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Who sings the original Funkytown song?

If you are a fan of disco music or just someone who loves to dance, chances are that you have heard the catchy tune of “Funkytown”. In case you are not familiar with it, “Funkytown” is a popular disco/funk song that was released in 1980. It enjoyed massive success worldwide, topping the charts in the United States, Canada, Australia, and several European countries. But who is behind this iconic track? In this blog post, we will explore the story behind “Funkytown” and the artist who sang the original version of the song.

The story behind Funkytown

The story of “Funkytown” begins with the formation of a disco/funk band called Lipps Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the late 1970s. The band was fronted by a musician and producer named Steven Greenberg, who had previously worked as a sideman for various local bands.

In 1979, Lipps Inc. released their debut album, Mouth to Mouth, which included “Funkytown” as one of its tracks. The song was written and produced by Steven Greenberg, who also played most of the instruments on the recording.

“Funkytown” became an instant hit upon its release. Its infectious disco beat, catchy melody, and memorable chorus made it a favorite of club-goers and radio listeners alike. The song’s popularity quickly spread beyond the United States, and it soon became an international sensation.

The original artist of Funkytown

The original version of “Funkytown” was performed by Lipps Inc., with lead vocals by Cynthia Johnson. Johnson was a singer from Minneapolis who had previously worked as a member of a local band called Flyte Tyme, which had also featured future music legends Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Although Cynthia Johnson sang the lead vocals on “Funkytown”, she was not a full-time member of Lipps Inc. Greenberg had originally planned to sing the song himself, but he was unhappy with his own vocals and decided to hire Johnson instead.

Despite not being a permanent member of Lipps Inc., Johnson’s performance on “Funkytown” was critical to the song’s success. Her powerful and soulful vocals perfectly complemented the disco beat and helped to make the song a dancefloor classic.

The legacy of Funkytown

Since its release in 1980, “Funkytown” has become one of the most iconic and enduring disco/funk songs of all time. It has been covered and sampled by countless other artists, including Pseudo Echo, Janet Jackson, and Lipps Inc. member Cynthia Johnson herself.

The song’s popularity has also endured in popular culture, with references to “Funkytown” appearing in movies, TV shows, and commercials. Its catchy chorus has even been used as a ringtone for mobile phones.

In conclusion

For disco and funk fans around the world, “Funkytown” remains a favorite dancefloor classic more than 40 years after its original release. The song’s catchy beat, memorable chorus, and the soulful voice of Cynthia Johnson have all contributed to its enduring popularity. Although Lipps Inc. only had a brief run of success as a band, “Funkytown” has ensured that their music will continue to be celebrated for many years to come.


Who remade Funkytown?

“Funkytown” is a popular disco song that was released in 1980. The original version was performed by the band Lipps Inc. Since its release, the song has been covered by numerous artists. One of the most recent covers of “Funkytown” was done by Vincent, who remade the song for the 2015 movie “Minions”.

Vincent is a French artist who gained popularity after participating in the fifth season of the reality show “The Voice France”. His version of “Funkytown” was included in the official soundtrack of the “Minions” movie, which was released in 2015. Vincent’s cover features a modern twist on the classic disco sound and showcases his powerful vocals.

Vincent’s cover of “Funkytown” has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Many have praised his ability to put a modern spin on the classic song while still respecting its disco roots. The song has also helped to make Vincent a successful artist in his own right, as many people who saw the “Minions” movie have become fans of his music.

Vincent is the artist who remade “Funkytown” for the 2015 movie “Minions”. His version of the song has been admired by many for its modern take on the disco classic, and it has helped him to gain popularity and success as an artist.

Where was the song Funkytown recorded?

The iconic song “Funkytown” was recorded in Minneapolis in the United States. Released in 1980, at a time when disco music was slowly fading away, “Funkytown” revived the genre with its electrifying beat and infectious hooks. The song was originally performed by a band called “Lipps Inc,” fronted by Cynthia Johnson. Lipps Inc was formed by Steven Greenberg, who was a music producer and songwriter from Minneapolis. He wrote the song “Funkytown” along with several other band members.

The recording of “Funkytown” took place at Sound 80 Studios in downtown Minneapolis, which was considered one of the top recording studios in the United States at the time. The studio was known for its state-of-the-art equipment, and many iconic albums and songs were recorded there, including Prince’s “Purple Rain” album. The song was recorded using cutting-edge technology of the time, such as the Oberheim synthesizer, which helped in producing the song’s distinctive sound.

“Funkytown” was an instant success and quickly climbed to the top of the music charts. The song’s popularity also helped put Minneapolis on the map as a hotbed of musical talent and innovation. Over the years, “Funkytown” has been covered by many artists in different styles and genres, and it remains a favorite party song to this day.

The song “Funkytown” was recorded in Minneapolis in the Sound 80 Studios, a world-class recording studio known for its innovative techniques and equipment. The song’s success brought fame to Minneapolis and helped revive the dying genre of disco music. Today, “Funkytown” remains a beloved classic that continues to inspire and entertain music lovers around the world.

Who is the original artist of Boys Are Back in Town?

“The Boys Are Back in Town” is a classic rock song that was originally performed by the hard rock band Thin Lizzy. The track was written by the band’s lead vocalist and bassist Phil Lynott and released as a single in 1976. It is considered one of Thin Lizzy’s most popular and recognizable songs, and has been covered by many other artists over the years.

Thin Lizzy was formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 1969. The original lineup consisted of Phil Lynott, Eric Bell on guitar, and Brian Downey on drums. The band gained international success with their seventh studio album, Jailbreak, which featured “The Boys Are Back in Town” as its lead single.

The song has a classic hard rock sound characterized by its catchy guitar riffs, powerful drum beats, and Lynott’s distinctive vocals. The lyrics tell the story of a group of rowdy guys coming back to town, causing chaos and excitement wherever they go.

“The Boys Are Back in Town” was a huge commercial success, reaching No. 8 on the UK singles chart and making it to the top 20 in the US. It is considered one of Thin Lizzy’s signature songs and has become a staple of classic rock radio.

Over the years, numerous other artists have covered “The Boys Are Back in Town,” including Bon Jovi, Metallica, and Everclear. However, Thin Lizzy’s original rendition remains the definitive version, and the song continues to be celebrated by fans of classic rock music worldwide. Its catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals have made it an enduring classic that will undoubtedly continue to be enjoyed by generations of music fans to come.

Who was the creator of modern funk?

Modern funk is a music genre that emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s. While many artists contributed to the development of this genre, one individual is widely recognized as the creator of modern funk, and that is none other than James Brown.

James Brown, also known as “The Godfather of Soul,” revolutionized music in the 1960s by developing a new sound that blended elements of R&B, soul, and jazz with a heavy emphasis on hard-hitting rhythms and danceable beats. He achieved this by incorporating innovative drum patterns, bass lines, and horn arrangements into his music, creating a new genre that would come to be known as funk.

Brown’s contribution to the development of funk music was immense. His 1965 hit “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” is widely considered to be the first true funk song, featuring syncopated rhythms, an insistent drumbeat, and a distinctive horn section. This sound would come to define his music, and he continued to experiment with it throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Brown’s influence on modern funk can be heard in the music of many other funk artists who emerged in the years following his success. Groups like Parliament-Funkadelic, The Meters, and Tower of Power all took Brown’s sound and added their own unique twists to create a new, distinct sound that would come to define modern funk.

In addition to his music, Brown was also a major influence on the African American community at the time, using his platform to advocate for civil rights and social justice issues. He also played a vital role in the development of the Black Power movement and was a vocal advocate for African American pride and self-determination.

James Brown was the creator of modern funk, a genre that would go on to influence countless artists in the decades that followed. His innovative use of rhythm, bass, and horns was revolutionary, and his influence on music and culture cannot be overstated. Brown’s legacy continues to be felt to this day, and his contributions to modern funk will continue to inspire musicians for generations to come.