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Who sang Annie’s song in my best friend’s wedding?

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” is one of the most beloved romantic comedies of the 90s. The movie had a lot of memorable moments, but one of the most unforgettable was the rendition of the song “Annie’s Song” in the movie. The song seemed to fit perfectly with the mood of the film and struck a chord with many viewers. In this post, we will answer the question of who sang Annie’s song in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

The Original Version of Annie’s Song

Before we dive into who sang Annie’s Song in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, let’s briefly cover the original version of the song. “Annie’s Song” was written and performed by John Denver. The song was released in 1974 on Denver’s album, “Back Home Again”. It became one of Denver’s most popular and well-known hits and has been covered by several artists since its release.

The song’s lyrics speak of a deep love and admiration for someone else, describing the joy and happiness that comes with being in love. It’s no wonder the song was such a popular choice for weddings in the 70s and beyond.

Who Sang Annie’s Song in My Best Friend’s Wedding?

In the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” the version of “Annie’s Song” that plays during the famous karaoke scene was performed by actor Rupert Everett, who played George down on bended knee in front of Julia Roberts’ character, Julianne. Everett’s version of the song is slowed down, with a more somber and emotional tone compared to the original.

Despite not being a professional singer, Everett’s performance of “Annie’s Song” was widely praised by viewers and helped to make the scene one of the most memorable moments of the film. Everett’s rendition captured the sense of longing and regret that Julianne, the main character, was experiencing throughout the movie.

The Impact of Annie’s Song in My Best Friend’s Wedding

The inclusion of “Annie’s Song” in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” had a profound impact on the film’s reception and legacy. The song’s message of love and devotion, combined with Everett’s passionate performance, made for a powerful moment in the movie. The scene helped to solidify the film’s place as an iconic romantic comedy.

Additionally, the song’s popularity was reinvigorated following the release of the movie. Sales of John Denver’s “Back Home Again” album increased, and Everett’s version of the song was included on the movie’s official soundtrack, which went on to be a commercial success.


In conclusion, “Annie’s Song” has become synonymous with the romantic comedy classic “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. While the original version of the song was written and performed by John Denver, Rupert Everett’s rendition left an indelible impact on the hearts of viewers. It’s a testament to the power of music and how it can help to elevate the emotional resonance of a scene.


Did John Denver write Annie’s song?

Yes, John Denver wrote “Annie’s Song,” which is also known as “Annie’s Song (You Fill Up My Senses).” The song was written and recorded by Denver himself, and it was released as the lead single from his eighth studio album entitled “Back Home Again.” “Annie’s Song” was written as a tribute to Denver’s wife, Annie Martell Denver. The song features Denver’s signature guitar playing and soft vocals, and it quickly became a commercial success. It reached number one on both the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and the Adult Contemporary chart, as well as the British pop charts. The song’s popularity has endured throughout the years, and it has been covered by several artists in different genres. The touching lyrics of the song, along with its gentle melody, helped to solidify John Denver’s place in popular music history, and it remains one of his most beloved and enduring compositions.

Who has recorded Polk Salad Annie?

“Polk Salad Annie” is a song written by Tony Joe White in 1968. The song is considered as a blues and rock n roll classic, and has been recorded by various artists over the years. The song tells the story about a girl named Polk Salad Annie from Louisiana who makes her living picking and selling the polk salad weeds.

The song has been performed by several artists, but the two most popular versions are recorded by Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. Elvis recorded the song live in 1970, and it became a hit for him. The song was later featured on various Elvis compilation albums.

Tom Jones also recorded the song in 1969. His version of the song was much different from Elvis’s version, as it had a more soulful, R&B flavor. Tom Jones’s version of the song became a hit in the UK and reached the Top 20 on the UK charts.

Apart from Elvis and Tom Jones, several other artists have covered the song, including Brook Benton, Johnny Hallyday, and Hank Williams Jr. One notable version was by Elvis Costello, who recorded the song as a tribute to Tony Joe White after his death in 2018. It featured Tony Joe White’s guitar playing and was included in Costello’s album Look Now.

“Polk Salad Annie” is a widely recognized and appreciated song that has been recorded by several artists over the years. However, the versions by Elvis Presley and Tom Jones are considered to be the most popular and iconic.

Is Annie’s song suitable for a funeral?

The choice of music for a funeral is something that can be very personal and meaningful. Some people prefer traditional funeral music, whereas others may opt for a more contemporary choice. “Annie’s Song,” a popular classic by John Denver, is a song that is often heard at weddings. However, due to its themes of love and devotion, some may also consider it appropriate for a funeral.

“Annie’s Song” is a beautiful and heartfelt love song that speaks of a couple’s deep connection and unconditional love for each other. Although the song was specifically written for John Denver’s wife, many have interpreted it to be a tribute to love in general. The lyrics include phrases such as “You fill up my senses like a night in the forest,” and “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.” These expressions of love and tenderness could be a comforting message for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Choosing a song like “Annie’s Song” for a funeral can be particularly fitting if the deceased had a great love for music, or if the lyrics or melody hold a special significance to the individual or loved ones. It is important, however, to consider the lyrics and whether they truly reflect the personality and life of the person being honored. It may be helpful to opt for a different version of the song that is more subdued and solemn to fit the funeral atmosphere.

The suitability of a song for a funeral lies in personal preferences and the wishes of the grieving family. While “Annie’s Song” may not be considered a traditional funeral song, it can certainly evoke feelings of comfort and love for those who choose it as part of their funeral service.