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Where does Kenny G rank all time?

Kenny G is one of the most well-known saxophonists in history. His smooth jazz tunes have been heard by millions of people around the world, and he has an extensive discography to his name. However, the question often arises – where does Kenny G rank all-time? In this blog post, we will delve into the answer to this question and explore why Kenny G has had such an impact on the music industry.

Early Career

Kenny G began his career as a sideman for some of the biggest names in jazz, such as Barry White and Jeff Lorber. He eventually signed with Arista Records in 1982 and released his first album, “Kenny G,” which received critical acclaim. However, it wasn’t until his fifth studio album, “Breathless,” that Kenny G truly skyrocketed to success.


Released in 1992, “Breathless” is Kenny G’s bestselling album, having sold over 12 million copies worldwide. The album is a collection of smooth jazz tunes, and it features collaborations with a number of well-known artists, such as Toni Braxton and Babyface. The album was a commercial success, hitting number one on the Billboard 200, and was widely regarded as a groundbreaking album in the smooth jazz genre.

Kenny G’s Impact on the Music Industry

Kenny G’s smooth jazz tunes have had a significant impact on the music industry, particularly on the smooth jazz genre. His unique sound, which is characterized by his use of circular breathing, has inspired countless musicians and has helped to popularize the saxophone in contemporary music.

Additionally, Kenny G’s success in the ’80s and ’90s helped to pave the way for other smooth jazz artists, such as Dave Koz and Boney James. He also helped to bring jazz to a wider audience, helping to break down barriers between jazz and pop music.

Criticisms of Kenny G

Despite his success, Kenny G has faced criticism from some quarters. Some jazz purists have criticized his music, arguing that it lacks the improvisational elements that are central to jazz. Similarly, some critics have argued that his music is too safe and lacks the edginess that is often associated with jazz.

However, it’s worth noting that Kenny G has never claimed to be a traditional jazz musician. He has always been open about his love for pop music, and his music has always been geared towards a wider audience. Furthermore, his impact on the music industry cannot be denied, and his influence on the smooth jazz genre has been immense.

All-Time Ranking

So, where does Kenny G rank all-time? According to several rankings, Kenny G is ranked among the most influential saxophonists in history. For example, on Rate Your Music, Kenny G’s “Breathless” is ranked as the 21,139th greatest album of all time, with a total rank score of 47.

Kenny G himself is ranked as the 6,950th greatest artist of all time, with a total rank score of 98. While these rankings certainly don’t tell the whole story, they do highlight the impact that Kenny G has had on the music industry.


Kenny G’s impact on the music industry cannot be denied. His smooth jazz tunes have inspired countless musicians and have helped to popularize the saxophone in contemporary music. While he has faced criticisms from some quarters, his success in the ’80s and ’90s helped to pave the way for other smooth jazz artists, and helped to bring jazz to a wider audience. So, while the question of where Kenny G ranks all-time may be difficult to answer definitively, there is no denying the impact that he has had on music history.


Is Kenny G the best-selling artist of all time?

Kenny G is a world-renowned saxophonist, born in Seattle, Washington, in 1956. He began playing the saxophone in high school and went on to study at the University of Washington before turning his passion into a successful career. His soft and mellow sound has captivated music lovers around the world for decades, but is he the best-selling artist of all time?

Kenny G’s breakthrough came in 1986 with the release of his fourth studio album, Duotones. The album’s lead single, “Songbird,” quickly climbed the charts and helped make Kenny G a household name. Duotones went on to sell over five million copies in the United States alone, making it one of the best-selling instrumental albums of all time.

Kenny G’s success did not stop there. He has released over twenty studio albums throughout his career, many of which have achieved commercial success. In addition to his Grammy-winning music career, Kenny G has also made appearances in several movies and television shows.

But is Kenny G really the best-selling artist of all time? While he has undoubtedly sold a significant number of records, other artists have sold even more. For example, The Beatles are widely regarded as the best-selling band of all time, with over 600 million records sold worldwide.

Despite not being the best-selling artist of all time, Kenny G’s contributions to the music industry are undeniable. He has influenced countless musicians with his smooth trademark sound, and his legacy as a saxophone legend will undoubtedly continue for years to come.

Is Kenny G considered a good saxophone player?

Kenny G is undoubtedly a skilled and talented saxophonist. He has sold over 75 million records worldwide and has a successful career spanning several decades. His smooth jazz sound is recognized globally and has made him one of the most popular saxophonists of all time. However, when it comes to determining whether he is the best saxophonist ever, that is a highly subjective matter and open to debate.

Kenny G’s technical ability on the saxophone is no doubt impressive. He is known for his long, sustained notes and impressive breath control, as evidenced by his Guinness World Record for playing the longest note ever recorded on a saxophone. However, some critics argue that his playing lacks the soul and depth that is present in the playing of other jazz saxophonists like John Coltrane or Charlie Parker, who were known for their virtuosic improvisation and innovative approach to jazz.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the definition of what makes a good saxophonist varies from person to person. Some people may prefer Kenny G’s smooth, easy-listening sound, while others may prefer a more complex and challenging style of saxophone playing. it is up to the listener to decide whether or not they consider Kenny G a good saxophonist.

Kenny G is undoubtedly a successful and talented saxophonist with impressive technical abilities. However, whether or not he is considered the best saxophonist ever is a subjective matter open to interpretation. While some may argue that his playing lacks the depth and soul of other jazz greats, others may appreciate his smooth jazz sound. the definition of what makes a good saxophonist varies from person to person, and it is up to the listener to decide whether or not they consider Kenny G a good saxophonist.

Who is the most successful group of all time?

When it comes to determining the most successful group of all time, there are a few different factors that can be taken into consideration. One such factor is album sales, as this can provide an indication of the impact and reach that a group has had over time. In looking at album sales, it quickly becomes apparent that one group stands out above all others: The Beatles.

The British rock band rose to fame during the 1960s and quickly became a global sensation, with their music influencing countless artists and shaping the sound of popular music for decades to come. To date, The Beatles have sold over 183 million certified units, making them the best-selling artist worldwide. Their music continues to be beloved by fans young and old, with their iconic songs remaining a staple of radio airplay and pop culture references.

In addition to album sales, The Beatles have also been recognized with numerous accolades and achievements throughout their career. They have won seven Grammy Awards, achieved 20 number one singles in the US, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. Their influence extends beyond their music, as they also played a critical role in shaping the culture of the time, from their looks and fashion to their commentary on social and political issues.

While there are other groups that have achieved massive success in their own right, such as Queen or Led Zeppelin, The Beatles’ impact on music and culture cannot be overstated. They continue to be hailed as one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time, setting the standard for what it means to be a successful group in the music industry.

Who is the best alto sax player of all time?

The question of who is the best alto sax player of all time is a topic of passionate debate among jazz enthusiasts and scholars. While there have been numerous influential saxophonists throughout history, one musician who frequently surfaces as the greatest saxophonist of all time is Charlie “Bird” Parker.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1920, Parker is considered one of the founding fathers of bebop, a style of jazz that emerged in the 1940s and focused on fast tempos, complex harmony, and improvisation. From a young age, Parker demonstrated a prodigious talent for the saxophone, and by the time he was in his early 20s, he had already become a leading figure in the New York jazz scene.

What set Parker apart from other saxophonists of his time was his virtuosity and technical prowess. He possessed a remarkable speed and agility on the saxophone, as well as an ability to improvise complex and innovative melodies on the spot. Many of his solos, such as his performance on the track “Ko Ko,” have become legendary in the world of jazz, and are still studied and emulated by saxophonists today.

But Parker’s greatness was not simply a matter of technique and skill. He also brought a singular sense of creativity and musical vision to the genre of jazz, incorporating elements of blues, swing, and even classical music into his compositions. This fusion of styles and genres helped pave the way for the development of modern jazz, and cemented Parker’s place in history as one of the most influential musicians of all time.

In addition to his musical legacy, Parker’s life story was nothing short of remarkable. He struggled with drug addiction for many years, which ultimately led to his untimely death at the age of 34. Despite his struggles, Parker’s music continued to resonate with audiences and musicians alike, and his work has inspired countless performers over the years.

While there have been other talented saxophonists throughout history, it is Parker’s unique blend of technical mastery, creativity, and historical significance that has made him the most celebrated and memorable alto sax player of all time. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast or simply a music lover, it’s hard not to appreciate the enduring legacy of Charlie “Bird” Parker.

What is the personality of a saxophone player?

Saxophone players, like individuals who play other musical instruments, are said to possess unique personality traits and characteristics that set them apart from the rest. According to a study conducted by German musicologist and saxophone player Manfred Vogl, saxophonists tend to exhibit specific personality traits that are reflective of their musical preferences and playing styles.

The research found that saxophone players are typically lively and extroverted individuals who enjoy socializing and are comfortable in group settings. They are often well balanced, with a good mix of openness, conscientiousness and agreeableness, and possess a high level of emotional stability. These traits make saxophonists popular amongst their peers, as they’re able to create a sense of excitement and energy when playing music.

In addition to being friendly and outgoing, saxophonists also tend to have a strong sense of self and masculinity. This is because the saxophone is often seen as a symbol of male dominance within the world of music. Researchers believe that societal norms surrounding saxophone playing and masculinity have contributed to this trait amongst saxophonists.

Furthermore, saxophonists tend to be creative and non-conformist, preferring to take risks and explore unique musical avenues. This adventurous trait is often reflected in their music, as they infuse their compositions with unconventional elements, such as polyrhythms and unusual chord progressions. They also tend to have a deep appreciation for music theory, using it to create innovative and complex melodies.

Saxophone players are known for their outgoing and adventurous personalities, as well as their creativity and appreciation for music theory. These unique personality traits make them a valuable asset to any musical ensemble and contribute to the saxophone’s reputation as a versatile and exciting instrument.

What type of sax does Kenny G play?

Kenny G is a world-renowned saxophonist who has become known for his smooth jazz style and his ability to transcend traditional jazz boundaries. He began playing the saxophone at the age of 10 and went on to study music at the University of Washington.

Kenny G is most closely associated with the soprano saxophone, which is smaller than the tenor saxophone and has a higher pitch. He is known for his mastery of this instrument and has been playing the same soprano saxophone since high school. He has stated that all of the songs he has ever recorded and every show he has ever played have been performed on this saxophone.

In addition to the soprano saxophone, Kenny G also plays other types of saxophones such as the alto and tenor saxophones. He has been known to switch between these instruments during his performances to achieve different sounds and moods.

Kenny G’s musical career has spanned over three decades and he has become one of the most successful instrumentalists of all time. His unique sound and style have garnered him a large following and he has sold millions of records worldwide. He has collaborated with many other artists and has been featured on numerous soundtracks and albums.

While Kenny G plays other types of saxophones, he is most closely associated with the soprano saxophone. His mastery of this instrument has helped him create a unique sound and style that has made him one of the most successful instrumentalists of all time.