Great Advice for your Wedding Day
When Coleman and Adam reached out to me for their wedding, their inquiry read “It’s a gay wedding, on a farm, in rural Tennessee, so I mean that’s something you don’t see every day. So I’ll say the theme is love is love?”. I am a huge advocate for... Read more
Sunset Wedding on the Beach
Like many couples Emily and Haley had been planning their wedding day for the longest time. Covid-19 had a way of making couples put their wedding plans on pause. These two were cautious and thankfully were able to continue on as planned! Their beach wedding was stunning and they... Read more
Wedding Day in Providence
Lauren and her wife Amie celebrated their wedding day on the same day as Providence’s Pridefest parade. The city of Providence holds a special place in their hearts and so it was fitting that their wedding day was held on the day when the city celebrated love, diversity and... Read more
A Whirlwind Romance
I met Luc in a not-so-typical way. A friend of mine posted her on his Snapchat story, and I asked him who she was. Months later, she added me on Facebook (she will tell you I did the adding, but I assure you it was her). I was going... Read more
Wonderful Wedding Filled with Love and Laughter
Ryan and Tom are match made in heaven. While Ryan serves as police officer, Tom is a frontline nurse. Both of them have incredibly warm and fun personalities and lucky to be surrounded by an amazing circle of friends and family. On their wedding day, Tom and Ryan started... Read more