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Who is Love, Victor’s love interest?

Love, Victor is a popular teen drama series on Hulu that premiered in 2020. The show follows the story of Victor Salazar, a high school student who moves to Atlanta and struggles with his sexual orientation. As he navigates his way through this new environment, he begins to develop feelings for one of his classmates. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Victor’s love interest and explore the impact of their relationship on the show.

Who is Benji Campbell?

Benji Campbell is Victor’s love interest in Love, Victor, and an essential character in the show. He is portrayed by George Sear, an English actor known for his roles in The Bill, Will, and Eve. Benji is a gay student at Creekwood High School, where Victor enrolls after his family moves to Atlanta. He is the lead singer of a band called Sticky Beaks and is known for his kind-heart, intelligence, and humor.

As Victor becomes more accepting of his feelings for Benji, the two spend more time together, and their relationship blossoms. Benji is patient, understanding, and supportive of Victor, helping him come out to his friends and family. He is a loving and caring boyfriend who encourages Victor to be his true self and pursue his dreams.

The Significance of Benji’s Character

Benji’s character is an essential element in Love, Victor, as he represents the other side of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Victor, who had doubts about his sexuality and faced many challenges before accepting himself, finds support and guidance in Benji. His character offers a positive representation of a gay person, which is not usually portrayed in mainstream media.

Benji’s character is also significant because of how it challenges traditional representations of sexuality and masculinity. He is assertive, intelligent, and confident, defying the stereotypes that society often places on LGBTQ+ individuals. His character is a positive example of how diverse and nuanced representation can be in the media.

The Impact of Benji and Victor’s Relationship

The relationship between Benji and Victor has a significant impact on the show’s narrative. Their relationship is a central element of the series, with the plot revolving around their journey towards accepting themselves and their love for each other. The show explores the challenges and triumphs that come with being in a gay relationship and emphasizes the importance of acceptance and support.

Their relationship also challenges societal norms and expectations surrounding same-sex relationships. By normalizing and highlighting the complexities of a gay relationship, the show provides a new perspective on how romance can be portrayed in the media. Their relationship emphasizes the importance of love and connection over gender and sexuality, promoting an inclusive and accepting message.


In conclusion, Benji Campbell is an essential character in Love, Victor and Victor’s love interest. His character offers positive representation of a gay individual and challenges stereotypical representations of masculinity and sexuality. His and Victor’s relationship is a central element of the show, highlighting the challenges and triumphs that come with being in a gay relationship. Their relationship emphasizes the importance of acceptance and support and promotes an inclusive and accepting message. Overall, Benji’s character and his relationship with Victor make Love, Victor an essential addition to LGBTQ+ representation in the media.


Who does Mia end up with in Love, Victor?

In the second season of “Love, Victor”, we see Mia facing a tough decision when her family announces that they will be moving to Houston. As she prepares to leave Atlanta and her friends behind, she has to come to terms with how her relationships will change.

Throughout the season, we see Mia grappling with her feelings for Victor and Andrew. Victor had broken up with her in the previous season, but there were still unresolved feelings between them. Meanwhile, Andrew had been a loyal and supportive friend, always there for her when she needed someone to talk to.

As the season progressed, Mia found herself growing closer to Andrew. They shared late-night conversations and had fun together at the Winter Carnival. Andrew was always there for her, never judging or pushing her to make a decision about her future.

In the final episode, Mia announced to Victor and the rest of the group that they better enjoy the Winter Carnival, because it would likely be the last time they were all together for a while. Everyone was sad that Mia was moving, but her mind was made up. Thankfully, she had Andrew by her side, as loving and loyal as ever.

It was clear that Mia had chosen Andrew and that they would give their relationship a chance. It was a bittersweet moment as the group said their goodbyes, but there was a sense of hope for Mia and Andrew’s future together. Their relationship had started as a friendship, but it had grown into something more meaningful and romantic over time.

Mia ended up with Andrew in “Love, Victor”. While she had feelings for Victor, she ultimately chose Andrew because he had been a constant in her life and had been there for her during a difficult time. Their relationship was a testament to the power of friendship, and it was clear that they had a bright future ahead of them.

Does victor choose benji or nick?

In the second season of Love, Victor, the titular character is confronted with the difficult decision of choosing between two romantic interests: Benji and Nick. While Victor has been in a committed relationship with Benji for some time, he still had feelings for Nick, his former classmate.

Throughout the season, Victor struggles to navigate his emotions and reconcile his feelings for both Benji and Nick. Despite his deep love for Benji, he can’t help but be drawn to Nick’s easygoing charisma and sense of humor. However, Victor soon comes to realize that Nick may not be the best romantic match for him, and he begins to question whether he’s ready to commit to a relationship with him.

Victor chooses to stay with Benji, despite the challenges they face as a couple. In the season finale, Benji announces that he’ll be moving to New York to attend graduate school. While this news is initially devastating for Victor, he eventually comes to accept it as an opportunity for growth and personal development.

At the Winter Carnival, where previously every other gay couple is cuddled up and coupled up, Victor attends solo. However, when he decides to ride the Ferris wheel, Benji joins him, proving that their relationship is stronger than distance.

While Victor does have feelings for both Benji and Nick, he ultimately chooses Benji in Love, Victor season 2. Despite the challenges they face, they remain committed to each other and their relationship.

Who does Rahim end up with?

In the hit Netflix show “Never Have I Ever,” Rahim is a new character introduced in season 2. He quickly becomes a fan favorite, and viewers are intrigued by his storyline and his romantic life. Throughout season 2, Rahim is portrayed as a confident and independent character who is not afraid to speak his mind.

As the season continues, it is revealed that Rahim is gay, and he begins to explore his sexuality. He is shown to have a crush on Devi’s ex-boyfriend, Ben, but he quickly realizes that the feelings are not mutual. Rahim then begins a relationship with Devi’s friend, Eleanor, but the two eventually decide to break up due to the long distance aspect of their relationship.

However, Rahim’s love life takes a turn for the better towards the end of season 2. He meets Connor, a student at another school, and the two hit it off almost immediately. Despite some initial turmoil, the two characters eventually work through their differences and become a couple.

Rahim ends up with Connor at the end of season 2. Their relationship is portrayed as genuine and caring, and viewers are left rooting for them each step of the way. The show’s creators have stated that they wanted to depict a positive LGBTQA+ relationship in the show, and Rahim and Connor’s relationship is a shining example of that.