Adventurous Honeymoons for Adventurous Newlyweds
Adventurous Honeymoons for Adventurous Newlyweds What better location to celebrate your love on an adventure-filled honeymoon for adventurous newlyweds than in Iceland, one of the most LGBT-friendly countries worldwide. There’s plenty of adventurous experiences for all types of couples who love the thrill of the outdoors; whether that be... Read more
W Bellevue – A Refreshingly Modern Wedding Choice
With engagement season in full swing, venue hunting has become the new Sunday brunch. For couples who have vineyard, rustic barn, and wilderness wedding fatigue, W Bellevue – the next PNW venue hotspot – offers a refreshingly modern aesthetic.With design elements such as a three-story floating staircase and colorful... Read more
This Havana Engagement Session Will Take Your Breath Away!
To meet Felix and Ishak is to meet vibrant electricity in a colorful place.  You can’t help but to feel happiness and excitement when you’re in their presence.  We shot in the streets of Havana at 7am and it was nothing short of early morning magic.  And even better... Read more
Romantic Italian Photo Session
This romantic Italian photo session will show you how to use architecture in your pictures. Jay Studio (photographer) was able to capture the romantic moments while still creating a beautiful image! Francesco and Roberto used to live and work in Rome, the “eternal” city where they actually met the... Read more
5 Details to remember before your honeymoon
Traveling to a foreign country with your partner on your honeymoon is nothing short of a dream come true. However, traveling abroad takes more than just a plane ticket. Before you jet off to Paris or soak up the sun in Australia, make sure you remember these often-overlooked details.... Read more