You’re Engaged! Now what?

Congratulations! You just got engaged…now what? Getting engaged is one of the most exciting and emotional times of your life. You are probably still on cloud nine (as you should be) and eager to start planning your wedding. Before you jump into full planning mode, here are our top five…

Balking Tradition in Favor of More Inclusive Wedding Parties
An increase in LGBTQ weddings means that we are also seeing more diverse wedding parties. It’s important to be inclusive when considering these changing trends and to look beyond the language and preconceptions that are traditionally attached to wedding parties. My partner and I selected our wedding party based... Read more
Bridal Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2016 (and beyond)
Every year, designers think up ways to make bridal gowns more interesting and unique. As fashion trends change around the globe, so too does bridal style. If you are a bride who wants a look that is both unique and on the cutting-edge of the fashion, check out... Read more
Finding the right wedding dress to suit your body type can seem a little daunting at first, especially if you’re one of the many who are unable to afford tailoring after all other wedding expenses are considered. Defining your silhouette can aid tremendously in the process, paired with the... Read more