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Does David Bridal take dresses back?

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a dream come true for any bride-to-be. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and the dress you thought was “the one” turns out to be a disappointment. In such cases, it is important to know whether the retailer from whom you purchased the dress offers a return policy. One such retailer is David’s Bridal, but the question is – does David’s Bridal take dresses back? In this blog post, we will answer that question and delve into the details of their return policy.

David’s Bridal Return Policy

David’s Bridal has a return policy that allows customers to return merchandise up to 7 days after they receive it. This applies to purchases made both in-store and online in the US and Canada. The condition of the dress upon return must be in its original condition with all tags attached and must not have been altered or damaged in any way. It is important to keep the original packaging as well.

If the dress was purchased over $50 in cash or debit not associated with Visa or Mastercard, a refund will be issued via a mailed check in approximately 21 days. For purchases made with a credit card, the refund will be credited back to the original form of payment. If the refund is being processed after 90 days from the date of purchase, a store credit or exchange will be offered instead of a refund.

It is important to note that there are a few items that are not eligible for return in David’s Bridal, such as final sale items, earrings, and other intimate apparel.

Getting started with the return process

If you have made a purchase at David’s Bridal and wish to return your dress, the process is quite simple. If you made your purchase in-store, you can go back to the same store to initiate the return. If you prefer to do it online, you can call their customer service at 1-844-400-3222 to get further instructions on the next steps and to request a return label.

Once the return has been initiated, you will need to ship the dress back to David’s Bridal in its original condition, with all tags attached and with the original packaging. Once the dress has been received and inspected, the refund or exchange process will begin.


In conclusion, yes, David’s Bridal does take dresses back within 7 days of purchase, provided they are in their original condition and have all tags attached. It is important to remember to keep the original packaging, and to note that certain items are not eligible for return. The return process is quite simple and can be done both in-store and online, making it easy to make any necessary exchanges or refunds.


What happens to wedding dresses after the wedding?

Wedding dresses hold a special place in every bride’s heart. These dresses are often heavily researched, talked about, shopped for, and paid for. But once the wedding day is over, many brides are left uncertain about what to do with their beloved gown.

Some choose to donate or sell their gowns to give someone else the chance of wearing a beautiful dress at their wedding while also helping to reduce waste. In some cases, brides will even gift the dress to a friend or family member who is getting married. In this way, the dress can continue to contribute to the joy and celebration of weddings.

Others choose to repurpose their wedding dresses into something new. For instance, some brides will have their gown transformed into a cocktail or evening dress that they can wear to formal events. Others will turn their gowns into lingerie or even a christening gown for a future child. These creative and practical approaches allow for the dress to continue to be cherished and loved beyond the wedding day.

There are those brides, however, who choose to commemorate their wedding with some fun and a bit of adventure. They may choose to “trash the dress” with a photoshoot that involves tossing bright colored powder or paint onto the dress for a unique and colorful look. While some may find this in poor taste, for others, it is a joyful and memorable way to bid farewell to a dress that has helped make their wedding day unforgettable.

Finally, there are plenty of brides who choose to simply hang on to their wedding dress, both as a beloved keepsake and as a reminder of the love, happiness, and celebration they experienced on their wedding day. A wedding dress can serve as a cherished memento to be passed down through generations and treasured for years to come.

There are many different ways brides choose to handle their wedding dresses after the wedding day. Whether it is donating, repurposing, trashing, or cherishing, what is important is that each bride chooses the option that best reflects her own feelings and experiences on this special and emotional day.