The Most Popular Wedding First Dance Songs
Each couples’ love is completely unique. Their first dance songs, though? Not so much. Right on, the universal power of music. Right on. Ever listened to a song that spoke right to your heart and soul? A song that you felt understood you and your deepest feelings in a creepily-accurate way?... Read more
The Perfect Thank You for Your Bridesmaids
Introducing the perfect thank you gift to your bridesmaids from Floravere Pajama Sets for that all-nighter they’re going to inevitably pull to help you finish the DIY decor. This lightweight and soft pajama set is menswear-inspired and makes for a chic getting-ready outfit, bachelorette party set, or take-home gift.... Read more
Groomsmen Gifts!
For a great groomsmen gift or Father’s Day, the M-Clip is the perfect gift for men of all ages! M-Clip is best known for its ingenious money clips which feature a patented sliding lever design, that securely holds more cash and cards than most other clips. These functional accessories... Read more
How to Incorporate Dogs in Your Wedding
What better way to make your wedding special than by including your furry best friend? On your wedding day, use this inspiration from Personal Creations to include your dog in the festivities! From morning preparation to the after-party, there’s nothing better than celebrating with your four-legged pal! Below we... Read more
Functional Groomsmen Gifts That Won’t Be Tossed Away after the Wedding
Weddings eventually come to a close, but the memories that have been made and gifts that have been received will last days after the celebrations have ended. Take that into account when you are shopping for groomsmen gifts. It needs to mean something to you and your groomsmen, but... Read more