Top 5 Wedding Etiquette Rules
When it comes to wedding registries, there are clear wedding etiquette rules to follow. 1. DON’T register at more than 3 locations. It looks greedy. Choosing one, two or three registry locations will give your guests a variety of choices. Also, make sure your registries offer a gift wrapping... Read more
What You Need to Know About Unplugged Ceremonies
An ‘unplugged ceremony’ is about being fully present. It’s a concept we don’t get to experience too often now that we are in the age of technology. Most people, not just Millennials, admit to the fact their phone is tethered to them 100% of the time. But what if... Read more
Balking Tradition in Favor of More Inclusive Wedding Parties
An increase in LGBTQ weddings means that we are also seeing more diverse wedding parties. It’s important to be inclusive when considering these changing trends and to look beyond the language and preconceptions that are traditionally attached to wedding parties. My partner and I selected our wedding party based... Read more
Top 7 Wedding Etiquette Rules
How to write your wedding vows – when you can’t find the words…
  Writing your wedding vows can be challenging. By the time you get around to marrying someone, hopefully you’ve already told him or her how much you love them – even possibly doing it everyday. Your vows are a much more public setting than your living room couch, so... Read more