Looking Good For The Big Day: Ideas & Essentials for Couples
Getting married is an exciting time for couples, but the pressure from the wedding planning process can overshadow that excitement at times. To revive the joy and decrease stress throughout this process, it’s important for you and your soon-to-be spouse to make time to pamper and take care of... Read more
Winter 2018 Edition is Here!
We are excited to present the Winter 2018 Edition of Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine! We decided to dedicate this edition to engagements. So many couples get engaged over the holidays, it just made sense. Each edition is a labor of love and a takes a lot of people... Read more
Proposal in a Bottle
A bottle found in the sand with a message of true love. Ryan surprised the love of his life Brandon by planting a message in a bottle. When they ‘found’ it, it was the surprise of his life! Congratulation you two! You had us all tearing up. Thank you... Read more
There are some important things you should know about surrogacy agencies before you select the one that’s right for you. (This original post can be seen on Surrogate.com HERE.) As you prepare for your surrogacy journey, it’s important that you find a surrogacy professional that you’re comfortable working with. Choosing... Read more
A Wedding Dress for Every Style and Season
Whether it’s a winter wonderland wedding, New Year’s nuptials, or simply a ceremony on a chilly day, these dresses will take style and comfort into consideration while embracing this magical time of year. ADD A LAYER OF WARMTH  From left to right: 1 Grace Loves Lace, 2 Grace Loves Lace , 3 Demetrios,... Read more