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What’s Preston’s real name?

Preston Blaine Arsement, known professionally as Preston, is a famous American YouTuber. He was born on May 4, 1994, in Texas, USA. He is popularly known for his Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite gaming content on YouTube, and Twitch. Apart from gaming videos, he also produces challenge and prank videos.

What’s Preston’s Real Name?

As mentioned earlier, Preston’s real name is Preston Blaine Arsement. He adopted the name ‘Preston’ as his online name, which later became his brand name. The name Preston has been with him since his earlier days of uploading YouTube videos, and it has stuck with him ever since.

The Journey to Becoming a Famous YouTuber

Preston has been a content creator for quite some time now, and his journey to becoming a famous YouTuber was not an overnight success. He started his YouTube channel back in 2010, where he mainly uploaded Call of Duty gameplay videos. However, as he continued to create content, he expanded his niche to Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite gaming content as these games gained popularity among YouTubers.

Over the years, Preston’s content has evolved, and he has grown his brand to become one of the most popular YouTubers in the gaming community. His videos now range from gaming to pranks, challenges, collaborations, and much more.

Preston’s Achievements and Milestones

Preston has achieved several milestones over the course of his YouTube career. Here are a few notable ones:

  • He has over 15 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, which has earned him a Diamond Play button
  • He has over 10 million subscribers on his second YouTube channel, TBNRFrags, which has earned him a second Diamond Play button
  • He has won several esports tournaments and championships for games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Among Us
  • He has collaborated with other famous YouTubers such as Mr. Beast, DanTDM, and Markiplier
  • He has also created his gaming merchandise, which generates a substantial amount of revenue for him annually


In summary, Preston Blaine Arsement, popularly known as Preston, is a famous American YouTuber known for his gaming, challenge, and prank videos. He adopted the name ‘Preston’ as his online name, which later became his brand name. Over the years, he has achieved several milestones and has grown his brand into one of the most popular in the gaming community. His hard work, dedication, and passion for content creation have paid off, and he is now one of the biggest YouTube stars globally.


What is the real name of PrestonPlayz?

PrestonPlayz is one of the most popular and influential YouTubers, who has gained a massive following for his content related to Minecraft, Fortnite, and other games. Although he is commonly known as PrestonPlayz, the famous YouTuber’s real name is Preston Blaine Arsement. He was born on May 4, 1994, in the Southern region of America, Texas.

Preston Arsement started his journey on YouTube in 2010 while he was still in high school. Initially, he started making videos on a variety of topics, like Call of Duty, Halo, and other games. However, over time, he started to focus on Minecraft, which was gaining immense popularity back then. He started a YouTube channel, which he named TBNRfrags, and started creating Minecraft videos, which quickly gained a substantial following.

With his talent and creativity, Preston saw a meteoric rise in his career, and he quickly became one of the most prominent Minecraft content creators on YouTube. In 2012, he co-founded the YouTube gaming group, The Pack, with his friends, which further helped him in expanding his content creation skills and collaborations.

Throughout his journey, Preston has won multiple accolades and awards for his fantastic content creation, including the YouTube Diamond Play Button for surpassing ten million subscribers and streams of millions of dollars from his channel. Additionally, he has involved himself with the e-sports industry, co-founding an e-sports organization known as the ‘FireNation.’

Prestonplayz, who is widely known for his gameplay videos on YouTube, may have a catchy nickname that has become synonymous with gaming on the platform. However, his real name is Preston Blaine Arsement, a remarkable young man with a talent for content creation and a passion for gaming. His success story is a testament to the power of dedication, hard work, and pursuing your passion.

How old is MrBeast?

MrBeast, whose real name is James Steven Donaldson, was born on May 7, 1998, in Wichita, Kansas, making him currently 23 years old. Coming from a middle-class family, MrBeast wanted to achieve success for himself and his family. He started his YouTube career in 2012, making videos of him playing video games. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that he found his niche and started making challenge videos and donating large sums of money to charities and people in need. MrBeast quickly gained popularity thanks to his wild stunts, challenges, and his generous nature. His dedication to helping others has allowed him to become one of the most popular and well-respected YouTubers of his generation. As of 2021, MrBeast continues to entertain his fans with his creative content while also giving back to those in need through his philanthropic efforts, all while still at the young age of 23.

Is Preston in Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

Preston is a minor character from the 2020 American action-adventure comedy film Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite playing a minor role in the movie, some fans wonder if the character has made an appearance in the Sonic video game franchise, specifically Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a popular platform game developed by Sega, featuring the iconic character Sonic the Hedgehog. The game was initially released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis gaming console, and since then, it has been ported to other gaming platforms, such as iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and more.

After a thorough analysis of the game by both fans and game experts, there has been no confirmation that Preston appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. However, some players with sharp eagle eyes have claimed that they spotted Preston in a scene of the game where Tom Wachowski, Sonic’s human friend, was playing volleyball. Tom’s teammates can be seen looking at him with disappointment, and some gamers have identified Preston among them, but this is still highly debated among fans, and no official confirmation has been made.

While Preston is indeed a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, there is no concrete evidence that he appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Nonetheless, some fans speculate that they have seen him in a brief moment in the game, and this continues to spark interest and debate among the Sonic community.

Who is Preston’s twin?

Preston Scavo is a fictional character from the popular ABC television series Desperate Housewives, played by the actor Max Carver. Max Carver is known for his portrayal of various characters on both television and film. However, what many people may not know is that Max Carver has an identical twin brother named Charlie Carver, who is also a successful actor.

Both Max and Charlie Carver were born on August 1, 1988, in San Francisco, California. They were raised in a family that was very supportive of the arts, and this is what led the siblings to pursue careers in acting. Max and Charlie both attended St. Paul’s Boarding School in Concord, New Hampshire before pursuing further education in the arts.

Max and Charlie Carver are identical twins, which means they share the same genetic makeup. This similarity has helped them land roles in films and television shows portraying twins, which has become a sort of niche for the two actors. In fact, they both played roles as Aiden and Ethan in MTV’s popular teen-horror drama Teen Wolf. Max also starred in HBO’s series The Leftovers as Adam Frost, while Charlie played his twin brother, Scott Frost.

Preston Scavo, the character portrayed by Max Carver in Desperate Housewives, does not have a twin in the show. However, Max Carver, the actor, has an identical twin brother named Charlie Carver, who is also an accomplished actor. The two have found success in portraying twin characters in various television shows and films throughout their careers.