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Where did Colbie Caillat go?

Colbie Caillat is a famous American pop singer-songwriter who has won numerous honors and accolades throughout her career. Her music is known for its carefree, beachy vibe that infuses elements of pop, folk, and rock with a tropical lilt. Caillat has become a fan favorite due in part to her easygoing charisma and relatable lyrics that touch on themes of love, loss, and life’s ups and downs. However, it seems that in recent years, the singer has stepped back from the spotlight a bit. Fans are left wondering, where did Colbie Caillat go?

Colbie Caillat’s Early Career

Colbie Caillat was born in Malibu, California, in 1985. She grew up in a musical family – her dad, Ken Caillat, was a music producer – and began singing in her teens. In 2006, she started posting videos of herself singing on the social media platform MySpace, which at the time was a hotbed of emerging musical talent.

Caillat’s MySpace profile caught the attention of several record labels, and she eventually signed with Universal Republic Records. She released her debut album, “Coco,” in 2007. The album was a commercial and critical success, peaking at number five on the Billboard 200 and earning Caillat two Grammy nominations.

Colbie Caillat’s Success and Evolution

Following the success of “Coco,” Caillat released her second album, “Breakthrough,” in 2009. The album featured the hit singles “Fallin’ for You” and “I Never Told You” and was certified gold by the RIAA. In 2011, Caillat released her third album, “All of You,” which included the hit single “Brighter Than the Sun.”

Over the years, Caillat’s music has evolved, becoming more polished and produced while retaining her signature laid-back sound. She has collaborated with a number of other artists, including Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, and Common.

In 2014, Caillat released her fourth album, “Gypsy Heart,” which explored more mature themes such as self-discovery and heartbreak. However, it seems that around this time, the singer began to step back from the spotlight.

Colbie Caillat’s Personal Life

Part of the reason for Caillat’s decreased visibility may be due to her personal life. In 2015, she announced that she was engaged to musician Justin Young, whom she had been dating for several years. The couple currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, which is a far cry from Caillat’s native Southern California and the laid-back beach vibe that is often associated with her music.

In a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, Caillat explained that her decision to step back from music was largely due to her personal life. She said, “About two years ago, things started shifting in my personal life, and I realized I wanted to put more time and energy into my relationships and more of my own personal journey and spiritual growth.”

Caillat has also become involved in activism in recent years. In 2019, she founded a movement called The Good Vibes Tribe, which encourages people to spread positivity and kindness in the world.


Although Colbie Caillat may not be as visible in the music industry as she once was, she has not disappeared entirely. The singer has continued to release music and tour, albeit on a smaller scale. Her personal life and activism work have taken precedence, and it seems that Caillat is content with this shift in focus. For fans who miss her breezy, beachy sound, the good news is that Caillat’s music is still available and as joyful as ever.


What has happened to Colbie Caillat?

Colbie Caillat is a well-known singer and songwriter who came to fame with her hit song “Bubbly” in 2007. Since then, she has released multiple albums and won several awards, including two Grammy Awards.

As of 2021, Colbie has been relatively quiet in terms of music releases and public appearances. However, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy. In fact, she has just finished recording a new album in Nashville, TN. The album represents an exciting new direction for Colbie as she collaborates with different songwriters and producers.

On April 21st, 2023, Colbie released the first single from her upcoming album, called “Worth It.” The song is a heartfelt ballad that showcases Colbie’s signature vocals and powerful lyrics. Fans have been eagerly anticipating new music from Colbie, and the reception to “Worth It” has been overwhelmingly positive.

In addition to her music career, Colbie has always been an active and dedicated philanthropist. Throughout her career, she has been an avowed spokesperson and supporter for several charitable organizations, including the ASPCA, the Surfrider Foundation, Save The Music, Farm Sanctuary, and The Humane Society of the United States.

Colbie Caillat is still an active musician who has been working hard on new music. She recently released the first single from her upcoming album and has continued to use her platform to raise awareness for important charitable causes. Fans can look forward to hearing more from Colbie in the near future.

Are Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves still friends?

Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves are a well-known duo who have been creating music together since 2007. They have collaborated on several successful tracks like “Bubbly,” “Realize,” and “Lucky.” Their chemistry and friendship are well-evidenced in their music as they seamlessly harmonize and complement each other’s voices.

Even after all these years, there has been no news of any discord or fallout between the two performers. In fact, in a 2018 interview with Billboard, Colbie Caillat spoke highly of her working relationship with Reeves. She mentioned that they still love harmonizing together, writing songs, and touring. Caillat and Reeves also shared their mutual love for their music-making process, which involves collaborating on every aspect, from writing songs, composing melodies to harmonizing vocals.

The duo has continued to tour and perform together over the years, and their friendship and chemistry remain strong. They’ve shared pictures and videos of them hanging out and performing together on their social media accounts that give a glimpse of their fun-loving camaraderie.

It’S safe to say that Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves are still great friends. They have a fantastic creative partnership that continues to produce incredible music after many years. Their strong bond and shared love for music seem to have cemented their friendship for the long haul.

What happened to country group Gone West?

Gone West was a country group consisting of four members: Colbie Caillat, her fiancé Justin Young, Nelly Joy, and Jason Reeves. The group was formed in early 2018 after Caillat and Young moved to Nashville together. They began writing and recording music with Joy and Reeves, and the chemistry quickly became apparent. Their music was a unique blend of country, pop, and folk influences, with stunning harmonies and heartfelt lyrics.

Gone West released their debut EP, Tides, in January 2019, which received critical acclaim and gained them a solid fanbase. They then embarked on a tour with singer-songwriter Scotty McCreery, and they were slated for several more tours and festival appearances in 2020. However, things took a turn for the worse when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and all touring and live performances were put on hold for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the pandemic, the members of Gone West were dealing with personal issues behind the scenes. In August 2020, Caillat and Young announced that they had ended their engagement and were no longer together. This news shocked fans, as they had been together for over 10 years and seemed to have a strong relationship. The breakup clearly affected the dynamic within the group, and it was shortly thereafter announced that Gone West had disbanded.

Despite the breakup and the end of Gone West, the members remain active in the music industry. Caillat has continued to release solo music, and Young is working on a solo album titled Back To The Blue. Nelly Joy and Jason Reeves also continue to write and perform music together. It’s clear that the members of Gone West have a deep passion for their craft, and while it’s sad to see the group disband, fans can still look forward to new music from the talented individuals involved.

Are the singers in Gone West married?

Gone West is a country music quartet that consists of four members, namely Colbie Caillat, Justin Young, Jason Reeves, and Nelly Joy. Since the country group is composed of two men and two women, there might be a possibility that some of them are married, or even married to their bandmates.

Two of the members, Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy, are actually married. The two met in 2014 during a songwriting session in Nashville. They eventually started dating, got engaged, and tied the knot in October 2017 in an intimate ceremony on a ranch in Nashville. Jason is a singer-songwriter from Iowa, while Nelly Joy is a singer-songwriter from Texas.

As for the other two members of Gone West, Colbie Caillat and Justin Young, they are not married to each other nor to anyone in the group. Colbie is actually engaged to Justin Kawika Young, but this Justin is not the same as the Justin in the band. Her fiancé is a former member of the Hawaiian band, Kahua, and is not affiliated with Gone West. On the other hand, Justin Young is reported to be single.

Two members of Gone West, Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy, are married to each other, while Colbie Caillat is engaged to Justin Kawika Young, and Justin Young is single. Knowing the relationship status of the band members will further add depth to the music and lyrics that they create, which centers on the themes of love, relationships, and the struggles that come with it.