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Will there be a sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a classic romantic comedy that has become a fan favorite since it was first released in 2002. Written by and starring Nia Vardalos, the film tells the story of a woman named Toula, who falls in love with a non-Greek man named Ian, much to the disapproval of her traditional Greek family. The film became a box office sensation, grossing over $350 million worldwide, and even spawned a sequel in 2016. With the success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, many fans are wondering if there will be a third installment in the series. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the possibility of a My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

The Success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

When My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was released in 2016, it had a lot to live up to. The first film had become a cultural phenomenon, and fans were eager to see their favorite characters back on the big screen. Despite some mixed reviews, the film was a financial success, grossing $90.6 million worldwide against a budget of only $18 million. This success has led many to believe that there could be a third film in the franchise.

The Possibility of a Third Film

So, will there be a My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3? As of now, the answer is yes. In December 2021, it was announced that a third film, entitled My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, is currently scheduled to be released on September 8, 2023, by Universal Pictures’ sister division Focus Features. This news has been met with excitement from fans of the series, who can’t wait to see what Toula and her family are up to now.

What to Expect from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

While details about the plot of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 are still being kept under wraps, we can speculate about what we might see in the film based on the first two movies. One of the things that made the original film so beloved was its depiction of Greek-American culture. Fans of the series will likely be thrilled to see more of that in the third movie, as well as updates on the lives of their favorite characters.

It’s also possible that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will explore themes related to aging and family. The second film focused heavily on Toula’s parents, Gus and Maria, and their struggles with their own marriage. With so much time having passed since the first movie, it’s likely that the third film will show us how their relationship has evolved over the years. We may also see how Toula and Ian are navigating their own marriage, as well as how their teenage daughter is growing up in the Greek-American community.


Fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. Although we don’t know much about the plot yet, we can assume that the film will continue the series’ tradition of celebrating Greek-American culture and exploring the complexities of family life. With a release date in 2023, we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what the filmmakers have in store for us, but for now, we can rest easy knowing that our favorite characters will be back on the big screen soon.


Are they making a Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?

Fans of the hit movie franchise “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” have been eagerly awaiting news of a third installment in the series. The first movie, released in 2002, was a surprise hit, grossing over $368 million worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time. The film also received critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. A sequel, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” was released in 2016, but it did not achieve the same success as its predecessor.

As of now, there has been no official announcement about the production of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.” However, there have been rumors and speculation about the possibility of a third film in the franchise. In August 2021, Nia Vardalos, the writer and star of the first two films, tweeted a picture of a 20-year anniversary screening of the original movie with the caption “Celebrate 20 years of My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a #3? That’s the question we’re debating.”

The speculation intensified after a fake trailer for “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” was released online in October 2021. The trailer, which was later confirmed to be a fan-made video, went viral and sparked renewed interest in the possibility of a third installment in the series.

Fast forward to May 2023, and the answer to the question of whether or not a “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” is being made has been answered. Focus Features released the trailer for the highly anticipated sequel online on May 11, 2023, much to the excitement of fans everywhere. The trailer was also played before screenings of another Focus Features-backed sequel, “Book Club: The Next Chapter.”

While there had been rumors and speculation about the possibility of a third movie in the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” franchise, it was not until May 2023 that it was officially confirmed by Focus Features. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the film, which is set to be the perfect combination of family, love, and laughter that made the first two movies so beloved.

What was the spin off of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a 2002 romantic comedy film written by and starring Nia Vardalos. The film follows the story of a Greek-American woman named Toula who falls in love with a non-Greek man named Ian and their struggle to overcome their cultural differences and gain acceptance from their families.

The film was a huge commercial success, grossing over $369 million worldwide against a budget of $5 million. It also received critical acclaim and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

The success of the film led to the development of a television spin-off called My Big Fat Greek Life, which premiered on CBS in February 2003. The series followed the same characters and storyline as the film and was produced by Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Gary Goetzman, who had also produced the film.

My Big Fat Greek Life featured most of the major characters from the film, including Toula (played by Nia Vardalos), her husband Ian (played by Steven Eckholdt, replacing John Corbett from the film), and Toula’s parents Gus and Maria (played by Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan, respectively).

Despite the success of the film, the television series was short-lived, lasting only seven episodes before it was canceled due to low ratings and negative reviews. Critics cited the show’s lack of originality and the fact that it was simply a watered-down version of the film.

However, despite its short run, My Big Fat Greek Life remains a part of the franchise’s legacy and a testament to the impact that the original film had on popular culture.

How old is Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2?

In the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Toula Portokalos is the main character portrayed by actress Nia Vardalos. Toula is a hardworking 30-year-old waitress, who works at her father’s Greek restaurant, the Dancing Zorbas. Throughout the story, Toula finds love and breaks cultural barriers, while providing a movie full of hearty laughs.

It is worth noting that while Toula is portrayed as 30 years old in the first movie, the sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, takes place 17 years later. Therefore, Toula’s age in the second movie is supposed to be 47 years old.

In the first movie, Toula’s character is shown to be stuck in an unsatisfying life, but she is determined to break free from her overbearing family and find true love. She eventually meets and falls in love with a non-Greek man named Ian (played by John Corbett), which causes some cultural tension between her and her family.

Despite the cultural differences, Toula and Ian remain together and eventually get married in a big Greek wedding. In the sequel, which takes place almost two decades later, Toula is a middle-aged mother, still grappling with the challenges of balancing her family and her work life.

Toula is a dynamic character who evolves from a 30-year-old unmarried waitress to a middle-aged mother experiencing new challenges in her family life and career. While her age changes across the two movies, her resilience and determination remain consistent, and her character serves as a relatable and humorous representation of the Greek-American experience.