Leading Fertility Doctor Advises LGBTQ: Be Guided by Knowledge, Not Fear
Be Guided by Knowledge, Not Fear In his new book, infertility expert Dr. Mark P. Trolice of Fertility CARE: The IVF Center tells LGBTQ patients what they need to know—and avoid—in their quest for parenthood.  More LGBTQ millennials plan to have kids regardless of income, survey finds as reported... Read more
At Home Engagement Session

At Home Engagement Session

Blog January 16, 2020

I usually go outside for engagement sessions, whether it’s walking through the hustle and bustle of Rainey Street in Austin, going back in time in the Historic Pearl in San Antonio or admiring the sweeping views at Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg. This engagement shoot was different, because Chelsea and... Read more
When Friends Fall in Love
Beth and Jen both worked at Temple University and met through  a mutual friend who introduced them at graduation. They spent the first 5 years of their 11 year old friendship as “just friends”. From the getting ready, to the first look, to that first dance- there was nothing... Read more
Socially Conscious Wedding Gifts
This Season Buy Socially Conscious Wedding Gifts Handmade by Artisans With Disabilities If you’re shopping for a unique bridal shower gift this year, please consider Coletta Collections. By choosing to purchase a unique and beautiful gift from this DC based nonprofit organization, you’ll be giving back to a community of... Read more
A NEW Way to Elope!
Gone are the days of the Las Vegas drive through wedding or “Chapel O’ Love” setup that’s become a cultural punchline. Eloping to Fabulous Las Vegas has become a much more earthy and picturesque proposition, thanks to Las Vegas Elopement Expert, McKenzi Taylor. McKenzi’s company, Cactus Collective Weddings, helps couples run... Read more