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Who is the gay K-pop idol?

The world of K-pop has always been a fascinating and interesting one, known for its vibrancy, creativity, and electric energy. However, one aspect that has always been shrouded in mystery and confusion is the sexuality of the idols themselves. In recent years, there has been a growing debate about the existence of gay K-pop idols, with fans and critics alike wondering if any of them have ever come out publicly. The purpose of this blog post is to explore this topic in greater detail, looking at the evidence and speculations surrounding the identity of the gay K-pop idol.

Who is the gay K-pop idol?

There has been much speculation and rumors about whether or not there are any openly gay K-pop idols in the industry. While there are no official statements regarding this topic, there have been instances where idols have dropped hints about their sexuality.

One K-pop idol who has long been the subject of rumors regarding their sexuality is H.O.T member Moon Hee-jun. Moon has been the topic of many gossip columns and online discussions, with fans speculating that he is gay. These rumors were further fueled by a 2005 interview where Moon stated that he wasn’t interested in women at the time and that he had never dated anyone.

Another K-pop idol who has been the subject of similar rumors is MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. Lee was once quoted as saying that he has no interest in women, which was seen as a hint to his sexuality. Lee has since gone on to clarify his statement, saying that he meant he was not interested in dating anyone at the time.

In a more recent example, JYP Entertainment’s Stray Kids member Lee Know aka Minho came under fire when a photo of him holding hands with another male idol surfaced online. The photo caused a stir on social media, with fans speculating that the two had a romantic relationship. However, both Lee Know and the other idol denied the rumors, claiming that they were just good friends.

One thing to note is that being openly gay in South Korea is not widely accepted and can result in discrimination or backlash. As such, if any idols are gay, it’s unlikely that they would come out publicly.

The Impact of Rumors on K-Pop Idols

While there is no concrete evidence that any K-pop idol is gay, the impact of rumors on idols cannot be overlooked. Being the subject of gossip can cause severe damage to an idols’ career, with fans becoming disillusioned and companies cutting ties. In extreme cases, idols have been forced to quit the industry due to the pressure and harassment they face.

One of the most high-profile cases of this was when former K-pop idol and member of H.O.T, Tony An, revealed that he was dating a non-celebrity. The news caused a scandal, with fans and the media hounding An about his relationship. The harassment and backlash would eventually lead to An taking a three-year hiatus from the industry.

Similarly, Seventeen member, Mingyu, became involved in a rumor regarding his sexual orientation in 2020. The rumor caused a massive uproar, with fans and anti-fans alike attacking Mingyu on social media. Despite the fact that the rumor was eventually proven false, the impact on Mingyu’s mental health was severe, and he was forced to take a break from the band’s activities.


In conclusion, the question of whether or not there are any openly gay K-pop idols remains unanswered. While there have been instances where idols have hinted at their sexuality, it is unlikely that they will come out publicly due to the stigma and discrimination faced by the LGBTQ+ community in South Korea. Additionally, the impact of rumors on idols can be significant and should be taken seriously.

As fans and supporters of the K-pop industry, it is vital that we respect the privacy and autonomy of the idols we admire. We must refrain from spreading rumors or speculating about an idol’s sexuality, as this could lead to untold harm. Instead, let us focus on appreciating the amazing talent and creativity of these idols and the industry they represent.


Which K-pop idol is dating?

The K-pop industry is known for having strict rules regarding dating and romantic relationships between idols. However, from time to time, rumors and speculations emerge about K-pop idols who might be secretly dating. One such recent rumor is about Joy from the girl group Red Velvet and Crush, a popular solo artist in Korea.

In August 2021, Sports Chosun, a well-known South Korean news outlet, reported that Joy and Crush were in a romantic relationship. The report stated that the two idols had developed feelings for each other while working on music projects together, and their friendship had slowly turned into something more.

Despite the news causing a stir in the K-pop community, Joy and Crush confirmed their relationship shortly after the news broke. The duo wrote handwritten letters to their fans and followers, expressing their emotions and acknowledging the news of their relationship.

Joy thanked her fans for their support and love while acknowledging the news of her relationship. She also stated that she would continue to work hard as a member of Red Velvet to bring her fans the best performances and music.

On the other hand, Crush wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans, apologizing for causing a commotion and thanking them for their continuous support. He also acknowledged his relationship with Joy and expressed his happiness about the same.

While dating in the K-pop industry is still considered a controversial topic, seeing idols like Joy and Crush express their genuine feelings and make their relationship public can pave the way for more acceptance and understanding regarding romantic relationships in the industry.

What was Korea’s first gay show?

South Korea is known for its conservative attitude towards LGBTQ+ rights, but the country is slowly starting to change. One of the positive steps towards normalization of the LGBTQ+ community is the premiere of the first gay show named “Merry Queer” and “His Man” on the streaming platform called Wavve.

The Korean entertainment industry has been reluctant to feature LGBTQ+ characters and topics due to the fear of backlash and controversy. Before the premiere of these reality shows, there was almost no representation for the LGBTQ+ community in Korean mainstream media. Therefore, the premiere of “Merry Queer” and “His Man” is an encouraging step for LGBTQ+ representation in Korean media.

“Merry Queer” is a reality show that follows the stories of six participants who identify as queer. The show covers various topics such as coming out experiences, dating, and family acceptance. The show aims to break the taboo and create a discourse on LGBTQ+ rights in Korea. “His Man” is another reality show that follows two men on their journey to find love with each other. The show tackles the issue of homophobia and is the first ever Korean reality show to feature a same-sex couple as the main focus.

These shows are expected to increase awareness of LGBTQ+ rights in Korea and promote acceptance of diversity in the country. However, it is important to note that there has been some backlash from conservative communities in Korea. The premiere of the shows prompted a petition demanding the cancelation of the show, citing that they promote “deviant” and “immoral” behavior. Despite the opposition, the shows’ impact on the viewers and their positive reception shows progress towards more inclusive attitudes in Korea.

The premiere of “Merry Queer” and “His Man” is a milestone for the LGBTQ+ community in South Korea and signals brighter days ahead. These shows hope to contribute to the normalization of LGBTQ+ rights in the country and change public attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community.