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8 Best Places To Sell Wedding Rings Online Of 2023

If a marriage hasn’t worked out, your wedding ring can be a painful reminder of an unhappy time. By selling it, you may be able to turn that memory into an opportunity for the future.

There are plenty of online options to help you do just that. So if you’re ready to move on, check out our guide to eight websites to sell wedding rings.

Where To Sell Wedding Rings?

1. WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds are based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom and have offices around the world. They buy jewelry from across the globe, and they specialize in wedding bands set with diamonds. They will also purchase jewelry by Tiffany, Cartier and David Yurman that does not have diamonds.

If your ring fits into this category, they’re well worth considering.

Whether you’re interested in selling a single ring, matching bands, or a wedding and engagement ring, they can help.

A simple online form will let you enter the details of your ring. It will ask you what kind of metal your ring is made of and the number of diamonds it contains. You’ll then be asked for details of the largest diamond and the total diamond weight.

You’ll need to have a certified diamond to provide these details. But if you don’t, don’t worry. You can ask a jeweler for an appraisal, and most will provide one verbally free of charge. If you have a certificate, you can upload a copy on the website.

WP Diamonds will, though, need to see your item in the flesh before making a final offer. When they receive your enquiry, they’ll send you a prepaid envelope. This will allow you to send your item to them, fully tracked and insured. Details of the insurance limits are on the website – and they’re high.

If your jewelry is more valuable than the standard insurance limit (lucky you!), they can arrange specific insurance. All packages are opened on camera too, so you can have confidence in the process.

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2. I Do Now I Don’t

New York based firm I Do Now I Don’t – IDNID for short – offers two alternatives for selling wedding rings. You can use their platform to sell direct to a buyer, or you can receive an offer from the company.

You don’t have to make that decision straight away either. You can ask for a direct offer as well as a suggested price to list your ring. Just send an email with a description of the jewelry, plus photographs if you have them.

Items that are listed on the website usually take between one and two weeks to sell. All payments are made by check delivered through UPS.

It’s worth noting that there will be a delay before you receive the money from website sales. Payments are made on the 15th of each month following the month of the sale. So if you sell your ring at the start of the month, you could be waiting up to six weeks for your money.

If you’d like the money faster – and to be sure that your ring will sell – accepting the direct offer may be more attractive.

If you decide to list your ring and it doesn’t sell within 30 days, the listing will automatically be renewed. It will remain on the website for another 30 days. However long it’s there, there’s no charge until your ring is sold. Offers will be emailed to you as they’re received.

If you sell on the website, you’ll pay a commission on the final sale price. That will vary between 10 and 20 percent, depending on the price. The less expensive the item, the higher the commission rate.

You’ll need to ship your items to IDNID at your own expense. If you want, they can send you a postage label for a charge. Just contact their customer services team if you’d like to do that.

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3. Worthy

Worthy is a managed auction service for US-based clients selling wedding rings or other valuable jewelry. Its target customers are professional buyers. That means you’ve got a good chance of selling your ring quickly, at a fair price.

The process begins with you submitting details about your ring. There’s a simple online form to enable you to do this. The focus is on diamonds, with questions about the setting, cut, color, carat and clarity. If you have paperwork with your diamond, you can include the certificate details.

When they’ve received this information, Worthy will send you a pre-paid shipping label to post your ring to them. Insurance of up to US$100,000 is included.

When they receive it, they will clean and professionally photograph your ring. If there are diamonds, it will then be sent to an accredited gemologist so that they can be graded. This gives buyers the confidence that they know exactly what they’re getting.

The items are then auctioned online. You’ll set a reserve before it starts, so if the highest bid doesn’t meet your reserve, it won’t sell. If that happens, your ring can be returned to you free of charge.

When the sale begins, you’ll have access to an auction map, so you can see when and where bids are received. The auction lasts for a set period, up to a maximum of 48 hours. When it ends, payment is taken immediately and transmitted to you shortly afterwards.

From Worthy receiving the item to concluding a sale can take between 10 and 14 days. Payment can be made by your choice of PayPal, bank transfer or check.

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4. Dover Jewelry & Diamonds

If you want to sell your jewelry online without managing auction listings yourself, check out Dover Jewelry & Diamonds. They will take care of the process of listing your wedding ring on multiple sites for a fee.

Like Worthy, they utilize websites like eBay – for whom they are the exclusive consignment partner – Etsy and 1stdibs. You won’t pay anything until your ring sells. The fee when it does will be based on the price it achieves. The rates are, however, more expensive than some, starting at 20 percent.

To begin, simply email the company with details of your wedding ring and your contact information. They will accept pieces in gold and platinum, signed sterling silver, and rings with or without precious or semi-precious stones.

They will assess your ring and send you information on what to do next. You will need to cover shipping and insurance costs to send it to them. They will then prepare your ring for sale. All items will be listed for sale within a week of receipt.

The major advantage of selling your ring through Dover is its status as a trusted seller. Customers investing in high-value jewelry through sites like eBay will want to know they’re buying from a reputable source. Dover has 100 percent positive feedback and “titanium seller” status on eBay.

That also means they’re well placed to achieve the best prices for your jewelry. After your ring has sold, they will arrange the packaging and shipping to the buyer. They are based in the USA, but will ship around the world.

There are no guarantees about how quickly your item will sell. When it does, though, you’ll receive payment within 35 days.

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5. EBay

If paying a middleman isn’t your style, you can always find your customers directly. There’s nowhere better to do that than eBay.

Listing your wedding ring is straightforward, especially if you already have an account. If you don’t, you’ll need to set one up – but beware. If you’re not an established buyer or seller, and you don’t already have feedback from satisfied customers, you’ll be disadvantaged.

With eBay, trust is everything. Buyers of expensive goods like wedding rings will want to know you can be relied upon to complete the transaction. And they’ll want to be confident that they’re getting what they paid for.

eBay offer arbitration services if things go wrong, but a difficult transaction can nevertheless be time-consuming and stressful. But if you’ve already got an account and a decent feedback score, you have nothing to lose. You won’t have to pay a cent until your ring sells.

When it does, commission of 10 percent is payable. There’s a cap on the amount, so you won’t have to pay huge amounts if you sell something very valuable.

And keep an eye out for special offers. eBay often offer maximum selling fees during promotional periods. These can be excellent value for money when selling expensive items, like your wedding ring.

There are additional fees if you want to do particular things. These include listing your ring in more than one category and offering a “buy it now” price.

You’ll need to handle shipping and communications with your buyer yourself. But if you’re prepared to do that, the total cost compares very favorably to the commission charged by consignment companies.

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6. Old Northeast Jewelers

Floridian firm Old Northeast Jewelers have been in business for more than three decades. They offer online quotes for gold, silver and diamond jewelry. And they claim to offer the best prices in the region for the jewelry they buy.

A simple form on the website allows you to provide information on your ring, together with your contact details. You can also upload photographs to provide a more accurate basis for the appraisal. And you can send photos using Twitter or Facebook.

if you’re in the Tampa or St Pete area, you can also book a home visit. Just contact the firm by telephone to make the arrangements.

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7. Diamond Brothers

For those in Europe, Diamond Brothers will buy wedding rings featuring – you’ve guessed it – diamonds. The diamonds will be extracted from your ring, and that’s what you’ll be paid for.

Both virtual and in-person appraisals are offered. The firm is based in Antwerp, Belgium and will travel across Europe. They will even provide a full travel package if you prefer to go to them. We’re guessing you’ll need to offer some seriously expensive jewelry to access that perk!

An online form allows you to provide details of your diamond, together with photographs of the stone and/or certification. The complimentary appraisal will be followed by an offer. Your ring can be collected by FedEx or delivered to them in person.

All shipping is paid for by Diamond Brothers. They will send you a FedEx package with simple instructions for managing the process.

If you agree to their offer, payment will be made immediately by bank transfer. The money will be in your account in three to five working days. That makes this one of the quickest options out there.

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8. The Luxury Hut


If you’re in the United Kingdom or Europe, London-based firm The Luxury Hut is worth a look.

Their store is based in the jewelry district of Hatton Garden. If you’re able to visit with your jewelry in person, they can pay you instantly in cash. Other forms of payment can be arranged, according to your preference.

The whole process of valuation and payment can also be arranged online. A simple form allows you to provide your contact details and information about your ring. You can also contact advisers via WhatsApp for an instant initial valuation.

Final valuations will, however, be subject to an appraisal of the item in the flesh. The Luxury Hut will provide a special delivery envelope covering shipping and insurance costs. For the most valuable items, they can arrange for courier collection.

If you’re happy with the final valuation, simply accept the offer. Payment is typically made by bank transfer, and the whole process is quick and simple.

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Is It Time To Sell Your Wedding Ring?

The decision to sell a wedding ring can be difficult and emotional, so don’t rush into it. But if you’re ready to move on, there are some excellent websites that will give you a fair deal.

There’s usually a trade-off between the simplicity of the process and the price you’ll achieve at the end. If you’re an established seller and don’t mind listing your ring and dealing with buyers yourself, eBay is great value.

But if you want to take out the hassle, consigners like Worthy and Dover Jewelry are a good alternative. And for guaranteed sales, contact established jewelry buyers for a simple and fast transaction.

Good luck with your sale, and we wish you all the best for the next chapter in your life.