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Who does Harry Potter end up with?

Harry Potter, the famous Boy Who Lived, faced many challenges during his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, one of the most intriguing aspects of his story was his love life. Fans have been speculating about who Harry would end up with ever since the series began, and even after the final book and movie were released, there is still some debate about who was the best match for Harry. In this post, we will delve into the love life of Harry Potter and explore who he ended up with in the end.

The Early Days: Cho Chang

Harry’s romantic escapades began in the fifth book, “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix,” when he developed a crush on Cho Chang (Katie Leung), a fellow Hogwarts student. Though Harry’s feelings for her were genuine, the relationship between them was brief and never really had the chance to blossom. Its main obstacles were their conflicting schedules due to Quidditch, and Cho’s lingering grief over the death of her ex-boyfriend Cedric Diggory. Ultimately, Cho and Harry realized they were not meant to be together, but they remained friends.

The Pairing That Wasn’t Meant To Be: Hermione Granger

Throughout the series, Harry’s friendship with Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) was often mistaken for romance. They complemented each other perfectly, and it is easy to see why fans shipped them together. However, Harry and Hermione’s relationship remained strictly platonic, and they ultimately ended up with different romantic partners. Harry and Hermione’s friendship is one of the best things about the “Harry Potter” series and proves that a man and a woman can be friends without it ending in romance.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

The most significant and lasting romantic relationship that Harry had in the series was with Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright). Ginny was Ron’s younger sister, who had a huge crush on Harry since she was a child. Harry’s feelings towards Ginny, however, did not become apparent until the sixth book, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” where he developed a crush on her. Their relationship was slightly complicated due to Ginny’s relationship with Harry’s Quidditch rival on the Gryffindor team, Dean Thomas (Alfie Enoch). Eventually, Ginny and Harry’s relationship blossomed, and they became a couple. In the epilogue of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” which takes place several years later, it reveals that Harry and Ginny married and had three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, Harry Potter ended up with Ginny Weasley, but it was not without some bumps along the way. What is essential to note is that, even though Harry’s love life was an essential part of the story, it was not the most crucial aspect. Harry’s relationships with Ron and Hermione, and his dedication to fighting against the Dark Lord, were what truly made his story compelling. Nonetheless, it was satisfying to watch Harry find love and happiness, especially with someone who already knew him so well, and was a part of the Weasley family.


Harry Potter’s love life may not have been as dramatic as the rest of his adventures, but it still played a valuable role in his development. From his short-lived crush on Cho Chang to his long-lasting love with Ginny Weasley, Harry’s romantic relationships added different layers to his character. Whether you agree with the pairing of Harry and Ginny or not, it’s clear that they genuinely cared for each other and went through a lot to be together. But even without Ginny by his side, Harry’s story would still be worth telling.


Why did Harry marry Ginny instead of Hermione?

The Harry Potter series is more than just a story about magic and wizardry. It is a tale of friendship, loyalty, and love. One of the most significant love triangles in the series is between Harry, Hermione, and Ginny. While Harry had a deep connection with both women, he ultimately chose to marry Ginny.

There are many reasons why Harry chose Ginny over Hermione. One of the most notable reasons is that Harry and Ginny had a stronger emotional connection than Harry and Hermione did. Ginny’s personality complemented Harry’s in many ways, while Hermione’s didn’t. Ginny was adventurous, sporty and spontaneous, which brought out Harry’s playful side. On the other hand, Hermione was more cautious, studious and reserved, which didn’t mesh as well with Harry’s personality.

Additionally, Harry and Ginny had a shared history that was founded in their mutual love for Quidditch and Gryffindor. They had grown up together at Hogwarts, and Ginny had always been a source of comfort for Harry in times of need. On the other hand, while Hermione was a close friend to Harry, they did not share as much of a collective past as Ginny and Harry did.

Another reason that Harry chose Ginny over Hermione is that he had a strong sexual desire for her. This is not to say that Harry did not have a deep love and respect for Hermione, but the sexual chemistry was just not there. Harry had always been drawn to Ginny on an intimate level, which was a crucial factor in their romantic relationship.

Harry chose Ginny over Hermione for several reasons, including their strong emotional connection, shared history, and sexual chemistry. While it may be disappointing for some fans of the Harry/Hermione pairing, the dynamics of Harry’s relationships with both women ultimately led him to choose the one he had a deeper connection with.

Does Hermione love Harry or Ron?

Throughout the Harry Potter series, Hermione’s romantic interests can be a source of debate among fans. Many readers speculate whether Hermione is attracted to Harry or Ron. While there are moments of closeness with Harry, it seems that Hermione ends up with Ron.

In the earlier books of the Harry Potter series, Hermione doesn’t show a clear romantic interest in either Harry or Ron. However, in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” the fourth book of the series, Hermione starts dropping heavy hints that she likes Ron. For instance, she becomes angry with Ron when she finds out that he asked Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball instead of her. Later, when Ron and Hermione are dancing at the ball, it is clear that they are both enjoying each other’s company. Even Harry notes that they make a good couple.

As the Harry Potter series progresses, signs of romantic tension between Ron and Hermione continue to appear. They quarrel frequently, but they also seem to rely on each other emotionally. When Ron abandons Harry and Hermione in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” Hermione is devastated, and it’s clear that she has strong feelings for Ron. Thankfully, Ron comes to his senses and returns to Hermione’s side.

On the other hand, there are moments in the series where Hermione is shown to have close bonds with Harry. However, these moments are more about their friendship than romantic feelings. For example, in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” when Hermione hugs Harry tightly after he survives a dangerous encounter with Voldemort, it is an expression of her relief and gratitude as a friend, not a romantic interest.

It is clear that Hermione’s romantic interest lies with Ron, not Harry. While Hermione may care deeply for Harry, their relationship is more platonic than romantic. On the other hand, Hermione and Ron’s relationship has undeniable romantic tension and culminates in their eventual marriage.

Why did Hermione choose Ron over Harry?

One of the most significant subplots throughout the Harry Potter series is the love triangle between Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Although many fans hoped Harry and Hermione would end up together, J.K. Rowling ultimately decided to pair Hermione with Ron. This decision sparked significant controversy and debate among fans, leaving many wondering why Hermione chose Ron over Harry.

In an interview with Wonderland magazine, J.K. Rowling revealed that she chose to pair Hermione with Ron due to “wish-fulfillment” and personal reasons that had little to do with literature. This revelation was a surprise to many fans who had analyzed the books for clues about the love triangle. However, it also sheds light on the fact that sometimes authors make decisions that are not necessarily grounded in plot or character development.

Throughout the series, Hermione and Ron’s relationship is often portrayed as rocky and tumultuous. They bicker, argue, and even temporarily stop talking to each other. Although these conflicts may seem like red flags, they ultimately help the two characters grow and mature, learning how to communicate and compromise with each other. In contrast, Harry and Hermione’s relationship is often portrayed as more platonic and less passionate, with their bond grounded in their shared experiences and mutual respect.

Additionally, Hermione’s decision to choose Ron over Harry may simply come down to personal preference. Just because Harry and Hermione share a deep bond does not necessarily mean they are romantically compatible. choosing a partner is a highly personal decision, and what works for one person may not work for another.

The decision to pair Hermione with Ron over Harry is ultimately up to the interpretation of each reader. While some may find Ron and Hermione’s relationship unconvincing or underdeveloped, others may appreciate the couple’s growth over the course of the series. Regardless of personal opinions, it is clear that J.K. Rowling’s decision to pair Hermione with Ron is a reflection of her personal beliefs and wishes, rather than a purely literary decision.