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Is Dana Bash still married to Jeremy Bash?

Dana Bash is a well-known journalist and anchor for CNN who has been in the public eye for many years. Yet, one question that comes up from time to time is, “Is Dana Bash still married to Jeremy Bash?”

Dana Bash’s Marriage to Jeremy Bash

Dana Bash was first married to Jeremy Bash from 1998 to 2007. During that time, Jeremy Bash had a successful career as the CIA’s chief of staff and the Department of Defense’s chief of staff under President Barack Obama. Their marriage ended after nine years, but the couple has remained amicable.

Dana Bash’s Marriage to John King

In 2008, Dana Bash married John King, another CNN correspondent. King had previously been married and had children from that marriage. With Dana Bash, King went on to have a child in 2011. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2012, but they also remained friends and co-parented their child.

Recent News for Dana Bash

Recently, Dana Bash has been in the news for her high-profile interviews with political figures. In particular, her interview with Texas Senator Ted Cruz garnered a lot of attention. She has also been covering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and her reporting has been praised for being both informative and empathetic.

Through all of this, there has been no news of any romantic relationships for Dana Bash. While she has been linked to a few possible suitors in the past, she has largely kept her personal life private. Instead, she has focused on her career and growing her platform as a well-respected journalist.


To answer the question, “Is Dana Bash still married to Jeremy Bash?” the answer is no. Dana Bash was first married to Jeremy Bash from 1998 to 2007. Later, in 2008, she married fellow CNN correspondent John King, and they divorced in 2012. Since then, there have been no reports of her being in a romantic relationship, as she has focused on her career as a journalist.


Who did Dana Bash have a child with?

Dana Bash is an American journalist who has made a name for herself in the political news industry. She has been active in her career for more than two decades, and during this time, she has gained a lot of attention from the public and media. In her personal life, Dana Bash has a son named Jonah Frank King. He was born in June 2011 and has been a source of joy for the journalist and her family.

Jonah Frank King’s father is Dana Bash’s ex-husband, John King. John King is a renowned American news anchor and political correspondent who is currently the Chief National Correspondent for CNN. He has been active in the news industry for more than 30 years, and during his career, he has gained a lot of popularity and respect from his colleagues and the public.

Dana Bash and John King were married in 2008 and welcomed their son, Jonah, in 2011. However, their marriage did not last long, and they got divorced in March 2012, just ten months after the birth of their son. Despite their separation, Dana and John have remained friends and co-parents to their son, Jonah. They have been spotted attending events and going on vacations together with their son.

Jonah Frank King is the son of Dana Bash and John King. Although the couple got divorced when he was very young, they have remained committed to co-parenting him. Dana Bash and John King are both accomplished individuals in their respective fields, and their son, Jonah Frank King, is poised to do great things in the future.

Does Jeremy Bash have children?

Jeremy Bash is a well-known political commentator and national security analyst who has made appearances on numerous media outlets, including MSNBC, CNN, and NBC News. While his professional life is widely known to the public, many may be curious about his personal life, including whether or not he has children.

The answer is yes, Jeremy Bash is the father of three daughters. He is married to Robyn Bash, who is the Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy Operations for the American Hospital Association. Unfortunately, not much is known about their family life or personal relationships as he has kept a low profile on this topic.

Jeremy’s professional life has been very active for the past decade, including being the Chief of Staff to both Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Director of the CIA Leon Panetta during President Obama’s tenure. As a commentator, he speaks on a wide range of national security and intelligence issues, sharing his insights and opinions on the news and current events.

Although Jeremy Bash may keep his personal life private, it is known that he has a beautiful family with three lovely daughters. His wife is a notable figure herself in the healthcare industry. While it is uncertain if he will share more about his personal life in the future, for now, his focus remains on his career and providing informed commentary to the public.

How many kids does Dana Bash have?

Dana Bash has one child, a son who was born in 2011. The father of her child is John King, a fellow CNN correspondent whom she married in 2008. However, their marriage was not successful and they decided to divorce in 2012. Despite their separation, they co-parented their son and remained on good terms with each other.

It is worth noting that Dana Bash’s personal life has been a subject of interest in the media. In 2011, she faced criticism and pressure to step down from her position as a trustee of Jewish Women International due to the organization’s advocacy for abortion rights. This was highlighted by conservative blogs after Bash accepted the trustee position. Despite the controversy, Bash has continued to focus on her work as a journalist, covering politics and breaking news events for CNN.

What happened with John King and Dana Bash?

CNN has announced a reshuffle in their lineup and it involves two of their prominent personalities, John King and Dana Bash. King will be stepping down as the anchor of “Inside Politics” and will take on a new role at CNN. In his place, Bash will be taking over as the anchor of the esteemed program later this year. This is not the first time Bash has taken over a show from King, as she took over his role on “State of the Union” in 2014 when he moved to “Inside Politics”.

King has been with CNN since 1997, working as a correspondent covering presidential campaigns and Capitol Hill. He became known for his telestrator-based election coverage during the 2008 election, which became a staple of CNN’s election coverage. He later hosted “John King, USA” from 2010 to 2012 before moving to “State of the Union.” King will still continue to have a presence at CNN as he will take on a new role as the Chief National Correspondent and anchor of a new political program that is yet to be announced by the network. His experience covering politics is expected to enhance his role as Chief National Correspondent, providing valuable insights and analysis breaking news, elections and major political events.

On the other hand, Bash is considered as one of the most respected political correspondents and anchors on air today. She joined CNN in 1993 and has since covered Capitol Hill, the White House, and national campaigns, including presidential debates and election nights. She became the network’s Chief Political Correspondent in 2019 and has been a host for a number of their programs, including “State of the Union,” and “The Daily DC.” Now, she will be taking on the challenge of anchoring the widely acclaimed “Inside Politics” program, which provides analysis on the political events of the day, stories driving the news cycle, and the inside scoop on the workings of Washington.

While there may be some changes at CNN, it is clear that both John King and Dana Bash will continue to play important roles in the network’s political coverage. Bash has big shoes to fill as she replaces the highly respected King, but given her extensive background and experience in political journalism, she is definitely up to the task of continuing the tradition of excellence set by her predecessor.

How many children does John King of CNN have?

John King, a renowned journalist and anchor, is a well-known figure in the American media industry. However, much of his personal life has been kept away from the public eye. Nevertheless, it is known that King was married to another prominent political reporter and anchor, Dana Bash, from 2008 to 2012. During their marriage, the couple had one child, a son. Although the exact name of their son has not been made public, it is understood that the couple shares the responsibility of raising him even after their divorce. King has never publicly discussed any other children he may have, and it is believed that he has no other children outside of his previous marriage. Consequently, John King currently has one child who he shares with his ex-wife, but beyond that, there is little information about his other personal relationships or family circumstances.