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Who designed Christine’s dress on Selling Sunset?

Selling Sunset, a reality TV show on Netflix, has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity since its first season back in March 2019. The show follows the personal and professional lives of a group of real estate agents in Los Angeles. However, aside from the luxurious homes and drama-filled personal lives, another thing that catches the audience’s eyes is the fashionable clothing worn by the cast members. One standout fashion piece is the stunning black dress worn by Christine Quinn, designed by Galia Lahav. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the dress, the designer, and its significance in the show.

The Dress

Christine Quinn is known for her bold and extravagant fashion choices in Selling Sunset, and this black dress is no exception. The sleek, form-fitting gown flaunts her curves while covering her arms and legs completely, creating a striking and sophisticated look. The dress is embellished with intricate beading and glitter, making it the perfect choice for a glamorous party.

While Christine is no stranger to wearing high-fashion designers on the show, the Galia Lahav gown is undoubtedly one of her most memorable looks. But who is Galia Lahav, and what sets her designs apart?

The Designer: Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav is a fashion designer hailing from Israel, who started her eponymous label in 1981. She is known for her glamorous and high-end bridal and evening wear designs, which often incorporate luxurious fabrics, intricate beading, and detailed embroidery. Lahav’s designs are sold in over 40 countries worldwide and have been worn by the likes of Beyonce, J-Lo, and Sofia Vergara.

Her brand focuses on delivering unique, avant-garde designs that make women feel confident and empowered. With a design philosophy that celebrates individuality and femininity, it’s no surprise that Christine Quinn chose to wear a Galia Lahav dress to a high-profile event.

The Significance

When Christine stepped out of a horse-drawn carriage at her engagement party in the Galia Lahav gown, she cemented herself as one of the fashion icons of Selling Sunset. The stunning dress received a lot of attention from the audience, who praised its intricate details and exceptional fit. The dress also highlighted the significance of wearing high-end fashion in the show, adding to the beauty and luxury of the show’s already glamourous scenes.

Additionally, Christine’s choice of wearing a Galia Lahav dress may also represent her personality and status as a successful realtor. The beautiful dress showcases the power and success of an independent woman who has climbed to the top by her own means.


In conclusion, the Galia Lahav dress worn by Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset is a testament to her unique fashion style and the designer’s exceptional taste. The dress is incredibly glamorous, eye-catching, and perfectly captures the essence of the show. It emphasizes the importance of fashion and its role in highlighting an individual’s personality and success, making it an essential part of Selling Sunset’s signature style.


Did Heather use the same dress designer as Christine?

Yes, Heather used the same dress designer as Christine. Heather and Christine, who are both former cast members of the Real Housewives of Orange County, exchanged their wedding vows in September 2019. Heather wore a stunning custom-made dress by the Israeli designer Galia Lahav.

In an interview with People magazine, Heather revealed that she had originally planned to wear her hair in a braid for the wedding ceremony but upon seeing her dress, she decided to wear her hair up so as not to distract from the intricate and beautiful design of the gown.

It is worth noting that Christine had also worn a dress by Galia Lahav for her wedding. She had chosen a couture ivory gown from the designer’s Le Secret Royal collection, which featured a plunging neckline and long sleeves.

Galia Lahav is known for creating luxury bridal gowns that are both elegant and timeless. The designer, who has been in the industry for over 30 years, has dressed celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian. Her designs are known for their impeccable construction, intricate beading, and unique detailing.

Both Heather and Christine opted for the same designer, Galia Lahav, for their wedding gowns. They each wore a unique design that showcased the designer’s impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Did Christine pay a client in Selling Sunset?

In the popular Netflix show Selling Sunset, there have been several instances where real estate agent, Christine Quinn, has been accused of paying clients to work with her. While these accusations have been made by other agents, there has never been any concrete evidence to support them. When asked directly if she had ever paid a client to work with her, Christine herself has vehemently denied the allegations, stating that she has never had to resort to such tactics.

Christine has made it clear that she values her reputation and integrity above all else and has built her successful career through hard work, dedication, and exceptional service to her clients. She has often expressed her confidence in her ability as a real estate agent and her faith in the strength of her relationships with her clients. In fact, she has even stated that she doesn’t need to bribe clients because they will choose to work with her naturally.

It’s important to remember that Selling Sunset is a reality TV show, and while some of the drama may be based on real-life events, much of it is also exaggerated for entertainment purposes. The accusations of Christine paying clients may be just another part of the show’s drama and not necessarily a true reflection of real-life events.

While there have been accusations made against Christine Quinn regarding paying clients to work with her, there is no concrete evidence to support those claims. Christine herself has denied the allegations and expressed her commitment to building her career through hard work and exceptional service.

Did Christine from Sunset marry for money?

Christine Quinn, one of the stars of the show “Selling Sunset” has been the subject of many rumors surrounding her marriage. Specifically, there have been rumblings that Christine married her husband, Christian Richard, for his wealth. Quinn has been accused by co-star Chrishell Stause of being a “gold-digger” and marrying for money. However, the truth is much more complicated than these rumors and allegations suggest.

First and foremost, it is important to note that Quinn is a successful real estate agent who makes considerable money working at the prestigious Oppenheim Group. In fact, in one episode of “Selling Sunset,” Quinn is shown buying a $5 million home with cash, indicating that she has a lot of money of her own. Additionally, Quinn was pursuing a relationship with Richard when they met, not the other way around. She noted in an interview that she was “friends” with Richard for a while before they started dating, indicating that their relationship was not just based on money.

Furthermore, Christian Richard is by no means just a wealthy man. He is the founder and chairman of a company called The Ritz Group, which has a diverse range of investments from real estate to commodities. While his net worth is not public knowledge, it is clear that he is a successful businessman in his own right. Therefore, it is plausible that Quinn was attracted to Richard’s wealth, as it is likely that they share a similar (high) economic status.

In reality, it is impossible for outsiders to know the true nature of Christine Quinn’s relationship with Christian Richard. While Quinn has joked about liking rich men in the past, the allegations that she married for money are simply that – allegations. Quinn and Richard seem to be happy and supportive of each other, and that is likely what matters to them.

How much did Christine sister wives sell her house for?

Christine Brown is one of the wives of Kody Brown, the star of the reality TV show “Sister Wives.” In one of the episodes, Christine decided to sell her home in Las Vegas, Nevada, after the family had decided to move to Arizona. However, instead of selling it through a real estate agent, the family opted for a unique approach.

Christine’s family members, Kody and Robyn Brown, who are also part of the “Sister Wives” show, chose to classify the transaction as a deed of gift, asking only $10 of their sister wife Christine. The land on which her house stood had a value of $213,420, according to public records.

The document that was presented and signed merely stated, “For the consideration of Ten Dollars and other valuable consideration, I or we, Kody Winn Brown and Robyn Alice Brown, husband and wife and Christine R. Brown, hereby grant, bargain, sell, and convey to Christine R. Brown, a married woman, all our right, title and interest in and to the following real property.” The property in question was the house that Christine had lived in.

It is assumed that the reason behind classifying the transaction as a deed of gift was to avoid taxes and potential legal issues that could arise from selling property among family members at a low price. Nonetheless, it sparked controversy and criticism from the public, who believed that the Browns were trying to get away with something unethical or illegal.

Christine Brown did not sell her house through a traditional real estate agent, but instead, her sister wives classified the transaction as a deed of gift, asking for $10 and other valuable consideration, despite the land having a value of over $200,000. This approach created controversy and criticism from the public and raised eyebrows over the legality of such a transaction.