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When should I mail wedding invitations?

As you prepare for your big day, you want to make sure everything is perfect. One of the most important things to prepare is wedding invitations. The invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, and you want to make sure they receive them in a timely manner. However, you may be wondering when you should mail your wedding invitations. In this post, we will answer your questions and help you determine the best time to send out your wedding invitations.

What is the Best Time to Mail Wedding Invitations?

It is recommended that you mail your wedding invitations six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding date. This provides your guests with enough time to plan for your wedding, make travel plans if necessary, and RSVP.

When Should I Send Invitations for a Destination Wedding?

If you are having a destination wedding, you should send your invitations to guests three months in advance of your wedding date. This allows your guests to plan for travel, accommodations, and any other arrangements they need to make. Additionally, destination weddings often require more planning, and guests may need to take more time off work, so giving them more notice is essential.

What if I am Having a Short Engagement?

If you are having a short engagement, you may be concerned about how much time you have to send out your wedding invitations. In this case, you can send your invitations four to six weeks in advance of your wedding date. While this is less notice than the recommended six to eight weeks, it is still enough time for your guests to RSVP and plan for your wedding.

When Should I Order My Wedding Invitations?

It is recommended that you order your wedding invitations at least three to four months before your wedding date. This gives you enough time to work with a designer or printer to create your invitations, and make any necessary revisions. Additionally, if you are ordering invitations online, you should factor in shipping time as well.

What Information Should I Include in My Wedding Invitation?

Your wedding invitation should include the following information:

– Names of the bride and groom
– Date and time of the wedding
– Location of the wedding ceremony and reception
– RSVP deadline and instructions
– Dress code, if necessary

If you are having a destination wedding, you should also include information about travel and accommodations for your guests.


In conclusion, the best time to mail your wedding invitations is six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding date, or three months in advance for a destination wedding. If you have a short engagement, you can still send your invitations four to six weeks in advance. Make sure to order your wedding invitations at least three to four months in advance of your wedding date, and include all the necessary information in your invitation. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your guests receive your wedding invitations in a timely manner and are able to plan for your special day.


How long before a wedding do you hand out invitations?

The timing of sending wedding invitations is an important aspect of the wedding planning process. Usually, invitations are sent six weeks before a wedding to give guests enough time to plan their schedules and make travel arrangements if needed. The six-week time frame is a traditional rule of thumb that has been established over time in the wedding etiquette world. However, this time frame may not always be applicable to every wedding.

If you’re planning a destination wedding or a wedding during the holiday season when travel and accommodation arrangements might be complicated, sending your invitations at least three months in advance would be a reasonable approach. This extended notification period will provide your guests with sufficient time to plan their travel and make arrangements to attend your wedding.

Conversely, smaller, more intimate weddings or weddings where guests don’t need to make significant travel arrangements can be advanced forward to three or four weeks. Invitations sent within this time frame still give your guests enough notice to plan accordingly without giving them so much time that they forget or lose the invitation.

Regardless of the actual date that you send out your invitations, the most important thing is to ensure that you provide adequate information about the wedding event. This information includes your names, the wedding date, time and venue, as well as RSVP instructions so that guests can respond accordingly. By providing your guests with all this information, you create a smooth wedding planning experience that your guests will appreciate.

How far in advance do you hand out party invites?

When planning a party, one of the most important details to consider is how far in advance you should hand out invitations. A good rule to follow is to give your invitees at least four weeks’ notice of the party. This way, you provide guests with enough time to plan and clear their schedules if necessary, without giving such a long lead time that they forget about the event or become indifferent.

A month before the party is a good time to start thinking about the guest list and potential dates. This will give you enough time to prepare invitations, addressing them and even making some handmade decorations and party supplies if you want to add a personalized touch to your celebration. As you get closer to the date of the party, you should remember to schedule other details in advance as well—such as ordering food, drinks, or arranging for any entertainment.

It’s important to remember that different events require different amounts of lead time. For example, a birthday party may require less notice than a wedding or a corporate event. If your party falls on a holiday or a long weekend, make sure to send out invitations early. Your guests may have other plans or celebrations that are competing with yours, and you do not want them to miss out.

Also, keep in mind that if your guest list includes people who live far away, you’ll want to give them extra notice to buy plane tickets or to make necessary travel arrangements so that they can attend the party. In such a case, sending the invitation six weeks before the party is likely a better choice.

Giving people ample time to plan for your party is crucial for making sure they can come and enjoy what you have planned. Exceptions always exist, but generally speaking, four weeks’ notice is the minimum time you should give when it comes to handing out party invites.