best-friendship we started dating!” Felicia... Read more