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Who punched Heather in the eye?

The world of reality TV is no stranger to controversies, and the latest addition to the list comes from the popular Netflix show “Selling Sunset.” The show follows the glamorous lives of real estate agents working at the Oppenheim Group, a high-end brokerage firm in Los Angeles. In season 3 of the show, the audiences were left puzzled when Heather Rae Young showed up with a black eye, and speculation was rife about who punched Heather in the eye.

The Mystery of Heather’s Black Eye

Heather Rae Young shocked viewers when she appeared on the show with a black eye, and the reason behind it was not immediately clear. However, things took a surprising turn when the co-star of the show, Chrishell Stause, took to Twitter to announce that she knew who was behind it. Chrishell tweeted, “I know who did this to @HeatherRaeYoung and it’s absolutely disgusting. I will not stand for this. It’s not about the show, it’s about how you treat people.”

Soon after, rumors started circulating online about who was responsible for the black eye. Speculations ranged from physical altercations during filming to personal conflicts outside of work, leaving the fans of the show intrigued and desperate for answers.

Jen’s Possible Involvement

One theory that kept cropping up was that Jen, one of the co-stars of the show, was responsible for the black eye. Angie, another co-star on the show, fueled the rumors by speculating at Heather’s season finale book cover reveal party that Jen gave Heather a black eye while doing “Barbie scissor kicks” in her hotel room.

However, both Jen and Heather denied the rumors and maintained that the two were good friends. Jen took to her Instagram account to share a video of the two of them goofing around, refuting the speculations of her involvement. Heather also defended Jen, saying that the rumors were untrue, and that Jen was one of her closest friends.

Other Suspects

Along with Jen, another co-star of the show, Davina, was also speculated to be the culprit. Davina has had a history of conflicts with Heather, and many fans pointed towards that as a possible motive behind the attack.

In addition, Heather’s ex-boyfriend, former NFL player and now commentator, Tarek El Moussa, was also thought to be involved in the attack. However, both Heather and Tarek denied the rumors and maintained that the two were still on good terms.

The Aftermath

The mystery behind Heather’s black eye may never be fully solved, but the incident has created a ripple effect on the show and the lives of its cast members. The rumors and speculations have caused tensions between the co-stars, and the incident has become a hot topic among fans of the show.

Some viewers have even turned to social media to express their disappointment and anger, criticizing the show for not addressing the incident properly or for allegedly trying to cover it up. Meanwhile, others have expressed concern for Heather’s well-being and questioned the lack of accountability for the alleged attacker.


The revelation of Heather’s black eye on “Selling Sunset” has undoubtedly stirred up a frenzy among fans of the show. Despite numerous rumors and speculations, the true identity of the alleged attacker remains a mystery. However, the incident has raised important questions about accountability and respect in the workplace and among co-workers. Ultimately, the incident serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of gossip, rumors, and speculation in the world of reality TV.


How did Heather get a black eye spoiler?

During the first season of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” viewers noticed that Heather Gay had a black eye. In one of the recent reunion episodes, Heather finally revealed the story behind the injury. She initially hesitated to share her version of the story, but eventually opened up to her co-stars and explained that she was too drunk to remember exactly how she got the black eye.

Heather revealed that she went to a party with a friend and had a little too much to drink. She said that she remembers getting into an altercation with a woman at the party, but can’t recall any specifics about what happened next. She woke up the next day with a black eye, and was shocked to see herself in the mirror. According to Heather, her friend who was with her that night told her that she fell off a chair, but Heather doesn’t remember that happening.

Heather’s co-stars were understandably surprised by her revelation, and pressed her for more details. Some of them seemed skeptical that she couldn’t remember what happened, while others expressed sympathy for her situation. Regardless of their reactions, Heather’s honesty and vulnerability during the reunion shows that she is willing to share some of the more difficult personal moments in her life with her castmates and viewers alike.

Heather Gay got a black eye because she was too drunk to remember how it happened. While she remembers getting into an altercation with someone at a party, she can’t recall any specifics about the events that led to her injury. Despite the skepticism of some of her co-stars, Heather’s transparency about her situation shows a willingness to be honest and vulnerable with the people around her.

Does Heather get caught?

Yes, Heather eventually gets caught. In the book or movie where this question arises, the story might have taken a suspenseful turn as Heather attempts to hide from the police or avoid getting caught. However, in the end, the cops arrive and Heather turns herself in.

The circumstances that lead to Heather’s capture may vary depending on the plot. For example, if this question arises from a murder mystery, the police might have found evidence that links Heather to the crime. On the other hand, if it’s a heist movie, Heather might have slipped up and left incriminating evidence behind.

In any case, it becomes clear that the law is closing in on Heather. Felicia, her accomplice or friend, might try to protect her by creating a diversion or distracting the police. However, the police are trained to be vigilant and eventually, they might track Heather down.

When the police finally arrive at the scene where Heather is hiding, there might be a moment of tension as she realizes that she’s been found out. Alternatively, Heather might have been planning to turn herself in all along, and she calmly surrenders to the police without putting up a fight.

In some cases, Heather’s capture might lead to an unexpected plot twist. For example, if she had an accomplice, the police might use Heather’s arrest as leverage to get the other person to confess. Furthermore, Heather might make a deal with the police to reduce her sentence by providing useful information or revealing the motive behind her actions.

While the circumstances may vary, the answer is typically yes, Heather does get caught in the end. The process leading up to her capture might be suspenseful, but ultimately, justice is served.

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