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Who gave Heather the black eye on RHOSLC?

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) has recently become a staple of reality TV, with its unique and entertaining cast of characters. However, one question has been on the minds of RHOSLC fans: Who gave Heather the black eye on the show?

The Incident

During the season, Heather was seen with a dark bruise around her eye, which sparked theories and speculation among the cast and viewers. At first, Heather tried to brush it off by claiming that she had accidentally hit herself while putting away her luggage. However, as the season progressed, it became clear that there was more to the story.

During the reunion special, the cast members were asked about the incident, and several theories were presented. Jen was a prime suspect, as she had a history of volatile behavior and had been known to lash out physically in the past. Angie, a friend of the cast members, also added fuel to the fire by speculating that Jen had given Heather a black eye during a night of partying.

Jen’s Explanation

During the reunion, Jen vehemently denied any involvement in Heather’s injury. She explained that she had been in her own hotel room at the time and hadn’t even seen Heather that night. However, some of the other cast members weren’t convinced by Jen’s protests of innocence.

Other Suspects

Aside from Jen, there were other possible suspects in the case. Whitney’s husband, Justin, made an offhand comment during the season that he had heard that Heather had gotten into a fight with another woman. There was also speculation that it could have been one of the male strippers who had been hired for a party.

However, despite all the theories and speculation, the truth about who gave Heather the black eye remains a mystery. It’s possible that the full story will never be revealed, leaving fans to speculate and debate about what really happened.

The Fallout

Regardless of who was responsible for the incident, it had a profound impact on the RHOSLC cast members. Heather revealed during the reunion that she had experienced a lot of anxiety and PTSD as a result of the incident. She said that she had trouble sleeping and was constantly on edge, fearing that something like that could happen again.

The incident also caused a rift in the already-tense relationship between Heather and Jen. They were once close friends, but the incident forced Heather to re-evaluate who she could trust and who she wanted to associate with.


The mystery of who gave Heather the black eye on RHOSLC will likely continue to fascinate fans for years to come. While there are no concrete answers, the incident and its aftermath illustrate the impact that reality TV can have on the lives of those who participate in it.

Regardless of the truth behind the incident, it’s clear that all of the cast members were affected by it in some way. For Heather, it was a traumatizing experience that she will likely never forget. For the other cast members, it was a reminder of the dangers and unpredictability of reality TV, and a cautionary tale about the potential consequences of bad behavior.


How did Heather get a black eye spoiler?

During the first season of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” viewers couldn’t help but notice that Heather Gay was frequently sporting a black eye. However, the reality star never revealed how she got it until the show’s reunion aired on Wednesday. During the reunion, Heather finally shared the backstory behind her black eye, admitting that she didn’t actually remember how she got it.

According to Heather, the incident happened when she was out drinking with some friends. She ended up getting extremely drunk and ultimately blacked out, waking up the next morning with no memory of the night before. When she looked in the mirror, she saw that she had a black eye.

Heather went on to explain that her friends eventually told her what had happened. Apparently, she had gotten into an argument with another woman at the bar, and things got physical. Heather didn’t provide any further details about what specifically happened during the altercation.

Despite not remembering exactly how she got the black eye, Heather said that she ultimately took responsibility for her actions. “I don’t know if I deserved it or not,” she said. “I probably wasn’t being the best person that night.”

While it’s certainly not ideal to wake up with a black eye and no memory of how it happened, it seems like Heather was able to move on and learn from the incident. Hopefully, fans of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” will be able to put the mystery behind Heather’s black eye to rest now that she’s finally revealed what happened.

Where does Heather from RHOSLC get her money?

Heather Gay, one of the popular stars from the show Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC), has been making waves with her fun and outspoken personality. Many fans of the show have been curious about her financial situation and where she gets her money. After some research, it appears that Heather is a self-made woman with several businesses under her belt.

According to a 2020 interview with Bustle, Heather has been divorced from her husband for over a decade. Despite this, they have maintained an amicable relationship and share custody of their three children. Heather revealed that she does the work while her ex-husband pays the bills, highlighting their unique co-parenting arrangement.

However, Heather has always been financially independent due to her successful business ventures. She is the co-founder of Beauty Lab + Laser, a popular med spa that offers a wide range of beauty treatments such as laser hair removal, Botox, and chemical peels. The spa has several locations in Utah and has been featured on the show RHOSLC.

Additionally, Heather is also an author and has written a book called “Memoirs of a Broken Heart,” which details her divorce and journey to self-discovery. The book has received positive reviews and has helped her build her personal brand as a strong and empowered woman.

It is clear that Heather from RHOSLC is a business-savvy woman who has built her own success. She has a successful med spa and is a published author, which has contributed to her financial stability. While her ex-husband may support her and their children financially, Heather has always been capable of supporting herself and her family through her own hard work and determination.

What did Whitney do to Heather?

On an episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” tensions arose between Whitney Rose and Heather Gay. Whitney accused Heather of spreading rumors about another cast member, Lisa Barlow, allegedly exchanging sexual favors for tickets to the Utah Jazz basketball games. Heather adamantly denied having heard or spreading such rumors, which led to a heated exchange between the two on the show.

Whitney claimed that Heather told her about the rumor during a conversation they had in a bathroom, but Heather insisted that no such conversation ever took place. The argument escalated to the point where Whitney stormed off, leaving Heather in tears.

This incident caused a rift in their friendship, and the two have since struggled to rebuild their relationship. Despite attempts to move on from the incident, tensions between Whitney and Heather continue to simmer throughout the season, making for dramatic television moments for viewers.