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Who made Princess Grace wedding dress?

Grace Kelly, the famous American actress, and Princess of Monaco married her prince charming Prince Rainier III in April 1956. Her wedding gown is considered a legendary piece of design that has inspired many brides-to-be since then. The wedding dress that she wore was a sophisticated creation that suited her elegant style, her personality and her corporate elegance flawlessly. The designer of the dress is an essential part of the conversations that revolve around the memories of her iconic wedding day. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look at who made Princess Grace’s wedding dress and shed some light on details related to the design itself.

Who Made Princess Grace’s Wedding Dress?

The dress that Grace Kelly wore on her wedding day was a gift from her film studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which had negotiated Kelly’s release from her contract to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco. MGM secured her freedom in exchange for the promise that she would return to the screens after her wedding to complete three more films. MGM’s head of wardrobe, Helen Rose, designed the dress for her as a thank you gift.

Helen Rose, the American, Academy Award-winning costume designer, was a prominent name in the entertainment industry in the 1950s. She had designed costumes for some of MGM’s most popular musicals such as “Annie Get Your Gun” and “Show Boat.” Her relationship with Grace Kelly goes back to 1953 when Rose designed the actress’s costumes for her film “Mogambo”. The two women became close friends, and when Rose heard about Kelly’s engagement to Prince Rainier III, she took responsibility for creating the bride’s dress.

Rose had only six weeks to design and execute the wedding gown. In those times, there were no smartphones to exchange ideas or email to transmit designs back and forth. The dress had to be finished in time for Kelly and Rose’s trip to Monaco, so the design had to be perfect from the start. Luckily, Grace Kelly and Helen Rose shared an affinity for the same type of style.

The Design of Princess Grace’s Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly’s wedding gown was a bespoke creation that showcased Kelly’s exceptional grace, elegance and poise. The dress was a high-neck, long-sleeved lace gown that featured thousands of hand-sewn pearls and was cinched at the waist with a delicate belt of rose point lace. The adornment on the dress was exquisite, and every inch of the bridal gown was carefully thought out to highlight Kelly’s posture.

The lace used in the dress, Tulle de Soie, was over a century old and was cut and embroidered with ivory silk thread. The bishop-style sleeves were trimmed with six inches of rose point lace, and the bodice was adorned with floral patterns, accented with pearls imported from Japan. The dress’s full skirt, which had three petticoats, was made in a heavier silk faille with a smooth finish that allowed it to fall easily into a long train.

The iconic bridal veil, which was also made by Helen Rose, was made entirely of antique Brussels lace, which was rarely used in wedding veils at the time. The veil was approximately 90 inches long and 45 inches wide, and it was attached to a Juliet cap made of lace and seed pearls.


Grace Kelly’s wedding gown was a pioneering creation that epitomized the elegance and sophistication of the actress-turned-princess. The gown was simply magnificent, and it reflected the beauty that Grace Kelly embodied. With its intricate embroidery, delicate lace, and exquisite pearls, the dress was perfect for the occasion, and Helen Rose’s unmatched craftsmanship brought it to life. The dress became an iconic piece of fashion that signified the grandeur of the occasion and the elegance of the bride. Princess Grace’s wedding dress is a true masterpiece and a testament to the creativity and talent of Helen Rose.


How much did Kate Middleton pay for her wedding dress?

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was a much-talked-about topic not only during the wedding but also after it. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and was an ultra-elegant lace gown with a V-neckline, long lace sleeves, and a long train. The dress was undoubtedly one of the highlight points of the entire wedding, but have you ever wondered how much it cost?

According to reports, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress cost an astounding £250,000. The dress was made with high-quality, custom-made materials, with a design that required excellent skill to implement. The intricate details of the gown included appliquéd lace designs handmade by the Royal School of Needlework, providing the dress with a unique touch that would set it apart from any other wedding dress.

The dress had a beautiful veil made of silk tulle, which is embroidered with delicate flowers, and it was held in place by a Cartier “Halo” tiara lent to her by Queen Elizabeth II. The dress was a beautiful representation of British culture, history, and fashion. The delicate balance of traditional and modern elements in the dress was appreciated by many, as it captured the essence of modern royal style.

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was a masterpiece that cost a considerable amount of money but was worth every penny. It was an iconic piece of fashion that would long be remembered in the pages of history books for years to come. The dress was undoubtedly one of the most significant highlights of the 2011 royal wedding, with its intricate design and exquisite details, including the hand-cut and appliquéd laces that bordered the underskirt of the dress.

Who paid for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress?

Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex, is a former actress and a member of the British royal family. Her marriage to Prince Harry, the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, was one of the most anticipated events of 2018. The royal wedding was watched by millions of people around the world, and one of the highlights of the event was undeniably Meghan’s stunning wedding dress.

Meghan’s wedding dress was designed by Clare Waight Keller, the artistic director of Givenchy. The dress featured a simple, yet elegant design, with a boat neck, long sleeves, and a flowing train that extended over 16 feet long. The dress was made of a luxurious silk fabric, and the intricate embroidery on the veil took hundreds of hours to complete. The overall cost of the dress is estimated to have been £110,000.

Now, the question remains, who paid for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress? The answer is quite simple. The Duchess of Sussex paid for the dress herself. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of the dress was not covered by taxpayers’ money or the British royal family’s funds. As an independent woman with a successful career in her own right, Meghan wanted to pay for her dress as a personal tribute to the new royal family she was joining.

Meghan Markle’s stunning wedding dress was a significant highlight of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal wedding ceremony. Designed by Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller, the Duchess paid for the dress herself. Meghan’s elegant choice of dress will forever be remembered as an iconic moment in royal history.