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How many kids does Rascal Flatts have?

Rascal Flatts is an American country music group that has been active since 2000. The group, composed of lead vocalist Gary LeVox, bassist Jay DeMarcus, and guitarist Joe Don Rooney, has achieved great success in the country music industry. As fans of the group, many people are curious about their personal lives, including how many children they have.

In this blog post, we will specifically be discussing how many children Jay DeMarcus, the bassist of Rascal Flatts, has. On April 30, 2019, DeMarcus released a memoir titled Shotgun Angels: My Story of Broken Roads and Unshakeable Hope. In this book, DeMarcus revealed information about his personal life, including the number of children he has.

How many children does Jay DeMarcus have?

Jay DeMarcus actually has three children, not two as was previously believed. Prior to the release of his memoir, it was widely known that DeMarcus had two children with his wife, Allison Alderson. Their daughter, Madeline Leigh DeMarcus, was born in 2010 and their son, Dylan Jay DeMarcus, was born in 2012.

However, in his memoir, DeMarcus revealed that he had a third child before he met his wife Allison. The child was put up for adoption and DeMarcus did not have contact with the child until many years later. In an interview with People magazine, DeMarcus explained that he decided to include this information in his memoir because he wanted to be honest about his past.

It is important to note that DeMarcus has always been open about the fact that he was adopted himself. In fact, his experience being adopted is one of the main reasons he decided to include his story in his memoir.

DeMarcus’ experience with adoption

Growing up, DeMarcus always knew he was adopted. In his memoir, he explains how his parents never tried to hide it from him and how they always made him feel loved and special. However, that does not mean that DeMarcus did not have his fair share of struggles with his adoption.

In an interview with Good Morning America, DeMarcus explained that he struggled with feelings of rejection and abandonment as a child. Despite the love he received from his adoptive family, he could not shake the feeling that his biological parents did not want him. It was not until he found his birth mother that he was able to confront these feelings and move past them.

DeMarcus’ experience with adoption has clearly had a profound impact on his life. In an interview with Fox News, he explained why he and his wife decided to adopt their first child instead of having biological children. “I always knew, growing up, it was important that I be adopted by a family that wanted me. And so, we always wanted to adopt… I knew that if I could provide a loving environment for a child that was looking for that, that would be pleasing to God and that was really all that mattered to me.”


In conclusion, Jay DeMarcus, the bassist of the popular country music group Rascal Flatts, has three children. While he was initially only known to have two children with his wife Allison Alderson, he revealed in his memoir that he had a third child who was put up for adoption before he met his wife. DeMarcus has always been open about his experience being adopted himself and he and his wife decided to adopt their first child. Adoption has clearly had a profound impact on DeMarcus’ life and it is inspiring to see how he has used his experience to shape his own parenting journey.


Is Gary LeVox still married?

Gary LeVox, the lead singer of the country group “Rascal Flatts,” has been married to his wife Tara Vernon since May 15, 1999. The couple has been together for over two decades and they seem to still be going strong. LeVox often shares photos with his wife on social media, and they have been seen attending events and award shows together.

LeVox and Vernon first met in 1997 when he was working at a printing company and she came in for a job interview. In an interview with People, LeVox recalled that he knew from the moment he met her that she was the one. They started dating and got engaged two years later. The couple got married in a private ceremony in Clearwater, Florida, and they have since raised two daughters together, Brittany Kay Vernon and Brooklyn Leigh Vernon.

Despite being in the public eye, LeVox and Vernon have managed to keep their personal life relatively private. They have not been involved in any scandals or controversies, and they seem to be very supportive of each other’s careers. LeVox has even said in interviews that his wife is his biggest inspiration.

Gary LeVox is still happily married to Tara Vernon. They have been together for over 20 years and have raised two daughters together. The couple has managed to maintain a strong relationship despite their high-profile careers, and they continue to support each other in all aspects of their lives.

What is Jay from Rascal Flatts doing now?

Jay DeMarcus, the bassist and vocalist for Rascal Flatts, announced in 2020 that he would be departing from the iconic country music trio after 20 years of performing together. Following his departure, many Rascal Flatts fans have been wondering what Jay DeMarcus is doing now.

Jay DeMarcus has been keeping busy since leaving the group. He has been spending much-needed quality time with his family, including his wife, Allison, and his two children. In interviews, he has shared how much he has enjoyed being able to be present for his family after being on the road with Rascal Flatts for so many years.

In addition to spending time with his family, Jay DeMarcus has also been pursuing his passion for music in different ways. He launched a Christian music label called Red Street Records in 2018, and since his departure from Rascal Flatts, he has been dedicating more time to developing and nurturing the careers of the artists on his label. Red Street Records has signed some impressive artists, including Ryan Griffin and Neon Union, and Jay DeMarcus has been working hard to help these artists get their music heard.

Jay DeMarcus has also been keeping in touch with his Rascal Flatts bandmates, Gary LeVox and Joe Don Rooney. The band announced in 2020 that they would be holding a farewell tour, and although it was ultimately canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group did release a new EP as a way to say goodbye to their fans. Jay DeMarcus has expressed his gratitude for his time with Rascal Flatts and for the amazing experiences the band provided him. He has said that he will always cherish the memories he made with his bandmates and is looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Does Joe Don Rooney have kids?

Yes, Joe Don Rooney has children. He is a country music artist who is best known for being a member of the American country music group Rascal Flatts. He has been married to his wife Tiffany Fallon since April 2006, and together they have three children.

Their first child, a son named Jagger Donovan Rooney, was born on May 31, 2008. He was followed by their first daughter, Raquel Blue Rooney, who was born on September 7, 2010. Finally, they welcomed their second daughter, Devon Olivia Rooney, on September 25, 2014.

Rooney has always made it clear that family is very important to him, and he often shares photos and updates about his children on his social media accounts. He has also said in interviews that he loves spending time with his family and that being a good father is one of his most important roles. Joe Don Rooney is a proud and devoted father who cherishes his children and enjoys being a part of their lives.