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What to do with wedding arch after wedding?

A wedding arch is an essential part of most wedding ceremonies. It is a beautiful structure that serves as a backdrop for your wedding and can be adorned with flowers and other decorations. But after the wedding, many couples are often left wondering what to do with the wedding arch. Should you keep it, sell it, or donate it? In this blog post, we will explore the different options you have when it comes to repurposing your wedding arch after the wedding.

Option 1: Keep it

One option you have is to keep the wedding arch. If you have enough space in your home or backyard, you could repurpose it as a garden trellis or a decorative arbor. Your wedding arch could be a lovely addition to your garden, providing a beautiful focal point, and further extending the memories of your special day.

If you decide to keep it, remember to take it apart carefully and keep all the pieces together. This will make it easier for you to put it back together in the future and will help avoid losing any essential pieces.

Option 2: Sell it Online

Another option is to sell your wedding arch online. There are many websites where you can sell your wedding items, such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Etsy, to name a few. To sell your wedding arch online, you’ll need to take high-quality photos of the arch, and accurately describe it in your listing. You can also explore different ways to repurpose the wedding arch in your listing to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

When selling your wedding arch online, be sure to factor in shipping costs and the time it may take to find a buyer.

Option 3: Donate it

If you don’t have space to keep your wedding arch, and you don’t want to sell it, you can choose to donate it. You can donate it to a local wedding rental company, a community theater, a school, or a church. These organizations may be looking for a wedding arch to use for future events, allowing it to continue to be appreciated and used.

Donating your wedding arch is a great way to give back to the community and help organizations that don’t always have the budget to purchase these items.

Option 4: Repurpose it

Another way to repurpose your wedding arch is to use parts of it in a DIY project. You can use the branches or poles to create a unique piece of furniture, such as a coffee table or a bookshelf. You can even turn it into a headboard for your bed or a photo backdrop for other events.

Repurposing your wedding arch is a great way to add a personal touch to your home or to create something special that you can use for years to come.


Your wedding arch is a beautiful and sentimental piece of decor, and choosing what to do with it after the wedding can be overwhelming. However, by considering the various options available, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs. Whether you decide to keep, sell, donate, or repurpose your wedding arch, the most important thing is that it brings joy to you and continues to be appreciated in some way or another.


How can I reuse my wedding arch?

Your wedding arch served as the focal point of your ceremony, and it only makes sense that you would want to reuse it for a worthy cause. If you’re hoping to reuse your wedding arch in creative ways, there are many easy ways to incorporate it into your wedding decor.

One option is to repurpose your entire ceremony arch or backdrop for your reception or after-party. If your ceremony and reception are taking place in the same location, this is an easy way to recycle your wedding arch without requiring much logistical work. You could consider setting your sweetheart table under the arch or, if you want to shake things up, use the arch as a focal point for your cake table. You can even use it as a background decoration for photo booths, table seating, or a giant Polaroid picture frame.

If you’re not having a wedding reception or after-party at the same location as your ceremony, you can still reuse your wedding arch in other ways. For example, you could donate your wedding arch to a charity or a local community group. A charity may appreciate having it for their own events and functions, and you can take comfort in knowing that your wedding arch will bring joy and beauty to others.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, you could use parts of your wedding arch to create new home decor. You could use the flowers or foliage to make a wreath for your front door or a garland to decorate your mantle or staircase. You could also repurpose the arch itself to make a garden trellis or an arbor for your backyard.

There are many ways to reuse your wedding arch in creative and sustainable ways. Whether you’re looking to repurpose it for your reception or after-party, donate it to a worthy cause, or even create new home decor, your wedding arch can continue to bring joy and beauty long after your big day.

Why do people get married in front of an arch?

The wedding arch has become a popular decorative element in many wedding ceremonies today. However, the arch is not merely a decoration or a prop for photos. A wedding arch serves a symbolic purpose rooted in ancient times. The use of wedding arches dates back to ancient times when tribes would use natural arches in nature to form a sacred space for ceremonies. In Scotland, the arch was often made of rowan branches with a sprig of white heather placed on top; in Rome, garlands of flowers; in Japan, bamboo and paper were used to create arbors.

The wedding arch serves as a reminder that we have dominion over our lives when we are like the North Star: steadfast, faithful, and true. It symbolizes the couple’s passage from single life to union, and an archway provides a practical and spiritual pathway for them to take this journey. The arch also represents a threshold in the couple’s lives, as they leave their individual pasts behind and step onto a new path together.

The arch also serves a practical purpose in the wedding ceremony. In outdoor settings, an arch can protect the couple and guests from direct sunlight or rain. The couple may choose to decorate the arch with flowers, greenery, or other decor that creates a focal point for the ceremony and highlights the couple’s personal style.

In some cultures, such as Jewish or Hindu, the arch is replaced with a chuppah or mandap, respectively. The chuppah is a canopy that represents the home the couple will create together. The mandap is a four-pillared structure that symbolizes the four flavors of life: happiness, sorrow, love, and fear. Both structures serve as a sacred and symbolic space for the couple’s union.

The wedding arch symbolizes the passage from single life to union, provides a practical and spiritual pathway for the couple, and serves as a focal point for the ceremony. It is a reminder that we have dominion over our lives when we are steadfast, faithful, and true. The wedding arch serves much more than a mere decoration or a prop; it is a meaningful and important symbol in the marriage ceremony.

What do you use a wedding arch for?

A wedding arch is usually used as a decorative structure at weddings. It provides a beautiful backdrop for the couple to exchange vows and take photos. The arch is placed at the front of the ceremony location, where the couple stands beneath it during the ceremony. Wedding arches not only enhance the beauty of the ceremony location but also add a special touch to the occasion.

Outdoor wedding arches can be designed to make use of the natural surroundings of the venue, such as trees, flowers, and other beautiful outdoor features. Many couples choose to incorporate their wedding theme into the arch design, such as a rustic, bohemian, or beachy theme. Indoor wedding arches can also be adorned with flowers, greenery, and other decorations to create a captivating focal point for the ceremony.

Wedding arches are not limited to traditional shapes and designs. They can be customized according to the couple’s preferences, such as a circular arch or a hexagonal arch. Some couples may even choose to go beyond florals and greenery and include unique elements, such as seashells, feathers, or crystals, to make the arch an even more personalized and memorable feature.

Aside from being a beautiful decoration, wedding arches also carry significant symbolism. They represent the beginning of a new journey for the couple, symbolizing the entrance to their new life together. The arch also acts as a protective structure, shielding the couple from negative energies and offering them support and love as they embark on this new journey.

Wedding arches are an essential decoration for any wedding ceremony. They not only enhance the beauty of the venue but also add a special touch of elegance and romance to the occasion. Whether designed with traditional florals or customized to fit the couple’s unique style, wedding arches are a beautiful representation of the beginning of a new chapter in the couple’s lives.