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Who is George Strait’s new wife?

Country music legend George Strait has been known for his long and successful career in the music industry, but what many fans might not know is who his new wife is. George Strait married his high school sweetheart, Norma Voss, in 1971, and the couple has been together ever since. However, in recent years, rumors about a new woman in George Strait’s life have been circulating. So, who is George Strait’s new wife? Let’s take a closer look.

The Rumors about George Strait’s New Wife

In February 2022, reports began to emerge that George Strait had gotten married to a mysterious woman named Tamara Strait. The news was shocking to many fans, as George Strait had never been seen in public with Tamara before. Moreover, George Strait had been married to Norma for over 50 years, and many people found it hard to believe that he would be with someone else.

Unraveling the Mystery of Tamara Strait

As the rumors about George Strait’s new wife continued to swirl, fans became more curious about who Tamara really was. Some speculated that she was a younger woman, while others thought that she might be someone from George Strait’s past who had resurfaced.

However, it soon became clear that there was no woman named Tamara Strait. The rumors had started from a fake news website that had published a story claiming that George Strait had gotten married to a woman named Tamara. The story was quickly picked up by other news outlets and spread like wildfire on social media.

The Truth about George Strait’s Relationship Status

Despite the rumors about a new wife, George Strait remains happily married to Norma, his high school sweetheart. The couple has been married for over 50 years and has two children together. They have also been very private about their personal life, rarely making public appearances together or sharing photos on social media.

In a rare interview with People magazine, George Strait opened up about his relationship with Norma, saying, “I would not be where I am today without her. She has been my rock and my support system throughout my entire career. I am so lucky to have her by my side.”

The Legacy of George Strait

George Strait is one of the most successful country music artists of all time, with over 70 million records sold worldwide. His career has spanned more than four decades, and he has won numerous awards for his music, including 22 Academy of Country Music Awards and 2 Grammy Awards.

In addition to his music career, George Strait is also known for his philanthropic work. He has supported numerous causes over the years, including charities that help children, animals, and the military. In 2019, he performed a benefit concert to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.


Despite the rumors about a new wife, George Strait remains happily married to Norma, his high school sweetheart. The couple’s long-lasting relationship is a testament to their love and devotion to each other. For over 50 years, Norma has been by George’s side, supporting him through all the ups and downs of his career. As George once said, “I have the best wife in the world, and I’m proud of her, and I love her.” In a world where celebrity relationships come and go, George Strait and Norma are a true inspiration for us all.


Does George Strait have his own plane?

Yes, George Strait owns his own plane. In fact, it is probably one of the coolest perks of being one of the most successful country music artists of all time. George’s private plane is a custom Boeing 737-700 airliner that has been specially outfitted for his comfort and convenience. The plane features a spacious seating area, luxurious sleeping quarters, and top-of-the-line entertainment systems.

George has been a private pilot for many years, and he has always had a love of flying. Owning his own plane gives him the ability to travel to and from his concerts and events in a hassle-free and comfortable manner. He has even been known to take his plane out for a spin just for fun.

The plane is painted in a beautiful blue and silver livery that features George’s logo and signature cowboy hat. It is a symbol of his success and status as one of the biggest names in country music.

However, George has not always owned his own plane. In fact, he used to travel by bus like many other touring musicians. It wasn’t until later in his career, when he became one of the most successful artists in the genre, that he was able to afford his own plane.

Yes, George Strait does have his own plane, and it is a testament to his success and passion for flying. It allows him to travel in style and comfort, and is a symbol of his status as one of the most beloved country music artists of all time.

What country singer lives in Boerne TX?

Braydon Zink is a country singer currently residing in Boerne, Texas. Originally from the small town of Iliff, Colorado, he made his way to Texas to pursue his music career. The town of Boerne, located just outside of San Antonio, has been a great place for him to call home while he’s making music. Zink has been doing a lot of performing and recording in the area, building a local following and working with other musicians and producers in the community. He has also performed at various venues around Texas, sharing the stage with other talented country musicians. Zink’s love for country music started at a young age, and he began playing guitar and writing his own songs as a teenager. His music carries a classic country sound with a modern twist, and his lyrics often focus on relationships and life experiences. For Braydon Zink and many other country musicians, living in a town like Boerne provides the perfect backdrop for creating and performing true and authentic country music.

Where is Bubba Strait living?

Bubba Strait is the son of the famous country singer George Strait. Although his father has made a name for himself in the music industry, Bubba has chosen to live a much quieter life. Currently, he resides in Texas with his longtime partner, Tamara. It is unclear exactly where the couple lives, but it is known that they enjoy living a low-key lifestyle away from the public eye. They have managed to maintain a level of privacy and stay out of the limelight despite Bubba’s family ties to the music industry. While Bubba may not have followed in his father’s footsteps musically, he has found his own path in life and created a comfortable home with his partner in Texas.

Where is Jenifer Strait buried?

Jenifer Strait, the 13-year-old daughter of country singer George Strait and his wife Norma, tragically passed away in a car accident on June 25, 1986. She was traveling in a car with two friends on their way back from a swimming hole, when the car overturned while attempting to negotiate a curve on a rural road near their home in New Braunfels, TX. Jenifer was thrown from the car and killed instantly, while her two friends survived with minor injuries.

A funeral service was held at the First United Methodist Church in San Marcos, TX, where George and Norma Strait resided at the time. Thousands of fans, friends, and family members gathered to pay their respects, with many notable country music figures such as Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton sending condolences.

After the funeral, Jenifer Strait was eventually buried in Pearsall, TX, her mother’s hometown. Her grave is located in Devine Evergreen Cemetery and is marked by a simple headstone with her name and birth and death dates inscribed on it. The Strait family has reportedly visited the cemetery regularly over the years to honor Jenifer’s memory and keep her memory alive.

The accident that claimed Jenifer’s life was a tragedy that shook the country music community and fans around the world. It serves as a reminder of the importance of safe driving and the preciousness of life. The Strait family has used the tragedy as a way to bring awareness to the issue of drunk driving, with George Strait later serving as the national spokesperson for the “Tipsy Tow” program, which provides free towing for people who have had too much to drink.