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How many songs does FGL have?

Florida Georgia Line, often abbreviated as FGL, is an American country music duo consisting of artists Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. Since their debut in 2010, the duo has become one of the biggest names in country music. It’s not just their catchy tunes that have earned them worldwide accolades, but also the number of songs they have released throughout their career. In this article, we’ll dive into the discography of this chart-topping duo and answer the question on every fan’s mind: How many songs does FGL have?

The Early Years: FGL’s Rise to Fame

Before we delve into the number of songs released by Florida Georgia Line, let’s take a quick look at the duo’s beginning. Both Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard were aspiring songwriters in Nashville when they met in 2008. They immediately bonded over their shared love for country music and started collaborating on songwriting.

In 2010, FGL was officially formed, and they released their debut EP, Anything Like Me, in 2010. The EP featured four original songs, of which “Black Tears” was the most popular. After the success of their debut, the duo started working on their first studio album.

The Studio Albums: FGL’s Top Hits

Florida Georgia Line has released five studio albums to date. Their debut album, Here’s to the Good Times, was released in 2012 and included their debut single, “Cruise.” The album was a commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and receiving double platinum certification from the RIAA.

Their second album, Anything Goes, was released in 2014, followed by their third album, Dig Your Roots, in 2016. Both albums spawned several successful singles, including “Dirt,” “H.O.L.Y.”, and “May We All.”

In 2019, FGL released their fourth studio album, Can’t Say I Ain’t Country, which debuted at number four on the Billboard 200. The album’s lead single, “Simple,” became the duo’s 16th number-one hit on the US Country Airplay chart.

Most recently, in 2020, FGL released their fifth studio album, Life Rolls On. The album features 16 tracks, including the hit singles “Long Live” and “I Love My Country.”

The EPs: FGL’s Short and Sweet Tracks

Alongside their studio albums, Florida Georgia Line has also released four extended play records. Their debut EP, Anything Like Me, was released in 2010. In 2014, they released the standalone EP, It’z Just What We Do, which included the hit single “This Is How We Roll.”

In 2021, the duo released the EP Life Rolls On: Commemorative Edition, featuring four bonus tracks. The EP includes collaborations with artists such as Tim McGraw and Chase Rice.

The Singles: FGL’s Chart-Topping Hits

Florida Georgia Line has released a total of 19 singles as a lead artist, with numerous other charted songs and featured singles. Their debut single, “Cruise,” spent 24 weeks at number one on the US Hot Country Songs chart, becoming the best-selling digital country song of all time.

Other notable singles by FGL include “Get Your Shine On,” “Round Here,” “Dirt,” and “H.O.L.Y.” – all of which reached top 5 on the country charts. In 2020, FGL released their hit single “I Love My Country,” which peaked at number 4 on the US Country Airplay charts and also reached the 47th position on the US Hot 100 chart.


To sum it up, Florida Georgia Line has released five studio albums, four extended play records, 19 singles as a lead artist, and numerous other charted songs and featured singles. With hits like “Cruise,” “H.O.L.Y.,” and “I Love My Country,” FGL has cemented their place as one of the leading country music duos of all time. The numbers speak for themselves: Florida Georgia Line’s music has touched the hearts of millions, and their legacy in country music is sure to be long-lasting.


What songs did Florida Georgia Line write?

Florida Georgia Line is an American country music duo consisting of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. They are credited with writing a number of songs in the country music genre, many of which have gained widespread popularity. Brian Kelley, one half of the duo, has been especially prolific as a songwriter, having been credited with writing or co-writing a number of hit songs.

Some of the songs that Brian Kelley has written or co-written include “Cruise”, “Simple”, “This Is How We Roll”, “Get Your Shine On”, and “Long Live”, all of which were performed by Florida Georgia Line. These songs have become some of the most well-known hits in contemporary country music, and have helped to establish Florida Georgia Line as one of the most successful acts in the genre.

In addition to writing for Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley has also written songs for other artists in the country music scene. Some of his most notable credits include “You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean, “Burnin’ It Down” by Jason Aldean, and “Lights Come On” by Jason Aldean. All of these songs have been extremely successful, and have helped to establish Brian Kelley as one of the most talented songwriters in contemporary country music.

Florida Georgia Line has written and performed some of the most popular songs in contemporary country music. With hits like “Cruise”, “This Is How We Roll”, and “Get Your Shine On” under their belts, the duo has cemented its place as one of the most important acts in the genre. Additionally, with Brian Kelley’s songwriting talents being in such high demand throughout the music industry, it seems likely that we will continue to see him continue to make an impact on the world of country music for years to come.

How many albums does Florida Georgia Line have?

Florida Georgia Line is a popular American country music duo consisting of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. The duo’s music career started in 2010 and they have since then produced several chart-topping hits in the country music industry. In terms of albums, Florida Georgia Line has released a total of five studio albums over the course of their career.

Their debut studio album, titled “Here’s to the Good Times,” was released in December 2012 and included hits such as “Cruise” and “Get Your Shine On.” The album was a commercial success and was certified 2× Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Florida Georgia Line’s second album, titled “Anything Goes,” was released in October 2014 and produced hits such as “Dirt” and “Sun Daze.” The album was again certified 2× Platinum by RIAA.

Their third album, titled “Dig Your Roots,” was released in August 2016 and included hits such as “H.O.L.Y.” and “May We All.” The album was certified Platinum by RIAA.

Florida Georgia Line’s fourth album, titled “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country,” was released in February 2019 and featured collaborations with the likes of Jason Aldean and HARDY.

Finally, their most recent album, titled “Life Rolls On,” was released in February 2021 and features hits such as “Long Live” and “Beer:30.”

In addition to their studio albums, Florida Georgia Line has also released several other projects, including EPs, live albums, and compilation albums. the duo has had a successful career in the country music industry and their five studio albums have produced numerous chart-topping hits that continue to receive extensive airplay on country music radio stations.

Is the band Florida Georgia Line broke up?

The band Florida Georgia Line has been a popular name in country music since their debut back in 2010. They have produced numerous hit songs over the years, such as “Cruise,” “H.O.L.Y.,” and “Meant to Be.” Recently, there has been speculation among fans and media outlets, regarding the possible break-up of the band.

However, official statements from the band members have clarified that they are not breaking up, but instead taking a break. In a recent interview, Tyler Hubbard, one of the members of the band, stated that they want to focus on their individual pursuits for a while before coming back together to make new music.

He also mentioned that they have been on the road for nearly a decade, and they feel the need to spend some time with their families and take a breather from their busy schedule. As of now, the band members are said to be working on their solo projects, and they have not given a definite time frame for the break.

Fans of the band need not worry about them breaking up, as their previous collaborations and hits have shown that they have excellent chemistry and a unique sound that works well together. Many bands in the past have taken breaks without disbanding, and Florida Georgia Line might just be doing the same.

The rumors regarding the Florida Georgia Line band break up are not true, and fans can continue to enjoy their music, knowing that they will be back together soon. The band members are taking a much-needed break to focus on their individual pursuits, but the band remains intact and will come back with new and exciting music in the future.