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Where does the sartorialist live?

The Sartorialist is one of the most inspiring fashion photographers out there. He has created a name for himself in the fashion industry by taking pictures of stylish people on the streets of New York and other fashion capitals. The Sartorialist, whose real name is Scott Schuman, has always had a passion for fashion. He is an American blogger and photographer who is widely known for his street style photography.

Early Life of Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman was born in Bloomington, Indiana on November 21, 1968. He spent his early childhood in Peru, Indiana, with his parents who were both school teachers. Schuman’s fascination with fashion began at a young age. His grandmother was a seamstress, and Schuman often spent time watching her sew dresses. His family moved to Arizona in the late 1970s, where his father got a job at the University of Arizona. He went to school in Arizona and later moved to California to study at a community college.

Beginning of The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist started as a blog in 2005. Schuman began to photograph people on the street in order to capture their unique sense of style that he saw on the streets in New York City. He started his blog to showcase his pictures and write about the people he encountered. His photography caught the attention of famous fashion brands and magazines, including Vogue, GQ, and other high-profile publications.

The Sartorialist’s Style

The Sartorialist’s photography style is unique in that he captures stylish people going about their everyday lives. He is drawn to people who have an effortless sense of style, and his photographs capture the reality of fashion on the streets. Schuman’s images have become so influential in the fashion world that they have inspired countless fashionistas to take more risks with their personal style.

The Sartorialist’s Home

The Sartorialist, or Scott Schuman, lives in New York with his partner Jenny Walton and their youngest daughter. His apartment is beautifully decorated with a mix of modern and classic elements. The apartment features floor-to-ceiling bookshelves full of photography books, vintage furniture, and art pieces that Schuman has collected over the years.

The home reflects Schuman’s style and taste, with natural light streaming in through large windows and the beautiful hardwood flooring. Schuman’s love for art and design can be seen not only in his photography but also in the way he has decorated his home. The apartment is a creative space that inspires Schuman in his photography work every day.


The Sartorialist, or Scott Schuman, is an American blogger and fashion photographer who captures the essence of street style in cities all around the world. Schuman’s photography has had a significant impact on the fashion industry, and his style has inspired countless people to take more risks with their own personal style. Schuman’s New York apartment is a creative oasis filled with beautiful pieces of art and design, reflecting Schuman’s own style and taste. It is the perfect place for Schuman’s photography – a place that inspires him to showcase the unique style of people all around the world.


What happened with Jenny and the sartorialist?

Scott Schuman, widely known as ‘The Sartorialist,’ is an American fashion blogger and photographer who gained fame for his street style photography. In April 2016, Schuman confirmed that he was in a relationship with Jenny Walton, the fashion director at The Sartorialist, his former partner Garance Doré’s website. This news caused a stir in the fashion world because Walton, who is fifteen years Schuman’s junior, is a fashion professional in her own right and not just a model or a muse.

Schuman and Walton had been dating for over a year when they announced their engagement in March 2017. They documented their relationship through their respective social media accounts, with Schuman posting photographs of Walton and the two of them together. They also worked together on a fashion collaboration that included a small capsule collection of jewelry and accessories.

Despite the couple’s seemingly strong bond, everything changed on May 13, 2022, when Schuman and Walton announced their split. The news came as a surprise to many fans, who had followed the couple’s journey from dating to engagement and beyond. In a joint statement posted on Instagram, they stated that they have mutually decided to end their relationship, but did not provide any specific reasons for the breakup.

The announcement left many wondering about the fate of their joint work and collaborative projects, but they have not commented on this yet. Schuman and Walton have both resumed posting on social media and sharing their individual works, but their fans are left to ponder what led to the end of their seemingly happy relationship.

Scott Schuman, ‘The Sartorialist,’ and Jenny Walton, the fashion director at The Sartorialist, broke up on May 13, 2022, after being together for more than five years. Despite their strong bond and collaborations, the couple decided to end their relationship, and specific reasons for the split have not been disclosed.

Why did Garance and Chris break up?

Garance Doré and Chris Norton, who were known for their high-profile relationship, broke up in 2018. There are varying opinions and rumors about the reason for their break-up, but Garance herself shed some light on the situation in a blog post. According to her, their relationship ended simply because they were not meant for each other.

Their split came as a surprise to many. Garance and Chris had been together for several years and seemed to be very happy together. They shared their lives openly on social media, often posting pictures of their travels, their adventures, and their daily lives. They had also collaborated on several occasions, with Norton contributing to some of Garance’s photography projects.

It is unclear what specifically caused the end of their relationship. Some rumors suggest that it was due to infidelity on Chris Norton’s part, while others speculate that the two simply grew apart and realized that they were not meant to be together. In her blog post, Garance did not go into details but instead focused on the need to accept change and move forward.

While their relationship may have ended, Garance has continued to build her career as a blogger, writer, and creative director. Her blog, which was once focused solely on fashion, has evolved into Atelier Doré, an online lifestyle platform that covers a range of topics from culture and beauty to food and travel. Garance oversees an editorial team as creative director and continues to be a prominent figure in the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging.

While the exact reason for Garance and Chris’s break-up remains a mystery, it is clear that they simply grew apart and realized that they were not meant to be together. Garance has continued to thrive in her career and has successfully transitioned from a fashion blogger to a lifestyle platform founder and creative director.

Who is Scott Schulman’s wife?

Scott Schulman is a talented artist and craftsman who has gained fame for his amazing creations made from various materials. However, apart from his brilliant work, he has also been quite private about his personal life, particularly his family. Nonetheless, through a few interviews and pictures, some information about his personal life has been revealed.

It is known that Scott Schulman is married to a physician named Rhonda Taubin. Though there are no details about how and when they met, it is evident that they have been together for quite some time. In fact, Rhonda seems to be Scott’s biggest supporter, providing help and encouragement to her husband, which has allowed him to focus on his passion and create some truly remarkable works of art.

It is also worth noting that Rhonda has made an appearance in one of Scott’s works of art. Specifically, in one of his installations titled “LOVE,” Scott used 1,830 deck screws to spell out the word. In a photograph of the artwork, Rhonda can be seen standing next to it, smiling proudly alongside her husband.

Despite not knowing much about Rhonda Taubin, it is clear that she is a significant person in Scott Schulman’s life, providing him with support, love, and positivity. Together, the two seem to make a wonderful team, with Scott’s artistic genius perfectly complemented by Rhonda’s medical expertise and support.