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Who sang with Miranda Lambert?

Miranda Lambert is a country music superstar known for her powerful vocals, emotionally charged lyrics, and undeniable talent. Over the years, she has collaborated with many other talented artists to create chart-topping hits that have captured the hearts of fans all over the world. In this blog post, we will discuss who sang with Miranda Lambert and some of their most memorable collaborations.

Ashley Monroe

One of the most notable artists to collaborate with Miranda Lambert is Ashley Monroe. The pair have known each other since they were teenagers and have been singing together for years. Monroe has been a frequent collaborator on Lambert’s albums, providing vocals on several of her hit songs, including “Heart Like Mine.”

In addition to their work together on Lambert’s albums, the pair also teamed up to form a side project called Pistol Annies. The group consists of Lambert, Monroe, and Angaleena Presley and has released several successful albums together. Some of their most popular songs include “Hell on Heels,” “Takin’ Pills,” and “Got My Name Changed Back.”

Angaleena Presley

Angaleena Presley is another talented artist who has collaborated with Miranda Lambert. Like Monroe, Presley is a member of Pistol Annies and has worked with Lambert on many of her solo projects. Presley’s unique voice and songwriting skills have made her a valuable asset to Lambert’s music.

Together, Lambert and Presley have created some of the most memorable songs in country music, including “Hush Hush,” “Trailer for Rent,” and “Family Feud.”

Keith Urban

While most of Miranda Lambert’s collaborations have been with female artists, she has also worked with some talented men in the music industry. Keith Urban is one such artist who has collaborated with Lambert. The pair recorded a duet called “We Were Us” in 2013, which quickly became a fan favorite.

The song tells the story of two people reminiscing about their past relationship and wondering where it all went wrong. With Lambert’s powerful vocals and Urban’s signature guitar playing, “We Were Us” is a perfect example of the magic that can happen when two talented artists come together.

Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband, Blake Shelton, is another artist who has collaborated with her on multiple occasions. The pair first met in 2005 at a CMT taping and began dating shortly after. They got married in 2011 but ultimately divorced in 2015.

Despite their romantic history, Lambert and Shelton have continued to work together professionally. They have recorded several duets together, including “God Gave Me You” and “Over You.” Their collaborations have resulted in some of the biggest hits of their careers and have cemented their status as two of country music’s biggest stars.


In conclusion, Miranda Lambert has collaborated with some of the most talented artists in the music industry. From her longtime friend Ashley Monroe to her ex-husband Blake Shelton, Lambert has worked with a variety of artists to create some of the most memorable songs in country music history. Whether she’s singing with other women in Pistol Annies or teaming up with men like Keith Urban, Lambert’s collaborations have always been impressive and showcase her versatility as an artist.


What does Brendan McLoughlin do now?

Brendan McLoughlin is a New York City police officer and has been a member of the force for several years. He first made headlines when it was revealed that he had married country singer Miranda Lambert in a secret ceremony in early 2019. McLoughlin is said to have been working in the vicinity of a Good Morning America performance by Lambert when the two met and eventually fell in love.

Before becoming a police officer, McLoughlin had a career as a model. He also worked as a professional craftsman and has experience in fields like carpentry and masonry. Despite his various prior occupations, McLoughlin has made law enforcement his primary focus and has become a respected member of the NYPD.

While he has not spoken publicly about his life with Lambert, McLoughlin is known to have relocated to Nashville along with his wife in the aftermath of their nuptials. There he has been able to continue working as an officer with the Metro Nashville Police Department, a move that has reportedly been beneficial for both his career and his marriage to Lambert. As to what the future holds for McLoughlin’s career, only time will tell whether he decides to continue working in the force or strikes out in a new direction.

Did Jason Aldean sing a duet with Miranda Lambert?

Yes, Jason Aldean did sing a duet with Miranda Lambert. The two country music stars have collaborated on several occasions throughout their careers. In fact, they toured together quite frequently in the early years of their careers, and shared the stage on many occasions. They even recorded a previous song together, titled “Grown Woman,” off Aldean’s 2007 album, Relentless.

The most notable collaboration between Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert is their hit single “Drowns the Whiskey.” The song was released in 2018 and quickly became a fan-favorite. It’s a powerful duet about drowning out the memories of an ex-lover with alcohol. The emotional depth of the song and the powerful delivery by both Aldean and Lambert make it a standout in both of their respective catalogs.

There’S no denying that Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert have great chemistry when it comes to collaborating on music. Their past collaborations and “Drowns the Whiskey” prove that they are a dynamic duo in the country music world.

Did Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert make a song together?

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were married from 2011 to 2015 and during that time, they collaborated on a couple of songs. However, the songs were not released as duets but rather as individual tracks on their respective albums. The song that they co-wrote together is called “Over You” and it was released in 2012 on Lambert’s album “Four the Record.” The song has a special meaning as it was inspired by the death of Shelton’s older brother, Richie, who passed away in a car accident when he was just 24 years old.

“Over You” is a truly heartfelt and emotional song that showcases the talents of both Shelton and Lambert. It was a massive success upon its release and earned Shelton and Lambert the CMA Award for Song of the Year in 2012. The song’s lyrics are incredibly moving and really showcase the close bond that Shelley and Lambert had during their marriage. Despite their divorce, the song remains a beautiful testament to their time together and their shared passion for music.

Since the release of “Over You,” Shelton and Lambert have not collaborated on any other songs. However, both artists have continued to achieve incredible success in their respective music careers. Shelton has continued to release hit after hit, with most of his recent work falling within the category of country pop. On the other hand, Lambert has explored a variety of genres including country, folk and rock. She has also been a mentor on the TV show “The Voice”, which is where she met her current husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

While Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did collaborate on a song together, it was not released as a duet but rather as a track on Lambert’s album. “Over You” is a stunning song that showcases the best of both Shelley and Lambert’s musical abilities. While their marriage has come to an end, their love for music has continued to bring them both incredible success.

Can Jason Aldean’s wife sing?

Jason Aldean is one of the biggest country music stars in the world, known for hit songs like “Dirt Road Anthem”, “She’s Country”, and “My Kinda Party”. However, many people might not realize that his wife, Brittany (Kerr) Aldean, is also a talented singer. Brittany is a former American Idol contestant and pageant queen, known for her stunning voice and stage presence.

Brittany grew up in North Carolina, where she competed in local pageants and developed an interest in music. After graduating from college, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. In 2010, she auditioned for American Idol, where she impressed the judges with her powerful vocals and stage presence. She was eventually eliminated from the competition, but her time on the show helped to launch her music career.

Since then, Brittany has continued to perform and record music, both on her own and with her husband. In 2017, she released a single called “Jersey on the Wall”, which was inspired by the tragic shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, where Jason was performing. The song received critical acclaim and showcased Brittany’s emotional depth as a performer.

While Jason Aldean might be the more well-known musician in the family, it’s clear that his wife Brittany is also a talent to be reckoned with. Her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics have won her fans all over the world, and it’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her in the music industry.

Who did country singer Kelly Clarkson do duet with?

Country singer and former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has had several successful collaborations throughout her career. However, one of her most iconic duets was with country music legend, Dolly Parton. The two talented women teamed up to perform a stunning rendition of the classic song “Jolene” in 2016.

The performance took place during a special episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, where Dolly Parton was a guest. The duo’s rendition of “Jolene” was nothing short of spectacular, with fans raving about the amazing harmony and chemistry displayed by the two singers.

“Jolene” was originally written and performed by Dolly Parton in 1973 and has since become one of her most popular and recognizable songs. The song tells the story of a woman pleading with Jolene, a stunningly beautiful woman, to stay away from her husband. Given that the song’s melody and lyrics are powerful and emotional, it is no wonder that Clarkson and Parton’s duet gave fans literal goosebumps.

Kelly Clarkson’s duet with Dolly Parton is one of her most memorable collaborations in recent years. The two created magic together, showcasing their amazing vocal abilities and sheer talent. The performance video has garnered millions of views and is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic songs and the magic of true talent.

What song did Miranda Lambert sing on Nashville New Years Eve?

On Nashville’s New Year’s Eve celebration, country music fans were once again treated to a night of fun, entertainment, and memorable performances from top artists in the industry. Among these artists was Miranda Lambert who delivered a spectacular live performance of her latest hit “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)”.

Although Miranda’s duet partner, Elle King, was not present, the country superstar still managed to enthrall the audience with her electrifying performance. As fireworks lit up the night sky, Miranda’s voice echoed through Bicentennial Park, getting everyone in the mood to party.

As Kix Brooks noted during Brooks and Dunn’s set, the song seemed to capture the mood of the evening, with revelers throwing caution to the wind and letting loose. The upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics, and Miranda’s signature twang all came together to create a performance that left a lasting impression on those in attendance.

Miranda’S performance on Nashville’s New Year’s Eve celebration was just one of the many highlights of the night. Fans of the country music genre were treated to a night of great entertainment, making it a night to remember.

Who sang with Jason Aldean?

Jason Aldean is a popular country music singer who has collaborated with many artists over the years. One of his latest collaborations was with Carrie Underwood on the single “If I Didn’t Love You”. The song was released on July 23, 2021, and has been well-received by fans of both artists.

Underwood’s soaring vocals complement Aldean’s smooth country voice in this powerful duet, which tells the story of a couple who are struggling with their relationship. The lyrics are relatable and heartfelt, and the chorus is particularly memorable with its catchy melody and harmonies.

This is not the first time that Aldean and Underwood have worked together. They previously sang a duet on the song “Don’t You Wanna Stay”, which was a huge hit for both of them. The success of that collaboration made fans eager for another duet from the two artists, and “If I Didn’t Love You” does not disappoint.

The collaboration between Aldean and Underwood on “If I Didn’t Love You” is a testament to the power of two great voices coming together. The song is sure to be a favorite among country music fans and demonstrates why both artists are so highly regarded in the genre.