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Who are the gay characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Fire Emblem Three Houses is the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series, released in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. One of the unique features of the game is the ability for the player character, Byleth, to romance other characters within the game. While Byleth can romance characters of the opposite gender, there are also options for same-sex romances within the game. In this post, we will explore the gay characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses and their romantic options.

Dorothea and Petra

Dorothea is a songstress and a former member of a minor noble family before she became a commoner. She is known for her beauty and charm, and as such, has many admirers. One of her available romance options is Petra, a foreign exchange student from Brigid. Petra is a warrior who values strength and independence. Despite coming from different backgrounds, Dorothea and Petra can form a strong bond over their shared experiences of being outsiders in Garreg Mach Monastery.

Catherine and Shamir

Catherine and Shamir are both former mercenaries who now work as professors at Garreg Mach Monastery. Catherine is a devoted member of the church and values justice and honor above all else. Shamir, on the other hand, is more reserved and practical, often prioritizing efficiency over emotions. Despite their contrasting personalities, Catherine and Shamir can develop a deep connection with each other, ultimately falling in love.

Sylvain and Felix

Sylvain and Felix have known each other since childhood, and their relationship has been rocky at times. Sylvain is known for his flirtatious nature, often chasing after women and leaving a trail of broken hearts. Felix, on the other hand, is serious and aloof, often coming across as cold to others. Despite their differences, Sylvain and Felix develop a mutual respect for each other, eventually leading to a romantic relationship.

Hubert and Ferdinand

Hubert and Ferdinand are both members of the Black Eagles house, but their relationship starts off as a rivalry. Hubert, a loyal confidant to Edelgard, is often suspicious of Ferdinand’s intentions and loyalty. Ferdinand, on the other hand, values fairness and justice and is taken aback by Hubert’s underhanded tactics. However, as they work together on the battlefield, they develop a strong bond that eventually leads to romance.


Fire Emblem Three Houses is a game that values relationships and character development. The inclusion of same-sex romance options allows for greater diversity and representation within the game. Dorothea and Petra, Catherine and Shamir, Sylvian and Felix, and Hubert and Ferdinand are just a few examples of the gay characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses and their romantic options. Whether players are looking to explore same-sex relationships or not, the game offers a rich and engaging story that anyone can enjoy.