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When should a bride go wedding dress shopping?

One of the most memorable aspects of getting married is finding the perfect wedding dress. It’s the dress you’ll wear on one of the most important and happiest days of your life, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about when to start shopping for it. This is a significant investment and an event that you want to be enjoyable, so timing is key.nbsp;

Factors to consider when shopping for a wedding dress

When shopping for a wedding dress, there are several things to consider before scheduling an appointment:nbsp;

Wedding Venue

Before you start shopping for a wedding dress, you should have a pretty good idea of the type of wedding you want to have, such as casual, traditional, or formal. Once you have determined the type of wedding you want, the venue should be the next factor you consider. A dress that might be perfect for a beach wedding wouldn’t be appropriate for a ballroom wedding. Make sure to have a good understanding of your venue.

Wedding Date

The date of your wedding can help you determine when you should start shopping for your wedding dress. If you’re getting married during peak wedding season, it’s especially important to start your search as early as possible. You don’t want to be in a panic trying to find the perfect dress just a few weeks before the wedding date. If you have a specific date for your wedding ceremony, then it’s much easier to plan.


Another factor that should influence when you start shopping for your wedding dress is your budget. If you have a budget for your wedding dress in mind, it’s important to start shopping in advance so that you have enough time to find the right one. Starting early also gives you time to look for discounts, sales and offers that might be available.

When To Start Shopping For A Wedding Dress?

Once you have considered all the major factors, you need to determine when to start shopping for a wedding dress. Generally, six to nine months is the correct time. This timeline gives you enough time to find the dress of your dreams, as well as any necessary adjustments, without adding too much stress in the process. However, if you have a specific designer in mind, or if you’re looking for a custom dress, you may need to start shopping for your wedding dress even earlier.

10-12 months Before Your Wedding

If you have a good idea of what you want and have time on your side, it’s a good idea to start browsing for dresses a year before your wedding. This will give you the luxury of time to look at several boutiques, try on a wide range of dresses, and pick out the perfect one in preparation for your big day.

8-10 months before your wedding

If you are planning a wedding within 10 months, you should start shopping as soon as possible. Make sure to book an appointment with a bridal shop, this will give you ample time to start fittings. This time frame is particularly important if your bridal dress requires a lot of custom work, such as unique appliques or a personalized train, or your dress is coming from overseas.

6-8 months before your wedding

If you are not sure of what you want when you to start looking, the ideal time is between six and eight months before the wedding. This scenario gives you enough time to consider different bridal styles, check fittings, and make the necessary adjustments. This is also a good time frame to begin shopping if you are keeping your options open, or are unsure of a specific designer or dress style.

4-6 months before your wedding

If you are shopping for a wedding dress anywhere between four to six months before the wedding, it is generally considered late. But if you are pressed for time, this is a good time frame to start shopping. It is important to keep in mind that when buying within this timeframe, you might have to consider ready-to-wear dresses instead of a custom or designer dress.

2-3 months before your wedding

If you are only beginning to shop for your dress two or three months before the wedding, it’s best to look for something that is ready to wear or what is commonly referred to as “off the rack”. This perfectly works for someone who is not too picky with details and does not demand complex customizations to the dress.


Ultimately, the best time to start shopping for a wedding dress depends on many factors, such as the wedding date, venue, and your budget. Planning your wedding dress shopping early will save you from the last-minute rush and give you time to find the dress of your dreams. Start early and take your time to find the perfect dress that captures your true beauty.


How long before a wedding should you go dress shopping?

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions a bride-to-be will make. It’s not only about finding a gown that fits perfectly but it’s about finding the perfect dress for the perfect day. So when should a bride begin her dress shopping journey?

The ideal time to begin dress shopping depends on several factors, including the wedding date and personal preferences. Typically, most brides-to-be start shopping around 8-10 months before their wedding day. This time frame is ideal for several reasons.

Firstly, it gives you time to leisurely browse through dresses and explore different bridal boutiques and designers. It’s also important to keep in mind that some designers may require several months for production and alterations. By starting early, you have ample time to consult with designers and plan for alterations.

Another important reason why you should start your dress shopping early is to avoid last-minute stress. When you start early, you can pace yourself, take time to find the best dress, and avoid the anxiety of a last-minute hunt.

If your wedding is a destination wedding or if you have an exceedingly busy schedule, you may want to start shopping even earlier than the recommended timeframe. This will give you enough time to find a good dress, have it shipped to you and schedule any alterations that will be required.

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, there’s no such thing as “too soon” to start searching. Ideally, it is best to start looking for a dress between 8-10 months before the wedding to allow ample time for browsing, choosing, finalizing and tailoring your dress. Starting early will reduce stress and help you enjoy the process of finding your perfect gown.

Who is supposed to go dress shopping with the bride?

When it comes to dress shopping, every bride has their own set of individuals they would like to have by their side, making the experience more memorable and enjoyable. Traditionally, the first person that brides choose to include in their wedding dress shopping trip is their mom. Moms are considered the ultimate support system that the bride needs during this process. They are usually the ones who know the bride’s style, likes and dislikes, and can help them find the perfect dress to make them feel like a beautiful bride.

Apart from the mom, sisters are also commonly included in the wedding dress shopping trip. This is because sisters share a special bond with the bride and know her tastes and preferences better than anyone else. They can offer valuable feedback and opinions about the dresses the bride is trying on, making it a fun and interactive experience.

In addition to moms and sisters, grandmothers also play an important role in accompanying the bride during her wedding dress shopping. Grandmothers generally have a lot of wisdom, knowledge, and experience when it comes to fashion, which makes them great advisors in the selection of bridal dresses. Also, having a grandmother there to share in the experience can add a sentimental touch to an already special day.

In recent times, many brides have also started including their soon-to-be mothers-in-law in the wedding dress shopping trip. This is a great way to bond and get to know the future mother-in-law better. It also helps to make the final decision-making process more inclusive and less biased.

Although there is no hard and fast rule about who should accompany the bride during her wedding dress shopping, moms, sisters, grandmothers, and mothers-in-law are some of the most common choices. it all comes down to whoever the bride feels most comfortable with and whose opinions she values the most.

Is 8 months enough time to buy a wedding dress?

When planning a wedding, there are many important details to consider, and choosing the perfect wedding dress is certainly one of them. One of the most common questions that brides-to-be ask is whether 8 months is enough time to buy a wedding dress.

The answer to this question largely depends on individual circumstances and preferences. Generally speaking, it is always a good idea to start shopping for a wedding dress well in advance of the wedding day to ensure a seamless experience and to get exactly what you want. At Love Bridal Boutique, we recommend that brides order their dress 8-12 months in advance.

There are several reasons why it is important to start shopping for a wedding dress early. Firstly, it can take time to find the perfect dress. With so many styles, fabrics, and designers to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down your options. By starting your search early, you can take your time to explore different styles and try on different dresses without feeling rushed or pressured. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to attend trunk shows and sample sales, which can be a great way to find a high-quality designer dress at a more affordable price.

Another reason it’s important to start early is that once you have found the dress you love, it still takes time to order and receive it. Custom-made dresses, for example, can take up to several months to make and deliver. Even if you opt for an off-the-rack gown, you will need to factor in time for any necessary alterations. These can take several weeks to complete, and you will likely need to schedule multiple fittings to ensure a proper fit.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there are several other wedding-related tasks and details that require your attention in the lead-up to your big day. Therefore, getting the wedding dress off your list as early as possible can help reduce stress and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your wedding planning.

While 8 months may seem like a long time to choose a wedding dress, it’s important to remember that finding the perfect dress can take time. By starting your search early, giving yourself enough time to order and receive your dress, and accommodating any alterations, you can ensure that you have a stress-free and enjoyable experience leading up to your big day.