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What was Stewie pregnant with?

“Family Guy” is an American animated sitcom series that has been on air since 1999. It follows the life of a family called the Griffins, consisting of parents Peter and Lois, their children Meg, Chris, and Stewie, and their anthropomorphic pet dog Brian. Throughout its 20+ seasons, the show has explored many outrageous and wacky storylines, but perhaps one of the most bizarre is when Stewie Griffin, the youngest family member, becomes pregnant with Brian’s DNA.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into this plot twist and explore how it came about, what it meant for the show’s characters and audience, and why it sparked controversy in some quarters.

Background to the plot

The 11th episode of Family Guy’s 11th season, entitled “Joe’s Revenge,” sees the Griffin family’s neighbor, Joe Swanson, feeling depressed and anxious about his paralysis from the waist down. To cheer him up, Peter and the gang decide to make a viral video. Meanwhile, Stewie is feeling a similar sense of sadness and isolation. In a bid to save his friendship with Brian, who has grown distant, Stewie decides to use his time machine to travel forward in time and obtain a DNA sample from his future self, which he can use to impregnate his present-day self and carry the baby to term.

At first, Stewie is gleeful and excited about his pregnancy, enjoying the attention and pampering he receives from his family. However, as the baby grows, Stewie’s mood changes, and he becomes increasingly anxious and possessive. His resentment towards Brian, who is initially equally happy about the pregnancy but then gets cold feet, boils over into a physical altercation. In the end, Stewie gives birth to a head-shaped baby, which he promptly abandons.

Impact of the plot twist

The plot twist of Stewie impregnating himself with Brian’s DNA sparked a lot of debate and discussion among “Family Guy” fans and critics. On the one hand, some viewers found it hilarious and quintessentially “Family Guy” – a show that has never shied away from boundary-pushing humor or taboo-breaking storylines. Others felt that it was too far-fetched and absurd, even for a show that celebrated absurdist humor and subverted expectations.

From a character development perspective, the storyline raised interesting questions about Stewie’s identity and sexuality. In previous episodes, Stewie was hinted to be gay or bisexual, with his flamboyant mannerisms and love of showtunes. However, the pregnancy storyline added a new layer of complexity and nuance to his character, suggesting that he was willing to go to extreme lengths to preserve his friendship with Brian and experience the joys and pains of motherhood.

For the show’s creators, the storyline was a way to keep the show fresh and unpredictable after more than a decade on air. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner, Steve Callaghan, said, “We always feel like we have to continue to push ourselves to stay fresh and original and find new terrain to mine and new stories to tell.”

However, the plot twist also drew criticism from some quarters for being insensitive and even offensive to the LGBTQ+ community. Some felt that the storyline perpetuated harmful stereotypes about gay men, portraying them as promiscuous and willing to engage in self-impregnation. Others argued that the show had crossed the line from edgy humor to outright transphobia, as the storyline resembled a crude caricature of a transgender person.


“Family Guy” has never been one to shy away from outlandish and controversial storylines, and the plot of Stewie’s pregnancy with Brian’s DNA is no exception. While many viewers found it hilarious and thought-provoking, others felt that it was in poor taste and insensitive to LGBTQ+ issues. Despite the mixed reactions, the storyline remains a memorable and iconic moment in the show’s long and storied history.


How did Stewie get pregnant?

In an episode of the popular animated TV show, “Family Guy”, Stewie the baby character becomes pregnant. Viewers may be understandably confused as to how this could happen, as Stewie is male. However, the answer lies in the episode’s storyline.

The episode centers around a rift in the friendship between Stewie and the family dog, Brian. In an attempt to patch things up, Stewie uses Brian’s DNA to impregnate himself. This concept, while bizarre, is not entirely impossible in the realm of science fiction. The show’s writers likely intended for this event to be a satirical take on the genre.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the idea of a male character getting pregnant is scientifically impossible in reality. This is because only females have the necessary reproductive organs to carry a pregnancy to term. Several works of fiction, including movies like “Junior” and “Arnold” have explored the concept of male pregnancy, but these instances are confined to the realm of fiction only.

While Stewie’s pregnancy may seem like an inexplicable event, it is simply a plot device in a work of science fiction. Though the concept of male pregnancy might make for a fascinating topic for speculation and discussion, it is unfortunately, not possible in reality.

How many babies did Stewie have?

Stewie, the talking baby from the popular American animated sitcom “Family Guy,” is known for his intelligence, wit, and evil schemes to take over the world. However, Stewie is also known for being an unexpected father to a litter of hybrid babies.

In the episode “Family Guy Viewer Mail #2,” Stewie and Brian, the Griffin family’s anthropomorphic dog, accidentally cross their DNA while trying to fix a broken time machine. As a result, they end up with seven human-dog hybrid babies, with each offspring exhibiting both human and canine features.

The babies, who are all male, have distinct personalities and physical traits. There’s a bookish baby with glasses, a dog-like baby with fur and a wagging tail, a baby with tentacles, and more. However, they all share the same mischievous and curious nature of their father, Stewie.

Throughout the episode, Stewie and Brian struggle to take care of their unexpected brood while also dealing with the consequences of their genetic experiment. They try to find adoptive homes for the babies, but their plan backfires when they realize they can’t bear to part with their offspring.

Unfortunately, not all of the babies survive. In one scene, one of the hybrid babies meets a cruel and unusual death when he fails to hear a lawnmower coming towards him (he’s deaf). By the end of the episode, after a series of unfortunate events, Stewie and Brian are left with only four surviving babies.

Stewie, the intelligent and diabolical talking baby from “Family Guy,” unexpectedly becomes a father to seven human-dog hybrid babies in the episode “Family Guy Viewer Mail #2.” Despite their differences in physical traits and personalities, the babies share their father’s mischievous nature. Unfortunately, not all of the babies survive, and by the end of the episode, Stewie and Brian are left with only four surviving offspring.

Why is Stewie’s head oval?

Stewie Griffin is a beloved character in the animated sitcom, Family Guy. The show is notorious for its absurd and sometimes controversial humor, but Stewie remains a fan favorite, with his intelligence, witty remarks, and British accent. However, one noticeable aspect of Stewie’s appearance is his oval-shaped head, which has often sparked curiosity and questions from fans. So, why is Stewie’s head oval?

In season four, episode two, titled “Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High,” the mystery of Stewie’s head shape is somewhat demystified. In the episode, Stewie’s birth is shown, and when he is removed from the womb, his head is squashed, like he is normally seen. This suggests that Stewie’s head became distorted during the birthing process, leading to its signature oval shape.

While the episode provides an explanation for Stewie’s head shape, it is important to note that Family Guy is not a show that takes itself too seriously. The show is known for its random cutaway gags and absurd humor, so explanations provided in one episode may be contradicted or ignored in another.

Therefore, it is possible that the explanation for Stewie’s head shape given in “Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High” is not the definitive answer. However, based on the information provided in that episode, it can be concluded that Stewie’s head became oval-shaped due to complications during the delivery process.