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Who is supposed to plan the engagement party?

An engagement party is a pre-wedding ceremony, which marks a couple’s recent engagement. This party’s main aim is to bring together friends and families of the couple to celebrate their forthcoming marriage. The fact that this is the first official wedding event makes people question, “who is responsible for organizing this ceremony?” This blog post explores who is responsible for planning the engagement party.

Traditionally, engagement parties were hosted by the bride’s parents.

In the past, engagement parties were usually organized by the bride’s parents. The bride’s parents would invite family members and close friends to celebrate their daughter’s engagement. This was a time for the parents of the bride to introduce their future son-in-law to their family and friends. Additionally, the engagement party would provide an opportunity for the groom’s family to meet the bride’s family.

The bride’s parents were also responsible for handling the costs of the engagement party. This included party planning, location selection, invitations, food, and drinks. They would plan the party according to their preferences and budget.

Friends of the bride and groom might want to host the engagement party

As society has evolved, the idea of who is responsible for planning an engagement party has changed too. It is becoming increasingly common for friends of the bride and groom to host the engagement party. Friends might choose to do this for many reasons, such as their desire to be involved with wedding planning, their gratitude towards the couple, or as a way to help alleviate the financial burden from the bride’s parents.

In some instances, the couple may want to organize the engagement party themselves. They may have a particular vision for this event and want to take charge of planning. This shift in responsibility is why there is no hard and fast rule about who should host an engagement party.

Multiples Parties can be planned

While it is not obligatory to plan an engagement party, many couples prefer to host a party, either on their terms or their parents’. They may choose to have one party or several ones.

Typically, the first party is organized by the bride’s parents for family and friends close to the bride’s family. The couple might also choose to have separate parties to celebrate with friends and family members separately. It is also common to have multiple engagement parties because the couple’s friends and family might not all know each other.

The couple or any of their relatives might also wish to host a special party for extended family members who didn’t attend the first party. This gives the couple an opportunity to engage with family members who could not attend the first event and consider it a part of their engagement celebration.


In conclusion, who is responsible for planning an engagement party? The answer is that it depends on the couple’s preference and the culture. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are responsible for the engagement party, but the host can be anyone, including the couple or the groom’s parents. The goal of organizing this pre-wedding event is to celebrate the couple’s forthcoming marriage and create an opportunity for family and friends to meet and engage with each other. Regardless of who hosts it, the engagement party is an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to share in the joy of the engaged couple.


How long after getting engaged do you have an engagement party?

Getting engaged is an exciting moment in every couple’s journey, and with the engagement comes the anticipation of planning the next big event – the engagement party. While there is no rule that dictates when to have an engagement party, it is best to take some time to bask in the happiness and excitement of the engagement before diving into party planning.

According to traditional etiquette, planning your party two to four months after the proposal is standard. This time frame allows you and your partner to relish in your newly engaged life while still getting serious about planning your big day. It also gives you enough time to decide on a date, guest list, venue, and all other necessary details.

However, it’s important to note that this timeline can vary depending on your individual preferences and circumstances. Some couples choose to have a more extended engagement and wait a bit longer to celebrate with friends and family, while others opt to have a more intimate celebration with close friends and family within weeks of getting engaged.

The decision to have an engagement party and when to have it rests with the couple. It’s important to remember that this is a joyful occasion and to take the time to celebrate in a way that feels authentic and true to your relationship. So, take your time, enjoy the engagement, and plan the party when it feels right for you.