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Why did the doctor have a wedding ring?

Doctor Who has been one of the most iconic sci-fi shows on television. Since 1963, the show has captured the imagination of millions of fans across the globe. The regenerated Doctor has been played by several actors over the years, each bringing their unique interpretation to the role.

One aspect of the show that has puzzled fans for years is the wedding ring worn by the twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. Capaldi’s Doctor wore a wedding ring throughout his time on the show without any explanation. It left fans wondering why the Doctor had a wedding ring on, and some came up with various theories to explain the mystery.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, wore a wedding ring. We will delve into Capaldi’s personal life and unearth the reasons behind the Doctor’s wedding ring.

Peter Capaldi’s Personal Life

Before we delve into why the Doctor had a wedding ring, we need to understand Peter Capaldi’s personal life. Capaldi is a Scottish actor, screenwriter, and director who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1958. He is renowned for his work in film, theater, and television.

Capaldi is a private person, and not much is known about his personal life. However, it is a well-known fact that he is a married man. Capaldi has been married to his wife, Elaine Collins, since 1991. The two met in 1983, while Capaldi was working as a divemaster in a swimming pool in Glasgow. They have been together ever since.

The Wedding Ring

Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of the Doctor was unique in many ways, and one aspect of it was the wedding ring he wore. Capaldi’s Doctor wore a wedding ring throughout his entire time on the show, which spanned three seasons.

The wedding ring was never explained, leaving fans to speculate about its significance. However, in an interview with the BBC, Capaldi finally revealed the reason behind the wedding ring.

Capaldi revealed that he wore the wedding ring as a tribute to his wife, Elaine Collins. He explained that his wife had supported him through his acting career, even when the going was tough. Capaldi went through a tough time in his acting career, struggling to get the roles he desired. However, his wife never gave up on him.

Capaldi decided to wear the wedding ring as a symbol of his love and appreciation for his wife. The wedding ring was a public display of his gratitude for his wife’s unwavering support and belief in him.

Impact on Fans

Capaldi’s revelation about the wedding ring had a significant impact on Doctor Who fans. For years, fans had been speculating about the meaning behind the wedding ring. It had become a mystery that they desperately wanted to solve.

When Capaldi revealed the reason behind the wedding ring, it gave fans a deep and personal insight into the man behind the Doctor. It showed them that Capaldi was a man who valued his marriage and appreciated his wife’s support.

Many fans praised Capaldi’s decision to wear the wedding ring as a symbol of his love and respect for his wife. They appreciated the fact that he was willing to share a personal aspect of his life with them, and it made them appreciate him even more as an actor and a person.


The reason behind why the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, wore a wedding ring has finally been revealed. Capaldi wore the wedding ring as a tribute to his wife, Elaine Collins, who had supported him through his acting career.

The wedding ring had become a mystery that Doctor Who fans had been speculating about for years. However, Capaldi’s revelation about the wedding ring gave fans a deep and personal insight into the man behind the Doctor.

Capaldi’s decision to wear the wedding ring as a symbol of his love and respect for his wife was a beautiful gesture. It showed fans that he was a man who valued his personal relationships and appreciated the support of his loved ones.

Doctor Who fans will always remember Peter Capaldi’s unique portrayal of the Doctor, but they will also remember the mystery of the wedding ring and the beautiful story behind it.


What do wedding rings symbolize in history?

Wedding rings, also known as engagement rings or marriage rings, have been an essential part of many cultures for centuries. The tradition of wearing wedding rings dates back as far as ancient Egyptian times, where couples exchanged rings made from reeds. While wedding rings can vary in their design and appearance, the symbolic meaning behind them has remained constant.

Throughout history, wedding rings have symbolized a couple’s commitment, love, and devotion. In the past, wedding rings signified a promise or contract between a couple and their families. In ancient Roman times, the groom would give the bride a gold ring during the wedding ceremony to show his commitment and faithfulness, and the ring would be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which was believed to have a vein that led directly to the heart.

In Christian tradition, the wedding ring was and still is a visual representation of the couple’s commitment and union in front of God. The circular shape of the ring, with no beginning or end, symbolizes the eternity of love and everlasting commitment.

Wedding rings have also been used as tokens or even security deposits that showed a man’s promise was “good as gold.” In medieval England, a man could be legally bound to marry a woman if he gave her a pledge, which was often a valuable item such as a ring. The pledge indicated his sincerity of marrying her, and if he failed to go through with the wedding, the woman could keep the pledge as compensation for the breach of promise.

Over time, wedding rings have become more stylistically diverse, with different materials such as diamonds, gold, platinum, and silver, along with various styles and designs. But at their core, they still represent a commitment between two people. In some cultures, such as Hindu and Muslim, a wedding ring is not traditionally used, but the concept of exchanging a symbol of love and commitment remains.

Wedding rings have been a symbol of love and commitment for centuries. While the designs and materials used may have evolved over time, the underlying meaning remains the same. Wedding rings symbolize the promise and commitment that two people make to each other, and they serve as a physical reminder of the love and devotion that the couple has for each other.

Why did Diana keep wearing her engagement ring?

Diana, Princess of Wales was widely known for her fashion choices and the jewelry she wore. One of her most iconic pieces of jewelry was the engagement ring she received from Prince Charles when they got engaged in February 1981. The ring featured a large oval-shaped Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds and was from the Garrard jewelry collection. It might not have been unique but Diana, did however, have the ring customised a couple of years after the engagement, adding six prongs to the setting.

Despite its beauty, the marriage between Diana and Charles was a troubled one. Charles had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles during his marriage to Diana, which caused a lot of stress in their marriage. Their marriage eventually ended in divorce in 1996, with both parties admitting to having affairs.

However, despite the difficulties in her marriage, Diana loved the engagement ring she received from Charles. She often wore the ring to public events and occasions even after their separation. According to reports, Diana considered the ring as the one connection she had with Charles. It was a symbol of the love, happiness, and hope she felt when she got engaged to him.

Moreover, the ring also had sentimental value for Diana as it had become an iconic piece of jewelry. Women all around the world were inspired by the ring, and it became one of the most sought-after engagement rings. By wearing the ring even after her marriage had ended, Diana was keeping a significant part of her history alive.

Diana’S decision to keep wearing her engagement ring after her and Charles’s separation was influenced by her love and connection to the ring, as well as the ring’s iconic status as a symbol of her marriage. Despite its troubled history, the ring remained an essential piece of jewelry for the People’s Princess and has become a lasting legacy of her life and style.

Why is the wedding ring a burden for Aunt Jennifer?

“Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” is a highly symbolic poem written by Adrienne Rich, where the protagonist, Aunt Jennifer, is struggling with the gender norms and the patriarchal society. One of the central symbols of the poem is the wedding ring, which represents male authority and power, that seems to be a burden for Aunt Jennifer.

The wedding ring in the poem is described as having a massive weight and a bright appearance. However, its heaviness is not merely physical; instead, it symbolizes the oppressive nature of patriarchy. Patriarchy is a social system that values men over women, and it is mainly based on the assumption that men are inherently superior. In this context, the wedding ring represents the authority and power that men wield over women in a marriage.

Being a part of the oppressive patriarchal structure, Aunt Jennifer feels trapped within the confines of her marriage. The wedding ring is a constant reminder of the male authority that is imposed on her. The imagery in the poem depicts Aunt Jennifer’s desire to escape this oppression, and she creates intricate embroideries of powerful tigers that embody her inner strength and courage. Aunt Jennifer’s tigers represent her desire for freedom from her societal and marital shackles.

Aunt Jennifer’s struggles in “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” symbolize the larger struggles of women in a patriarchal society. The wedding ring serves as a powerful symbol that illustrates the weight of oppressive gender norms and the subjugation of women. It is a burden for Aunt Jennifer because it represents the power structure that restricts her. The poem highlights the need for women to overcome the oppressive norms of their society to achieve freedom. It emphasizes the importance of self-expression in empowering oneself to challenge these societal norms and create a path for personal liberation.

Why does she wear a ring on her middle finger?

When it comes to jewelry, every piece has a meaning and a story behind it. Rings are especially meaningful because they are often associated with love and commitment. While engagement rings and wedding bands are the most well-known types of rings, there are many other types that people wear for different purposes. One such ring that is becoming increasingly popular among women is the middle finger ring.

The middle finger ring is a unique piece of jewelry that is worn on the middle finger instead of the traditional ring finger. While you may have noticed this piece of jewelry on someone’s finger and wondered why they have it, it generally represents balance and structure. The middle finger is often considered the balance point of the hand, and wearing a ring on this finger is believed to bring balance and stability to a person’s life.

While this may be the traditional meaning of a middle finger ring, people may choose to place a ring on any finger they see fit. A middle finger ring is prominent and easily visible, so it can mean anything the wearer chooses it to mean. A person may wear a middle finger ring simply because they like how it looks, or they may wear it to symbolize a personal accomplishment or goal.

It’s important to note that the meaning of a ring can also vary depending on the culture and the country. For example, in some cultures, wearing a ring on the middle finger is a symbol of independence and self-confidence. In other cultures, the middle finger is associated with the planet Saturn, which is known for its representation of discipline, responsibility, and structure.

The middle finger ring can be a beautiful and meaningful way to express oneself. Whether it’s worn for balance, stability, or simply as a fashion statement, its significance can vary widely depending on personal preference, culture, and beliefs.