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Who is Davids Bridal competitor?

David’s Bridal is an American bridal store chain that specializes in wedding dresses, bridal attire, and accessories. It is the largest bridal retailer in the United States, offering a wide variety of dress styles, sizes, and prices. Despite being the market leader, David’s Bridal has a fierce competition in the bridal industry.

There are numerous bridal stores and websites that provide brides with an array of stunning wedding dresses and accessories. So, who are the competitors of David’s Bridal? In this blog post, we will explore the top competitors of David’s Bridal and highlight what sets them apart from each other.

Kleinfeld Bridal

Kleinfeld Bridal is a bridal store located in New York City and is one of the most renowned stores in the United States. The store features a variety of high-end designer wedding dresses and has even got its TV show called “Say Yes to the Dress.” According to SimilarWeb, Kleinfeld Bridal had 269.8K website visits in May 2023. Compared to David’s Bridal, it has significantly fewer store locations, but it has built a strong reputation due to its high-quality products and personalized services.


Lulus is another significant competitor of David’s Bridal, offering stylish and affordable bridal dresses and accessories. With a strong online presence, Lulus has gained immense popularity and has become a go-to destination for brides looking for trendy dresses. According to SimilarWeb, Lulus had 14.7M website visits in May 2023. Unlike David’s Bridal, Lulus is an e-commerce platform, and it focuses mainly on online sales, which provides customers with the convenience of shopping from home.

Kennedy Blue

Kennedy Blue is a bridal store chain that specializes in providing affordable and elegant bridesmaid dresses. However, their collection of bridal dresses is also noteworthy and offers a range of stunning wedding dresses for the bride. According to SimilarWeb, Kennedy Blue had 283.2K website visits in May 2023. The brand mainly operates through its e-commerce store and has a well-established social media presence.

Allure Bridals

Allure Bridals is one of the leading design houses for bridal gowns, offering a range of stunning dresses for the bride’s special day. The brand prides itself on creating unique designs that cater to a wide range of styles, tastes, and budgets. According to SimilarWeb, Allure Bridals had 331.0K website visits in May 2023. Allure Bridals distributes its products to retailers across the world, which gives customers more options to purchase its dresses.

Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes is an online platform that provides brides with inspiration and ideas for their wedding planning. It features a range of real weddings, styled shoots, and DIY projects. Green Wedding Shoes also features a directory of vendors and services that provide everything a bride may need for her wedding day. According to SimilarWeb, Green Wedding Shoes had 486.7K website visits in May 2023.


The bridal industry has many competitors, and every brand has something unique to offer its customers. Despite being the largest bridal retailer in the United States, David’s Bridal has fierce competition from various other brands. Kleinfeld Bridal, Lulus, Kennedy Blue, Allure Bridals, and Green Wedding Shoes are some of the significant players in the industry, and each of them brings a unique value proposition to the table. Ultimately, it is up to the bride to choose the brand that aligns with their taste, style, and budget.


Why is it called Davids Bridal?

David’s Bridal is a popular American bridal store chain that offers a wide range of wedding-related products and services for brides and grooms. The name of the store chain reflects its history and heritage, going back to its founder, David Reisberg.

David’s Bridal was founded in 1950 as a small bridal salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The store was established by David Reisberg, who had a passion for bridal fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit. He named the store after himself, David’s Bridal, and set out to offer the best bridal products and services to his customers.

Over time, the store grew in popularity, and David’s Bridal became a trusted name in the wedding industry. The company expanded its product offerings, including wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, and other bridal accessories. It also opened a chain of stores across the country, making its products and services more accessible to couples planning their wedding.

Today, David’s Bridal is one of the largest bridal retailers in the United States, with hundreds of stores and a robust online presence. The store continues to honor its founder’s legacy and commitment to quality, affordability, and customer service.

David’S Bridal is called so because it was founded by David Reisberg, who established the first bridal salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1950 and named it after himself. The store became popular over time, expanded its offerings, and grew into a nationwide chain of bridal stores known for its high-quality and affordable wedding-related products and services.

How popular is David’s bridal?

David’s Bridal is a well-known retailer that sells bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, accessories, and more. The company has been around for 70 years, and during that time, it has become popular among brides in the U.S. In fact, about 25% of brides in the U.S. choose to wear David’s Bridal gowns at their weddings. This indicates that the brand is highly recognizable and sought after in the wedding industry.

To put things in perspective, David’s Bridal has dressed over 70 million brides in its history. This is a massive number that further underscores the brand’s popularity. Many people trust the company’s quality and reputation, which is why it has become one of the go-to options for brides and their wedding parties.

David’s Bridal has also expanded its offerings over the years. It now sells a variety of wedding-related items, including accessories, invitations, and gifts. This means that it caters to a broader customer base and can provide a one-stop-shop for many wedding essentials.

It’S safe to say that David’s Bridal is a highly popular brand in the wedding industry. Its long history, extensive offerings, and reputation for quality make it a top choice for many brides and their wedding parties.

What is the demographic of Davids bridal?

David’s Bridal is a well-known American bridal wear retail chain that specializes in offering a wide range of wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses, and other bridal accessories. The company has many retail stores scattered throughout the United States. So what is the demographic of this popular wedding retailer?

The data shows that David’s Bridal has a primarily female workforce, with 88% of its team members identifying as women. The remaining 12% of employees are male. This could be a result of the nature of the business, as many brides-to-be feel more comfortable working with women when it comes to selecting their wedding dresses and other bridal wear items.

When it comes to ethnicity, most of the employees at David’s Bridal identify as White, with 63% of the workforce belonging to this ethnic group. Other significant ethnic groups that are present at the company include Hispanic/Latino (13%), African American (11%), Asian (6%), and mixed ethnicity (3%). This diverse population of employees is a reflection of the company’s commitment to offering a welcoming and inclusive environment not only for its customers but also for its employees.

It’s also essential to consider the demographic that David’s Bridal caters to. The retail chain targets brides-to-be, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride/groom, a demographic that spans all age groups and ethnicities. Thus, the products on offer are designed to cater to a wide range of tastes, styles, sizes, and budgets, ensuring that every customer can find a dress that they adore.

David’S Bridal is a predominantly female company that has a diverse workforce. The company caters to a broad demographic of customers, offering a range of stylish and comfortable bridal wear options that cater to all sizes, styles, tastes, and budgets.