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Who is Wednesday in love with?

Wednesday Addams, the beloved goth and central character from “The Addams Family” has captured the hearts of many with her unique and unconventional personality. Her love life has always been a topic of curiosity among the fans, with many wondering who she is in love with. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at her romantic journey and explore the question of who Wednesday Addams is in love with.

Wednesday’s Childhood Crush

The first love interest we see in Wednesday’s life is Joel Glicker, a boy from her summer camp. We see her develop a crush on him in “Addams Family Values” and witness a humorous courtship that ultimately ends when Joel’s head is turned by another girl in the camp. Although this crush is short-lived, it highlights Wednesday’s innocence and vulnerability when it comes to love.

The Boy Who Shared Her Love of Death

Fast forward to the present, and we see Wednesday attending Nevermore Academy with her new love interest, Lucas. Lucas is another goth student who shares her love of death and the macabre. They bond over their mutual interest in the supernatural, and we see them growing closer as they join forces to solve a mystery at the Academy.

As the story progresses, we see Lucas expressing his interest in Wednesday and asking her to be his girlfriend. This is a significant moment for Wednesday as it is the first time she has faced the possibility of a serious romantic relationship. However, she ultimately decides to reject his proposal as she is not ready for a committed relationship and values her independence.

The Coffee Shop Encounter

Wednesday’s romantic journey takes another turn when she meets Tyler Galpin, another love interest, at a coffee shop in Jericho. She had escaped her therapy session at Nevermore and was looking for a way to avoid returning. Tyler offers to help her leave town, and they bond over their love of horror movies.

Tyler is different from the other love interests in that he is not a goth like Wednesday. Instead, he is a more traditional guy-next-door type of character. However, they quickly develop a powerful connection that leads to a passionate, spontaneous kiss in the street. This moment shows us a more impulsive and reckless side of Wednesday that contrasts with her usual composed and thoughtful demeanor.

The Final Decision

The love triangle between Lucas, Tyler, and Wednesday culminates in a dramatic scene during the Nevermore Academy’s prom. Lucas and Tyler both express their love for Wednesday, and she is left with a difficult decision. We see her weighing the pros and cons of each relationship, ultimately choosing Tyler. Her decision is based on her desire for adventure, spontaneity, and a change from her usual routine. This is a significant moment for Wednesday as she takes control of her romantic future and decides what she wants for herself.


In conclusion, Wednesday Addams has had a complex and fascinating romantic journey that has captivated audiences for years. From her childhood crush to her mature decision to choose Tyler, we see her grow and mature as a character. We have seen her vulnerability, impulsiveness, and ultimately her strength in making choices that are true to herself. Regardless of her choice in love partners, Wednesday’s independence, wit, and unconventional personality will always be her most attractive and captivating traits.


Who does Wednesday love Tyler or Xavier?

In the series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” Wednesday, also known as Susie Putnam, is a close friend of Sabrina Spellman. Throughout the show, there is no indication that Wednesday is romantically interested in either Tyler or Xavier.

While Tyler and Wednesday share a special bond, their friendship never indicates any romantic attraction between them. In fact, Tyler is drawn to Sabrina, while Wednesday primarily focuses on her own issues with bullying at Baxter High.

On the other hand, Xavier is a character whom Wednesday interacts with on multiple occasions. They bond over their shared love for theater, and Xavier even helps Wednesday build her own stage production, “The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar.” However, Wednesday’s interactions with Xavier are predominantly platonic, and it is evident that she has no romantic interest in him.

In fact, for most of her encounters with him, Wednesday believed Xavier was the Hyde, a sinister persona that previously possessed Harvey. Wednesday was rather wary of Xavier and was cautious in her interactions with him. She initially believed that he had ulterior motives, and even though she eventually learned that he was not the Hyde, her relationship with him did not progress beyond a casual acquaintance.

Therefore, in conclusion, Wednesday was never romantically interested in either Tyler or Xavier. Even chances of a friendship between the two characters became remote once she began to suspect Xavier was the monster.

Who did Tyler in Wednesday marry?

Hunter Doohan, the out actor who played the role of Tyler Galpin on the popular Netflix show “Wednesday,” has tied the knot with his partner Fielder Jewett. The marriage took place earlier this year and was a private affair. Hunter and Fielder have been together for a few years now, and they got engaged last year. The couple has been very supportive of each other, with Hunter often posting pictures of them together on social media.

Fielder Jewett, Hunter’s husband, is a prominent movie producer who has worked on several popular movies like “The Mountain Between Us,” “First Reformed,” and “If Beale Street Could Talk.” He is known for his unique storytelling skills and his ability to bring out the best in actors. His passion for films is what drew him to Hunter, who is also an accomplished actor.

Hunter and Fielder’s wedding was a happy occasion that was attended by close friends and family members. The couple looked stunning in their matching suits, and their love for each other was evident in every photograph. Hunter’s fans were delighted to see their favorite actor starting a new chapter in his life, and congratulatory messages poured in from all corners of the world.

Hunter Doohan, who played Tyler Galpin on “Wednesday,” is now happily married to Fielder Jewett. The couple’s love story is a beautiful example of how true love can conquer all obstacles. The two of them have been an inspiration for many, and their wedding was a joyous occasion that will be remembered by all who were present.

Did Wednesday end up with Xavier or Tyler?

Wednesday is one of the most fascinating and complex characters in the Addams Family universe, and Netflix’s recent series, simply titled “Wednesday”, only adds to the intrigue surrounding her. The show, which premiered on September 22, 2021, focuses on Wednesday’s teenage years and explores some of the events and relationships that helped shape her into the person she becomes.

One of the main questions that many fans of the show have been asking is whether Wednesday ends up with Xavier or Tyler. Xavier is a student at Nevermore Academy, where Wednesday is attending school, and Tyler is a local police officer who takes an interest in her. Both of these characters represent very different paths that Wednesday could take as she navigates her way through adolescence and into adulthood.

However, despite what many viewers may have expected or hoped for based on the show’s early episodes, Wednesday does not end up with Xavier in season 1 of the series. While there is certainly chemistry between the two characters, and the show seems to be setting up a potential love triangle between Wednesday, Xavier, and her classmate Yoko, the relationship between Wednesday and Xavier ultimately does not progress beyond a close friendship.

Tyler, on the other hand, does seem to have some romantic interest in Wednesday throughout the show’s first season. However, even this relationship remains somewhat unresolved by the end of the season, leaving many fans wondering whether they will see more of Tyler in future episodes of the series.

What makes Wednesday such a fascinating character is not who she ends up with romantically, but the way that she approaches the world around her and the people she encounters. Despite the many challenges that she faces, both as a member of the Addams Family and as a teenage girl trying to find her place in the world, Wednesday remains fiercely independent and true to herself. While she may develop close relationships with certain individuals, such as her roommate and new best friend, Melody, Wednesday’s journey is ultimately about her own personal growth and discovery.