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Who was Luke’s lover?

Luke Skywalker, the main protagonist of the Star Wars original trilogy and the latest installment of the franchise, The Last Jedi, is known for his bravery, determination, and loyalty to the Rebel Alliance. But beyond his Jedi training and his battles against the Empire, Luke is also known for his romantic relationships in the Star Wars Legends series of novels. One of his most significant love interests is Mara Jade, a powerful and complex character who captures Luke’s heart and becomes an integral part of his life.

The Story of Mara Jade

Mara Jade made her first appearance in Timothy Zahn’s 1991 novel Heir to the Empire, the first book in the Thrawn Trilogy. Mara is a former Sith apprentice and an assassin who is sent on a mission to kill Luke Skywalker by the Emperor. However, Mara eventually breaks free from the Emperor’s control and becomes a smuggler, working with Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Throughout the Thrawn Trilogy, Mara and Luke cross paths multiple times and develop a mutual respect for each other. They eventually fall in love and marry, with Mara becoming a Jedi Knight and bearing a son named Ben. Their relationship is not without its challenges, as both Luke and Mara have personal demons to overcome. But they ultimately stand by each other, supporting one another in their battles against the remnants of the Empire and various other foes.

Why Mara Jade Matters

Mara Jade is a significant character in the Star Wars Legends series, as she represents a strong female character who can hold her own in a galaxy dominated by men. Mara is intelligent, resourceful, and fiercely independent. She is also not afraid to stand up to Luke when she disagrees with him or when she feels that he is making a mistake. Her stubbornness and determination make her a formidable ally to Luke and the Rebel Alliance.

Furthermore, Mara’s relationship with Luke is significant because it shows that even Jedi Knights are not immune to love and the struggles that come with being in a relationship. It also shows that love can make a person stronger, as Luke is able to overcome his doubts and fears thanks to the support and encouragement of Mara.

The Future of Mara Jade

Since Disney acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise, the Star Wars Legends series, including the story of Mara Jade, are no longer considered canon. However, there are rumors that Mara Jade may make an appearance in the upcoming Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. If this is true, it would be interesting to see how Mara’s story is adapted for the screen and how her relationship with Luke is portrayed.


Luke Skywalker’s greatest love may not have been Princess Leia, but Mara Jade, a dynamic and complex character who captured his heart and stood by him through thick and thin. Mara represents a strong female character who is capable of holding her own in a galaxy dominated by men, and her relationship with Luke shows that love can make a person stronger. Despite the fact that the Star Wars Legends series is no longer canon, Mara’s story will continue to live on in the hearts of fans who have come to love her as one of the most significant relationships in the Star Wars universe.


Who does Luke Skywalker end up with?

Over the course of the Star Wars franchise, Luke Skywalker is one of the most beloved characters. The question of who he ends up with is one that has been pondered by fans for years.

In the original trilogy, Luke forms a strong connection with Princess Leia, but the two do not end up together romantically, as their relationship is revealed to be that of siblings in “Return of the Jedi”. In the expanded universe, which includes books, comics, and other media beyond the movies, Luke goes on several adventures and has various love interests.

Having refounded the Jedi Order and trained several new Jedi including his sister, Leia, Luke eventually meets and marries Mara Jade. Mara was originally introduced in the Star Wars Expanded Universe as the Emperor’s Hand, an assassin working for Palpatine with powerful Force abilities. However, after the Emperor’s death, she becomes an ally and eventually falls in love with Luke.

Mara and Luke have a son named Ben, named after Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke’s mentor. Their son Ben goes on to become a powerful Jedi in his own right, but ultimately falls to the dark side and becomes Kylo Ren, a major antagonist in the sequel trilogy.

Although Luke Skywalker’s romantic interests are not a prominent feature in the main Star Wars movies, the expanded universe and other media reveal that he does form a deep connection with Mara Jade and they have a son together named Ben.

Does Luke Skywalker have a love interest in canon?

In the Star Wars universe, Luke Skywalker is one of the most prominent and beloved characters. He is known for his heroism and Jedi skills, but also for his relationship with Princess Leia and his friendship with Han Solo. However, many fans have wondered whether Luke had any romantic relationships of his own in the canonical Star Wars universe.

The short answer is that Luke Skywalker does not have a prominent love interest in canon. In fact, the closest thing to a love interest he has in the movies is Leia, but that relationship never becomes romantic or sexual in nature. Despite their close bond and affection for each other, Luke and Leia are ultimately siblings, and their relationship is a familial one.

In the canonical Star Wars films and television shows, Luke does not have any romantic relationships that are explored or developed. He appears to be primarily focused on his Jedi training and the larger mission of defeating the Empire and bringing balance to the Force. While he does form close bonds with other characters, such as his love and support for his sister Leia, there is no indication of any romantic feelings or relationships.

However, it is worth noting that the Star Wars universe is vast and multi-faceted, and Luke’s story has been told in a variety of other media formats, including books, comics, and video games. In the Star Wars Legends universe, which encompasses much of this additional material, Luke does have a love interest. He marries a character named Mara Jade, who is a former assassin and smuggler turned Jedi, and they have a child together.

While Luke Skywalker does not have a significant romantic subplot in canon, his story and character remain complex and compelling. His relationships with other characters, including Leia, Han Solo, and his mentors Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, are explored in depth, and his journey serves as a central element of the Star Wars universe.

Why didn t Luke have a love interest?

Luke Skywalker is one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise, and one of the things that sets him apart from many other heroes is the fact that he doesn’t have a love interest throughout the original trilogy. This has led fans to wonder why this is the case and if there was ever a reason given or if it was a conscious decision by the filmmakers and writers.

One of the underlying themes of Luke’s arc in the original trilogy was that the old Jedi were wrong to forbid love. This is evident in Episode II – Attack of the Clones when Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala fall in love and Anakin is ultimately led to the dark side because of his fear of losing her. The Jedi Order saw love as a threat to their duty and power, and this was a major factor in their downfall.

Narratively, it doesn’t make sense for Luke to have a love interest that could potentially compromise his mission to defeat the Empire and restore peace to the galaxy. As a character, he was more focused on the bigger picture and didn’t necessarily need a romantic partner to give him motivation or purpose. His main goal was always to follow in his father’s footsteps and bring balance to the Force.

Another reason why Luke didn’t have a love interest could be a conscious choice by the filmmakers and writers of the original trilogy. They may have wanted to avoid putting too much emphasis on romance and instead focus on the action, adventure, and character development. By not giving Luke a love interest, they were able to keep the story more grounded and relatable to a wider audience.

There are several reasons why Luke Skywalker didn’t have a love interest in the original trilogy. One of the main reasons is that it didn’t fit with the themes of the Jedi order and their views on love. Also, keeping Luke single helped to keep the story more focused on his journey to become a Jedi and defeat the Empire. Luke was a character that didn’t need a romantic partner to be successful in his mission, and his story is a testament to his strength, determination, and selflessness as a hero.