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Who is gay in Stranger things in real life?


Stranger Things is a Netflix original science fiction-horror series that made its debut in 2016. The show features a group of kids, friends, and family members who get caught up in the paranormal and otherworldly happenings that take place in their small town. As the show gained immense popularity, fans began to speculate about the sexual orientations of several characters.

One character who has received a lot of attention in this regard is Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp. Many fans have been wondering whether the actor is gay in real life. In this blog post, we’ll explore the question of who is gay in Stranger Things in real life and discuss some of the related controversies.

Noah Schnapp and His Coming Out:

Noah Schnapp plays the role of Will Byers in Stranger Things. He is initially portrayed as a shy and introverted young boy who is taken by a monster and ultimately finds himself in a bizarre parallel dimension called the Upside Down. As the show progresses, Will’s character becomes more complex, and in season three, it’s revealed that he has romantic feelings for a male classmate.

Noah has never revealed his sexual orientation on screen or in interviews, but in October 2021, the actor took to social media to confirm that he is gay. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “I don’t feel obligated to share my personal life on social media. But, if this can help anyone feel more comfortable in their skin, or to understand that no matter what you identify as, you are loved and valid, I’m proud of who I am and I would love for you guys to get to know me better.”

Noah’s announcement was met with an outpouring of support and love from his fans and the larger LGBTQ+ community. Many fans have praised the actor for his bravery and honesty and expressed admiration for his work as Will Byers.

Controversies Surrounding Gay Characters on Stranger Things:

Stranger Things has been at the center of various controversies related to LGBTQ+ representation on screen. While Will’s character was well received by fans, some critics have called out the show’s creators for using gay characters only as plot devices.

For instance, in the second season, there is a subplot involving the character of Billy Hargrove, who is portrayed as a homophobic bully. However, in the third season, it’s revealed that Billy is secretly gay and has had a difficult time accepting his sexual orientation due to his abusive father. While many fans praised the show for exploring such complex themes, some critics felt that the storyline was handled poorly and reduced Billy’s character to his sexuality.

There has also been criticism directed at the show’s creators for not portraying a same-sex relationship on screen. While there have been various hints of romance between Will and his male classmate, the show has not yet shown a same-sex relationship in a significant way.


Noah Schnapp’s coming out has further sparked discussions around the representation of LGBTQ+ characters on screen. While many fans have praised the actor for his bravery and honesty, others have called out the show’s creators for not exploring the theme of homosexuality in more nuanced ways. As society becomes more accepting of diverse sexual orientations, it’s essential for media creators to portray characters in a way that reflects the lives of real people. Ultimately, the question of who is gay in Stranger Things in real life may continue to be a topic of discussion for years to come.


Who is Will Byers boyfriend?

In the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, one of the main characters, Will Byers, has been the subject of recurring questions about his sexuality, leading many fans to wonder about his romantic interests. Recently, in an interview with The Wrap, the actor who plays Will Byers, Noah Schnapp, clarified that his character is gay and confirmed that he has romantic feelings for his best friend, Mike Wheeler, played by Finn Wolfhard.

Schnapp explained that he and the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, had lengthy discussions about Will’s character arc. They ultimately agreed that it made sense for Will to be gay and for him to have feelings for Mike, given the close bond the two characters share. Schnapp described the decision as important and impactful, as it provides better representation for LGBTQ+ youth who can relate to Will’s experiences.

Despite the confirmation that Will is gay, the show did not explicitly address his sexuality in any of the previous seasons. However, in season three, the show hinted at Will’s sexuality when he expressed frustration at his friends’ growing interest in girls and their lack of interest in their usual activities. Schnapp believes that this scene was the beginning of Will’s journey to accepting and exploring his true feelings.

Will Byers’ boyfriend is his best friend, Mike Wheeler. This revelation about Will’s sexuality has brought a new level of understanding and depth to the character, making him more relatable to viewers who may have felt underrepresented or even invisible in popular media. With this new development in place, it will be interesting to see how Will’s journey of self-discovery will continue to unfold in future seasons of Stranger Things.

Is Will in Stranger Things gay?

The character of Will Byers in Stranger Things has been subject to quite a lot of discussion among fans, including his sexual orientation. In a show that features young characters who form close bonds and relationships, questions about their gender and sexuality are inevitable. Over the years, many viewers have speculated that Will might be gay, given the way he interacts with other boys in the show.

The question finally found an answer when the actor who plays Will, Noah Schnapp, confirmed in a social media post last summer that his character is indeed gay. Schnapp, who has been a part of Stranger Things since its inception, made the announcement on Instagram, saying that Will is in love with his best friend Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard.

This revelation has been welcomed by many fans who have seen themselves in Will’s character and feel seen and represented. It’s also notable that the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, have been open to exploring sexuality and relationships in a nuanced way, with other characters like Robin and Steve also undergoing interesting character arcs.

It’s worth noting that the show has been praised for the way it depicts young queer love and relationships in a way that is both age-appropriate and sensitive. Stranger Things demonstrates that young people are capable of complex feelings and that their experiences are valid, even if they fall outside of what may be considered “normal.”

The fact that Will’s sexuality is confirmed to be gay is an important step for representation in popular media and shows that the industry is moving towards a more inclusive and diverse representation of characters.

Are Steve and Robin a couple?

Steve and Robin are two characters from the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. Throughout the third season of the show, the two characters develop an incredibly close friendship, leading many fans to wonder whether they are a couple or just good friends. The answer to this question is somewhat complicated, as it depends on the perspective from which one approaches the issue.

On the surface, it is clear that Steve and Robin are not a couple in the traditional sense of the word. In the show’s narrative, Robin comes out to Steve as a gay woman at the end of the season, making it clear that their relationship has always been purely platonic. However, the question of whether Steve and Robin would have become a couple if Robin had not been a lesbian is still an open one, and one that show creators Matt and Ross Duffer have addressed in interviews and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

According to the show’s creators, the relationship between Steve and Robin was originally designed to be a romantic one. In early drafts of the season’s scripts, the two characters were going to begin dating, with Steve going through a period of self-reflection and discovery as he realized that his feelings for Robin were more than just friendly. However, as the season evolved and writers began to flesh out Robin’s character, it became clear that she was meant to be gay. Once this decision was made, it allowed the show’s writers to take the story in a different direction, with Steve and Robin remaining close friends while Robin explored her feelings for Tammy Thompson.

All of this is to say that while Steve and Robin are not a couple in the traditional sense, their relationship is incredibly complex and nuanced. The show’s creators have taken great care to portray their friendship in a way that is authentic and emotionally resonant, and it is clear that many fans have been moved by the way that the two characters care for each other. While it remains unclear whether things would have turned out differently if Robin had been straight, it’s evident that the show’s writers made a deliberate and thoughtful choice in making her a queer character, and one that has been celebrated by many viewers.