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Who was the best songwriter in the Eagles?

The Eagles was one of the most successful American rock bands of the 1970s and is widely regarded as one of the greatest bands of all time. They had a unique sound that blended elements of rock, country, folk, and pop music. One of the key factors that helped the Eagles stand out was their exceptional songwriting.

The band’s songwriting prowess was a result of the contributions made by its members – Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit. But, when it comes to determining who was the best songwriter in the Eagles, the debate rages on.

In this blog post, we will explore the contributions made by each member of the Eagles and try to determine who was the best songwriter in the band.

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey, who passed away in 2016, was the co-founder of the Eagles along with Don Henley. He was a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and actor. Frey wrote some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Take it Easy,” “Tequila Sunrise,” “Lyin’ Eyes,” “Already Gone,” “New Kid in Town,” “Heartache Tonight,” and “The Heat Is On.”

Frey was the mastermind behind many of the Eagles’ most iconic songs, capturing the spirit of southern California and captivating listeners worldwide. His songwriting was often characterized by catchy hooks, memorable choruses, and clever wordplay.

One of the notable things about Frey’s songwriting was his ability to capture the feeling of being young and full of promise. This can be seen in songs like “Take it Easy,” which was the Eagles’ first hit single. The song’s opening line, “Well, I’m a-runnin’ down the road, tryin’ to loosen my load,” evokes a sense of freedom and possibility.

Don Henley

Don Henley, the other co-founder of the Eagles, was the band’s lead singer and drummer. He was also a prolific songwriter, contributing many of the band’s most memorable hits, including “Desperado,” “Hotel California,” “Life in the Fast Lane,” and “The Boys of Summer.”

Henley’s songwriting was often introspective, reflecting on his own experiences and observations of the world around him. He was known for his vivid imagery and poignant lyrics that explored themes like love, loss, and redemption.

For example, “Desperado” is a powerful ballad that tells the story of a loner who is searching for meaning in life. The song’s lyrics are filled with rich metaphors and poetic language that paint a vivid picture of the character’s struggles.

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh joined the Eagles in 1975 and brought a new sound to the band with his distinctive guitar playing and songwriting style. He wrote some of the Eagles’ most guitar-heavy songs, including “Life’s Been Good,” “In the City,” and “Pretty Maids All in a Row.”

Walsh’s songwriting was often characterized by its humor and irreverence. He was known for his sharp wit and ability to poke fun at himself and the world around him. At the same time, his songwriting also explored deeper themes like fame, fortune, and the ups and downs of life in the music industry.

For example, “Life’s Been Good” is a tongue-in-cheek anthem that celebrates the excesses and indulgences of rock stardom. The song’s lyrics are filled with humorous observations about the trappings of fame, such as “My Maserati does one-eighty-five, I lost my license, now I don’t drive.”

Timothy B. Schmit

Timothy B. Schmit joined the Eagles in 1977 and provided the band with a new dimension of vocal and songwriting talent. He wrote some of the band’s most emotional and poignant songs, including “I Can’t Tell You Why” and “Love Will Keep Us Alive.”

Schmit’s songwriting was often characterized by its sincerity and heartfelt emotion. He was known for his ability to write songs that tapped into the universal themes of love, loss, and hope. His lyrics often reflected his own experiences and beliefs, making his songs deeply personal and relatable.

For example, “I Can’t Tell You Why” is a soulful ballad that explores the complexities of romantic relationships. The song’s lyrics are filled with metaphors and imagery that capture the feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability that often comes with falling in love.


In conclusion, the Eagles were blessed with four talented songwriters, each with their own unique style and contributions to the band’s legacy. It’s hard to say who was the best songwriter in the Eagles, as each member brought something special to the table.

But, if we had to pick one, Glenn Frey stands out as the songwriter who took the Eagles to their greatest heights. His ability to capture the essence of southern California and translate it into irresistible hooks and melodies is what made the Eagles one of the most beloved and enduring bands of all time.


Who wrote the best Eagles songs?

The Eagles were one of the most commercially successful American rock bands of the 1970s. They are known for their seamless harmonies, catchy melodies, and emotionally powerful lyrics. Throughout their career, the Eagles released numerous hit singles and iconic albums that continue to resonate with fans today. But who was responsible for writing the band’s best songs?

A lot of Eagles’ music was down to Glenn Frey. The band may have been “an anonymous monolith” (Rolling Stone), but the fact is, they had two public faces, and two main songwriters: Don Henley and Frey. The duo collaborated on most of the Eagles’ biggest hits, including “Hotel California,” “Desperado,” and “One of These Nights.”

The two songwriters had different styles, which complemented each other well. Henley’s songs often dealt with deep personal and societal issues, while Frey’s tended to be more upbeat and catchy. Frey’s writing also brought a rock edge to the band’s sound, with guitar-driven tracks like “Life in the Fast Lane” and “Heartache Tonight.”

While Henley and Frey co-wrote most of the Eagles’ hits, each had a few solo writing credits that stand out. Henley’s “The Boys of Summer” and “Dirty Laundry” are two examples of his powerful writing that have stood the test of time. Frey’s “You Belong to the City” and “Smuggler’s Blues” are two of his best solo efforts.

It’s difficult to say definitively who wrote the best Eagles songs, as there are so many great ones to choose from. However, it’s safe to say that the partnership between Don Henley and Glenn Frey was what made the Eagles such a powerful force in American music. Together, they created a timeless catalog of songs that continue to resonate with fans today.

Who is the most talented musician in the Eagles?

The Eagles were one of the most successful rock bands of the 1970s, with a string of hits that defined the era. With a lineup that included some of the most talented musicians of the time, it’s no wonder that people continue to debate who was the most talented member of the band. However, when it comes to the question of who was the most talented musician in the Eagles, one name consistently rises to the top of the list: Don Henley.

As a co-founder, co-lead singer, and drummer of the Eagles, Don Henley helped to define the sound of the band from its inception. His distinctive vocals, which combined a smooth, melodic quality with a powerful, bluesy edge, helped to make hits like “Hotel California” and “Desperado” into enduring classics that are still beloved by music fans today.

But Don Henley’s musical talents extend beyond his vocals. He is also a skilled drummer who helped to create the tight, driving rhythms that powered many of the Eagles’ most famous songs. In addition to his work with the band, he has also released several solo albums that showcase his prodigious talents as a songwriter, musician, and producer.

But perhaps what sets Don Henley apart as the most talented musician in the Eagles is his versatility. He is equally at home with rockers like “Life in the Fast Lane” and soulful ballads like “The Last Resort,” and his ability to move seamlessly between genres helped to make the Eagles one of the most diverse and successful bands of their time.

While opinions may vary, it’s clear that Don Henley’s contributions to the Eagles – both as a songwriter and a musician – are the marks of a true musical talent. His unique voice, tight drumming skills, and impressive versatility make him a standout member of the band and one of the most talented musicians of his generation.

Are Joe Walsh and Don Felder friends?

Joe Walsh and Don Felder were both members of the popular American rock band, The Eagles, during different times. Joe Walsh joined the band in 1975, while Don Felder became an official member in 1974. During their time in the band, the two guitar legends collaborated on some of the band’s most popular songs, including “Hotel California” and “Life in the Fast Lane.”

However, despite their creative partnership, rumors have circulated that the two musicians were not particularly close. In fact, in Felder’s memoir, “Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles,” he details a tense relationship with Walsh, claiming that the two had a falling out during a concert in Washington, D.C. After the show, Felder claims that Walsh became enraged with him and threatened physical violence.

Despite these claims, in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Walsh stated that he didn’t hold any grudges against Felder and that he was open to rekindling their friendship. “I like Don Felder,” he said. “We owe the fans better than what we gave them. We were the best band in the world and we need to figure out a way to get along, and do it again.”

In the end, while their personal relationship may have experienced some bumps along the way, Joe Walsh and Don Felder will forever be known for their contributions to the Eagles’ musical legacy. And who knows? Maybe one day they will be able to put aside any differences and work together again.

What was the Eagles biggest selling hit?

The Eagles are considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time, with a career spanning over several decades. Their music has been cherished and loved by fans all over the world, making them one of the best-selling acts of all time. However, when it comes to their biggest selling hit, the answer is not as straightforward as one might think.

The Eagles have had many hits throughout their long and storied career, but their biggest selling single wasn’t actually one of their most famous songs. Their biggest chart success was “One of These Nights,” which was released in 1975 and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s success helped the band’s album of the same name become their first to reach number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

While “One of These Nights” was certainly a huge hit for the Eagles, it’s not their most iconic song or even their best-known hit. That honor goes to “Hotel California,” which was released in 1977. Even though it’s not their biggest selling hit, it’s the song that the Eagles are most closely associated with. “Hotel California” was a huge success, winning a Grammy Award for Record of the Year and becoming the band’s signature song. The album of the same name, which also included other hits like “New Kid in Town,” “Life in the Fast Lane,” and “Victim of Love,” went on to sell over 16 million copies in the US alone, making it the band’s biggest selling album.

The Eagles have several hits under their belt, but their biggest selling hit is “One of These Nights,” which topped the charts when it was released in 1975. However, despite its chart success, it’s not their most famous or well-known song. That title goes to “Hotel California,” which may not be their biggest selling hit but is still considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time.

Have the Eagles ever had the #1 pick?

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles have had the first overall pick in the NFL draft three times in their history. The first time was in the inaugural NFL draft in 1936, where they selected Jay Berwanger, a running back from the University of Chicago. Berwanger, however, never played in the NFL and instead chose to pursue a career in business.

The following year, in 1937, the Eagles again had the number one pick and selected Sam Francis, a running back from Nebraska. Francis played three seasons with the Eagles, but his career was cut short due to injuries.

The third and last time the Eagles had the top pick was in 1949 when they selected Chuck Bednarik, a center and linebacker from the University of Pennsylvania. Bednarik had a long and successful career with the Eagles, playing for 14 seasons and earning multiple accolades, including 10 First-Team All-Pro selections and two NFL championships.

In addition to the three times they had the top pick, the Eagles have also had the second overall pick five times in their history and the third overall pick three times. Some of the notable players the Eagles selected with those high draft picks include Donovan McNabb in 1999, Carson Wentz in 2016, and Fletcher Cox in 2012.

Although having the first overall pick can be seen as a coveted position, it does not necessarily guarantee success. The Eagles’ mixed results with their top picks show that success in the NFL draft goes beyond just landing a high draft pick. It also involves scouting, drafting, and developing players who can contribute to the team’s success.

Who was more popular the Beatles or the Eagles?

The Beatles and The Eagles are two of the most iconic bands in the history of rock music. While The Beatles were formed in Liverpool, England in 1960, The Eagles formed in Los Angeles, California in 1971. Both bands have had an immense impact on music culture and have earned a place in the hearts of rock music lovers around the world.

When comparing the popularity of the two bands to determine which was more popular, it is important to consider a few different factors. First, The Beatles have been active as a band for a longer period of time than The Eagles. The Beatles released their first album in 1963 and disbanded in 1970, while The Eagles disbanded in 1980 after releasing their final album together.

In terms of album sales, The Eagles have sold more copies of one album title than any other band in the United States. With over 29 million copies sold, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 has become the highest-selling album in the US. Additionally, the album Hotel California, released in 1976, has been certified 26-times Platinum.

The Beatles, on the other hand, have had 19 number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart – more than any other band in history. They have sold over 183 million records in the United States alone and over 600 million worldwide, making them one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Their music has had a significant influence on the development of rock music and pop culture as a whole.

While both bands have had an incredible impact on the history of music, it is difficult to determine which was more popular. The Beatles paved the way for future bands with their unique sound and style, while The Eagles dominated the rock scene of the 1970s with their own distinct sound. the question of which band is more popular is a matter of personal preference and taste in music.

Have the Eagles sold more records than the Beatles?

The Eagles and the Beatles are two of the biggest bands in music history, both known for producing timeless hits that have stood the test of time. While the Beatles are widely regarded as one of the most influential bands of all time, boasting 178 million certified units sold worldwide, the Eagles are also incredibly successful, with 163.5 million certified units sold as of 2021.

Despite the Eagles’ impressive sales figures, they have not managed to surpass the Beatles in terms of overall record sales. The Beatles remain the best-selling music group of all time, with their iconic albums including “Abbey Road,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and “The White Album” continuing to sell well over 50 years since their original release.

The Eagles, on the other hand, have seen immense success with their albums “Hotel California,” “The Long Run,” and “One of These Nights,” among others. Their unique blend of rock, country, and folk music has resonated with audiences worldwide, earning them a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as numerous awards.

While the Eagles are undoubtedly one of the most commercially successful bands of all time, the Beatles remain the best-selling band in the world. However, the Eagles’ impressive sales figures are a testament to their incredible talent and the timeless appeal of their music, ensuring that they remain a beloved band among fans of all ages.