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Who is the dancer in Keith Urban’s The Fighter?

Keith Urban’s “The Fighter” is a romantic anthem that features some stunning choreography. In the music video, the dancers Lindsay Richardson and Lyle Beniga can be seen moving gracefully to the music alongside Urban and co-singer Carrie Underwood. As fans of Urban know, he is deeply committed to his music, and the dancer in “The Fighter” is a vital component in the video that perfectly brings out the essence of the song.

So who is the dancer in Keith Urban’s “The Fighter,” and what’s their story? In this blog post, we will explore the backgrounds of Lindsay Richardson and Lyle Beniga and how they got involved with Keith Urban’s music video.

Lindsay Richardson

Lindsay Richardson is a veteran dancer and choreographer who got involved with the music and entertainment industry early on in her career. Richardson began dancing at the ripe age of three and was an avid participant in various dance competitions. It was at a dance convention where she was spotted by an agent who urged her to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Lindsay’s move to Los Angeles proved to be the turning point in her career. She began training under Debbie Allen, who is a popular choreographer in the industry. Under Allen’s guidance, Richardson quickly caught the attention of influential figures in the industry and was soon booked for high-profile gigs, including a tour with Chris Brown.

In the years that followed, Richardson continued to make an impact and worked with several renowned artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, and of course, Keith Urban. In “The Fighter,” Richardson’s talent and grace are on display, and her dance moves beautifully complement Urban and Underwood’s duet.

Lyle Beniga

Lyle Beniga is a seasoned dancer and choreographer with a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. Unlike Richardson, Beniga discovered his passion for dance later in life but quickly rose to prominence due to his undeniable talent. He started his career after moving to Los Angeles to pursue dance, where he was quickly picked up by a talent agency.

Beniga’s first break came when he was picked to tour with Janet Jackson, which paved the way for several other high-profile dancing gigs. He was even invited to work with Michael Jackson, who recognized his talent as a performer.

Over the years, Beniga has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Jennifer Lopez. He is known for his unique style that combines elements of hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance.

It was this style that caught Keith Urban’s attention. In “The Fighter” music video, Lyle Beniga pairs his slick dance moves with the upbeat tempo of “The Fighter” to deliver a visually stunning performance that perfectly complements Urban and Underwood’s vocals.


“The Fighter” music video perfectly captures the spirit of the song through the stunning choreography of Lindsay Richardson and Lyle Beniga. Their talent brings the music to life and elevates the music video to a level that showcases the beauty of dance. The next time you watch the “The Fighter” music video, take a moment to appreciate the skill and expertise of these talented dancers.