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Where is shotgun rider from?

If you’re a country rock fan, you may have heard of the duo known as Shotgun Rider. With their unique sound and catchy lyrics, they have been making waves on the music scene. But where exactly are they from, and what inspired their music?

The Beginnings of Shotgun Rider

Shotgun Rider is made up of two childhood friends, Logan Samford and Anthony Enriquez, who both grew up in small towns near Amarillo, Texas. They formed the band in 2013 and found success with their first single, “Me and a Memory.”

Their sound is a blend of country and rock, drawing inspiration from their rural upbringing and love of music. Both Logan and Anthony grew up listening to country legends like George Strait and Garth Brooks, as well as rock icons such as Tom Petty and the Eagles.

Living in Texas

As Texans, Logan and Anthony have deep ties to their home state, which is reflected in their music. Many of their songs touch on themes of small-town life, love, and heartbreak, all while showcasing the beauty of Texas.

For example, their song “Texas Til I Die” is an ode to their state, with lyrics like:

“I was born and raised in Texas
And that’s where I’m gonna die
I can’t change the way I’m made
I’m Texas ’til I die”

Another song, “Me and a Memory,” is a nostalgic look back at a past relationship and the memories that were shared in small-town Texas. According to Logan, the song was inspired by his own experiences growing up in Nazareth, Texas.

The Future of Shotgun Rider

Shotgun Rider has gained a following in Texas and beyond, with their music being played on radio stations across the country. They have also opened for country acts such as Chris Stapleton and Cody Johnson.

The future looks bright for the duo, with plans to release new music and tour in the coming years. Their unique sound and authentic lyrics have resonated with fans, making them a standout in the crowded country music scene.


Shotgun Rider may have started in the small towns of Texas, but their music has reached audiences far and wide. Their authentic blend of country and rock, combined with their love of Texas, has made them a fan favorite. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Logan and Anthony, and we’ll be keeping our ears open for their next release.


What happened to Shotgun Rider band?

Shotgun Rider was a duo consisting of Logan Samford and Anthony Enriquez. The young band had been making waves in the country music industry for the last four years, with their unique blend of rock and traditional country music. Despite their promising start, in early 2020, the band announced that they were calling it quits.

According to the band’s official statement, the two musicians made the tough decision to go their separate ways, with no specific reason given. The announcement came as a surprise to many of their fans, who had been eagerly awaiting new music and touring announcements.

Shotgun Rider had released three EPs and one full-length album together, and their music had received critical acclaim in the country music industry. They had also opened for major artists such as Jon Pardi, Eric Paslay, and Kip Moore, and had performed at major music festivals across the United States.

The band’s sound evolved over time, starting with traditional country music and gradually incorporating more rock and pop influences. This unique blend of genres caught the attention of many in the industry, and had set them apart from other bands in the crowded country music space.

The announcement of the band’s dissolution was met with sadness from their fans. Many took to social media to express their sorrow and gratitude for the music that had been created over the years. Shotgun Rider’s music will undoubtedly continue to be listened to and appreciated by fans all over the world. Despite the end of the duo’s collaboration, their music and impact on the industry will live on.

Where is seven miles south from?

Seven Miles South is a band that was formed in the summer of 2010, in a small town called Dimmitt. Dimmitt is located in the state of Texas which is situated in the Southern region of the United States. The town is surrounded by vast expanses of land that are characterized by open skies and flat terrains.

Given the name of the band, one might wonder whether Seven Miles South refers to a specific location that is seven miles south of Dimmitt. However, this is not the case. The name of the band was actually inspired by the concept of a journey. The band members wanted to create music that would take the listener on a journey, and they felt that the idea of heading seven miles south was a fitting symbol of such a journey.

In a way, Seven Miles South is a band that represents the spirit of the Texan landscape. Just like the land on which they were born, this band is all about taking the long road and enjoying the scenery along the way. Their music is characterized by a certain sense of wanderlust that is inherent to the state of Texas, and it is this sense of wanderlust that has resonated with their fans over the years.

So, to answer the question “Where is Seven Miles South from?”, the band members hail from the town of Dimmitt in the state of Texas. However, the name of the band is more symbolic than literal, and it represents the idea of embarking on a journey that is both adventurous and full of wonder.

What is the story of ride shotgun?

Ride Shotgun is a Western film that was released in 1954. The movie revolves around Larry Delong, a man who earns a living by working as a stagecoach guard, riding shotgun to protect the passengers and freight from bandits along the route. Delong has a personal mission to find and kill a notorious outlaw named Dan Marady, who he believes is responsible for the death of his family.

As Delong begins his journey as a stagecoach guard, he meets a young woman named Anne, who is traveling to her father’s ranch in Wyoming. Anne is initially hesitant of Delong but eventually warms up to him after he protects her from a group of bandits. Along the way, Delong befriends the stagecoach driver, and the two discover that the bandits who have been attacking the stagecoaches are being led by Marady himself.

Delong and the coach driver work together to create a plan to capture Marady and stop him from plaguing the stagecoaches. However, they are soon ambushed by Marady and his gang, and Delong falls into a trap when an old-timer bearing Marady’s good-luck piece, a Berringer pocket gun, lures him away from his post.

Delong is able to escape the trap and resume his pursuit of Marady. However, as he gets closer to Marady, he realizes that he may not be able to bring himself to kill the man responsible for his family’s death. In the end, Delong has a final showdown with Marady, and the two men engage in a brutal fight to the death.

Ride Shotgun is a classic Western film that is full of thrilling action sequences, memorable characters, and themes of revenge, redemption, and loyalty. The movie is a must-see for any fans of the Western genre and remains a timeless classic that continues to be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

How old is riding shotgun?

The phrase “riding shotgun” is typically used to refer to the passenger seat in a vehicle, which is believed to hold a special level of importance as it is positioned next to the driver and provides the passenger with a clear view of the road ahead. While the origins of the term remain somewhat unclear, the first known use of the phrase can be traced back to the 1905 novel The Sunset Trail by Alfred Henry Lewis.

In the book, the term “riding shotgun” is used to describe the shotgun messenger who accompanies the stagecoach driver and helps to defend the valuable cargo against bandits and other threats. It is possible that the phrase was derived from this usage, as it suggests a sense of responsibility and trust placed in the passenger sitting next to the driver.

Over time, the phrase “riding shotgun” has come to be more broadly associated with the act of claiming the passenger seat in a vehicle. Some have theorized that this practice may have developed in the American West during the days of stagecoaches and wagons, when passengers would seek to ride next to the driver in order to feel safer and more in control.

Today, the phrase “riding shotgun” is commonly used in popular culture, appearing in books, television shows, movies, and songs. It remains a popular expression among people of all ages, indicative of our ongoing fascination with the open road and the sense of freedom and adventure that comes with it.

What band was Logan Samford in?

Logan Samford is a talented musician who has been part of several musical projects and bands throughout his career. However, he is perhaps best known for his work with the Texas-based country duo Shotgun Rider.

Shotgun Rider is comprised of Logan Samford and Anthony Enriquez, two musicians who came together about a year ago. Prior to forming Shotgun Rider, Logan and Anthony were part of the band Seven Miles South. Unfortunately, Seven Miles South disbanded, leaving Logan and Anthony to explore new musical avenues.

With Logan’s powerful, unique vocals and Anthony’s impressive songwriting skills, the duo quickly gained fans and critical acclaim. They have been praised for their ability to blend elements of country, rock, and pop into a sound that is truly their own. They also draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including classic rock legends like Tom Petty and contemporaries like Eric Church.

Since forming, Shotgun Rider has released several singles, including “Steady As She Goes” and “Me and a Memory.” Their music has been featured on radio stations across the country and has earned them a dedicated fan base.

It is safe to say that Logan Samford and Shotgun Rider are making waves in the world of country music. With their unique sound, catchy hooks, and undeniable talent, they are sure to continue winning over new fans and making great music for years to come.